Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Minor Setback.....

My mom and I went to Amazing Cakes of Indy yesterday with high hopes! They told me that they could make my bulldog cake out of Fun-Fetti and I remember the cake tasting great at my friend's wedding.

Welllllll........the cake that they gave us to sample was awful. It was dry and the chocolate tasted like cardboard with a hint of chocolate. This will not do, especially for my dad who could be considered a chocolate connoisseur. The ladies who were helping us were pretty rude. They kept disappearing to the back leaving my mom and I to sit there staring at each other. I could have gotten past the rude behavior but the quality of the cake was flashing red flags!

Words didn't even have to be muttered, we already knew what the other was thinking. The next issue was- how do you get the heck out of there without saying "you're cake was awful and we aren't coming back!"? I wanted to just get up and leave since the lady helping us couldn't pry herself away from the gossip mill in the back to help customers. My mom ended up walking to the back to let them know that we were leaving. My mom told them that she was leaving town and that we would contact them once we made our decision. LIAR LIAR LIAR......well, the leaving town part wasn't a lie!

I called another bakery to inquire about my bulldog masterpiece and was told that they use a mold and that it would look more like a Labrador Retriever and they won't do Fun-Fetti. In my head I am thinking- does your bakery not create custom cakes?!? But I wasn't about to be mean because the lady was nice enough to let me know this so that I wouldn't waste a trip into the bakery.

So........I had my first wedding planning meltdown. I just broke down crying while driving home because I got my hopes up so high with this first bakery and things were disastrous! I just really want to do this for my fiance because I know that it will be so special to him and I want to do something special for him. So, the tears have been wiped away and I am ready to go on the hunt for a bakery that can create my masterpiece. I have two bakeries to call today and hopefully I will not be as disappointed! Keep your fingers crossed!

A cake will look like you boys one way or another!!!!!

I have come up with a Plan B- if a bakery can create my mischievous bulldogs into a cake but won't do Fun-Fetti then I will go ahead with the cake in another flavor. I will make a batch of Fun-Fetti cupcakes with Rich's initials on the top to put around the bulldog cake so that he still has his Fun-Fetti and his bullies. I am very determined that this is going to happen one way or another!


Caitlin said...

I was just thinking about cupcakes... there must be a place around there who will bake funfetti cupcakes for your future hubby! The bulldog thing though- I don't have any suggestions for that unless you find someone to make a different flavor. Good luck though!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh bummer. Well, good to know now that the cake doesn't taste well than on your special day! You WILL find someone, think positive :)

jessica lynn said...

awww you should have called during your meltdown last night! hope you find a way to replicate the boys!

A said...

I know Heavenly Sweets does creative grooms cakes, you might try them! They are a little pricey, but boy are they good! :)

Adrienne said...

Ugh! Don't you hate it when vendors are rude like that?! I mean you are trying to give them business and it's as if they don't care. Good luck! I am sure you will find someone to make your cake perfectly!

Melissa said...

What about a regular fun fetti cake with a picture of the real dogs on it? I know you had your heart set on the 3D version, but maybe this would work. Good luck!

Chrissy said...

Aww no :-(
OK well good to know that it tastes awful.
And be sure, I have my fingers crossed for you and am sure that you'll find a satisfying bakery!
Just think of yout H2B's look when he looks at his doggystyle cake :-))