Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Perfect Day: The Details, Part II

Okay my blog-land friends! Sorry for my sudden MIA stint but I have been home on the couch sick! But never fear.....I am feeling much better which means I am back to blogging! I will now continue with part deux of the recaps! Hope you enjoy!

The Cake(s)

Vendor: Classic Cakes of Carmel
Grade: A+

I LOVED my cake and the outcome of the groom's cake. Back in my planning days I wanted the groom's cake to be of our two bulldogs- Buerly and Rooney (see here, here, here, and here for the complete story). They are our children and since they couldn't be at our wedding we wanted to include them in someway.

Hubs wanted our wedding cake to be Fun-Fetti but I put my foot down and said no. Instead I asked them to make his groom's cake out of Fun-Fetti which they had no problem doing!

I couldn't have been happier with how my cake looked and tasted! Granted, the only piece of cake I ate was when we cut the cake. But I was told by many people that the cake was incredible! We had three different flavors- chocolate fudge, raspberry cream cheese, and the traditional white. Mmmmmm.......makes me hungry for some cake as we speak!

Below is the picture of Buerly and Rooney that I gave to the people at Classic Cakes to use as an example for the 2-dimensional groom's cake (but on Rooney I told them to make him with his tongue sticking out since that is usually how he looks.....Ha!)
Awe! My sweet babies!

And the outcome:
LOVED IT!!!! They did an AH-MAZING job of re-creating our bullies! I couldn't believe how realistic they looked!!!! We receievd soooooo many compliments on the cake! But alas, nobody could bear cutting into our bullies so the cake is completely intact in my mom's freezer. Hubs and I plan on breaking the cake out the next time we have a big party at our house so that everyone can enjoy it, including our bullies. We plan on giving a small little slice to our bullies too! Don't worry, there is no chocolate in the cake!

Close up of the wedding cake. That is buttermilk icing you fondant! YUM!

Originally we had purchased a "C" monogram to go on top of the cake but the cake people forgot to put it on top. To be quite honest, I am glad they forgot. I loved the simplicity and elegance of the cake!

Classic Cakes of Carmel was great to work with! They did a fabulous job of creating my vision at a very reasonable cost. They didn't even look at me like I was crazy when I told them about my idea for the groom's cake. They looked at the pictures and assured me that they could do it. I am not going to lie.....I was nervous! But when I walked into the reception and looked at that cake I was in awe!

When it came to searching for the perfect bakery I felt like you had to forfeit one aspect or another, ie- taste, appearance, cost. One bakery had beautiful cakes but the cake was dry and expensive, another bakery had cakes that tasted amazing but lacked on appearance. With Classic Cakes I felt like you received the entire package! They were wonderful to work with and I will highly recommend them to everyone!

Vendor: McNamara Florists (David Strohmeyer)
Grade: A+

Flowers were very important to me! As contradicting as this sounds I wanted something that said 'WOW!' without breaking the bank (don't we all?). My family has used McNamara Florists for a VERY long time, since before I was born. McNamara has always done amazing work and has been wonderful to work with so I knew instantly which floral company we were going to use. The problem was- I didn't know which specific florist I wanted to use.

Thankfully one of my co-workers had just gotten married and highly recommended David Strohmeyer from McNamara. Let me just say this- David is a creative floral genius!!!! I seriously handed the reigns over to David and did not worry about the flowers one bit! I specified a few things like my bouquet, the groom's bout, and that I wanted highs and lows at the reception but the remainder of the details was left to David. He called me back a few weeks later and told me what he had envisioned and it sounded like a fairy tale to me!
The Bridesmaid bouquest along with their shoes. Each bouquet had the Bridesmaid's initial pinned to the hand-tied stems. The antique roses were a taupe color while the hydrangeas maintained a green/champagne color. I had told David that I wanted to incorporate green's into the mix to add some color/pop. Picture taken by one of my bridesmaids

My Hub's bout, a green lady slipper orchid. The stems were supposed to be wrapped in black floral tape but oh well! No biggie because they still looked GREAT!

My bouquet- green lady slipper orchids, mini calla lilies, hydrangeas and ivy. Can I just say that I loved my bouquet and was devestated that it died before I got home from the honeymoon?!? :-( As of right now I plan on contacting David to see if he could recreate my bouquet with silk flowers.

My toss bouquet

Here is a close up of one of the low centerpieces at the reception. David selected some gorgeous flowers to use in the centerpieces!

The low centerpieces

The tall centerpieces

All of the tall centerpieces had cymbidium orchids within the trumpet vases to add an extra touch of elegance.
And here is what the talls and lows all together!

David did a wonderful job working with my budget. He understood and agreed with why I did not want to spend an arm and a leg on something that would die. He made my "wow" factor happen within my budget.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about David and McNamara Florists. They made my wedding a dream come true when it came to the flowers! I was speechless when I first saw the ball room. David and his team were ah-mazing to work with! David made me feel like I was his only client and that my wedding was the event of the year (it was, wasn't it?!? J/K!!!!). He did his homework and stayed in constant communication with me! He greeted each of my numerous emails with cheer and excitement even after my 1,000th email with a picture attached as inspiration asking him what he thought about it. He is very passionate about what he does and saying that he is absolutely amazing at what he does is an understatement. Indy brides- contact David and McNamara immediately.....seriously!!!!

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

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Your cake is gorgeous!!!

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I love your cake and your groom's cake! Beautiful!! :)

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Oh my gosh, your cake is perfection!!!
The groom's cake is stinkin' cute and the flowers (and the finished picture) is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful!

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Everything turned out beautiful! I love the grooms cake and your cake.. it was so pretty!

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LOVE your cake, so beautiful! WOW the flowers were amazing, so classic and pretty!

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I LOVE your cake! So simple yet elegant! And the grooms cake turned out so well! I know you put a lot of work into that one!

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Your cake was just beautiful. That was one of my favorite details from my wedding!