Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Agree to Disagree on Fashion

I do not consider myself to be a fashion guru at all, but I do like to think that I am somewhat fashionable.  There are definitely some trends out there that I am just not brave enough to wear but others that I dive head first into.  I have noticed lately that Hubs gives me weird looks questions some of the things I wear.

Example #1:
Black Nina Ruffle Pumps

I wore these beauties out to dinner the weekend of our anniversary. 
Hubs: What the heck are you wearing?! Those are.......ummmmmm......interesting.
Me: Aren't they ADORABLE?!?
Hubs: Adorable would probably be the last word that I would use to describe them.
Me: Well, they are totally in style and I love them.
Hubs: Are you sure?!?
Me: Yes

As we were walking to dinner Hubs saw another girl wearing a similar pair of shoes.

Hubs: Hmmmm......I guess they are in style.
Me: Seriously?!? {Glaring at Hubs} It took you seeing another girl in a similar pair of shoes for you to trust my fashion sense.  Why the hell do you think I buy all those magazines?!? 
Hubs: {With a sheepish look on his face} I'm sorry.  I know you are fashionable.

Example #2:
Hunter Boots
I received these wonderful, warm boots as a birthday present from my momma this year! The howls of laughter that came from my dad and Hubs when I opened these up can not be described.  Hubs asked if I was planning on frolicking along the meadows of England's countryside.  In between shaking his head and laughing he went on to inform me that these are cute on small children but not grown adults.  Once again, these are practical and totally in style so I do not care what he thinks.  Hubs, on the other hand, begged that I not wear these out in public when I am with him.  So of course you know I will be wearing these out in public with him the first chance I get! lol

Example #3:
Victoria's Secret- Faux Fur Vest

Once again, I received looks of bewilderment from Hubs on this one. I am sure you can all imagine the comments he made about this one!

Other articles of clothing/accessories that don't make Hubs "Favorite Things for Laura to Wear" List would be- 
  • Ballet Flats- pretty sure Hubs would feed these to Rooney if given the chance
  • Skinny pants- he does like some skinny jeans but is picky
  • Tall scrunch boots- he thinks that I should be an elf in Zelda or Lord of the Rings with these boots
Hubs definitely knows what he likes and what he does not like when it comes to my clothing/accessories.  I am willing to take into consideration some of his requests but in the end I still wear what I want.  He always puts up with it but may tease me a little in the process.  Do you have any clothing/accessories that your husband/significant other dislikes or teases you about?

Have a fabulous Thursday! One more day!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

One Year Older

........and so much wiser! lol

Today is this girls birthday! :-)  Normally I wake up and say that I don't feel any older but thanks to a pulled muscle in my neck compliments of painting all weekend......I definitely feel older.  Nothing that a shopping trip won't make feel better! :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Simple Math Equation

This precious EVIL demon child......
(Don't be fooled by that cute face)


One of the chairs that goes with my beautiful kitchen set (wedding gift from Hubs' parents)




Either Rooney's mom was bred with a beaver or Rooney decided that he needed more fiber in his diet.  Regardless, I was PISSED!!!!!  When I walked into the house and saw the destruction I dropped everything that had been in my hands.  I went from rage to hysterical tears in 2.5 seconds flat.  Needless to wood working bulldog will now be spending his days in his cozy crate. 

Thank goodness for a handy Hubs and father-in-law.  They both reassured me that they could fix the damage.  That or they said that just to calm down the hysterical, crazy lady. 

Have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Oktoberfest is tonight! Yay!!! :-)
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Did It!!!

One of my New Years Resolutions for 2010 was to run in a 5k race or longer.  Seeing as though we are quickly approaching winter I figured I should probably hurry up and sign up for something.  I was supposed to run in a 5 mile race on September 11, 2010 but unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans.  The morning of the race I was up at 5:45 am to get ready, grab breakfast and get over to the registration tent.  While grabbing breakfast I looked out the window only to discover that it was pouring down rain.  Naturally I said "Screw the rain, I can still run."  Well, until I walked outside to 45 degree weather {brrrrr}.  I got past my stubbornness and admitted that it was not worth contracting pneumonia just to fulfill my New Years Resolution.

Hubs knew that I was really bummed out so he told me to get online and see if there were any other races coming up.  It just so happened that there was going to be a 5k at my alma mateur.  So, I signed up!

I am happy to announce that I successfully completed my first 5k on Saturday, September 18, 2010!  

YAY! I actually can check something off of my New Years Resolution list for once!  :-)

The uber competitive side in me showed its ugly head when I didn't run as well as I had hoped.  I was so worried that I would run out of steam at the end that I paced myself slower than I would have liked.  By the end of the race I was in a full out sprint trying to make up time.  I know I should be proud of my finish, especially since I finished 4th in my age group, but that pesky competitive side knows that I could have finished a lot faster! C'est la vie! I am just happy to have one 5k under my belt. :-)

Oh, and I am totally addicted to running in races now! I am tossing around the idea of signing up for a race this weekend and plan on signing up for the 4.5 mile Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning with my cousin.  Hubs thinks that I should train for the mini but 13.1 miles is a LOT of running.  Not sure if I am up for that challenge.  Has anyone else ran a mini?  Any tips?!

Have a fabulous day!

Glee is on tonight! YIPPEE!!!!!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Squishy Faced Bulldogs

Okay, it has been awhile since I posted pictures of our boys.  Buerly and Rooney turned into my muses as I tested out my new camera a couple weeks ago.  Buerly was the perfect model......Rooney, on the other hand, didn't like to sit still.  So, here are some recent pictures of our smooshy faced bulldogs!

 Rooney eagerly awaiting a treat.....aka- the bribe to sit still for a second
 Buerly checking out Rooney
 It doesn't matter how often I pick up all their toys.....they always end up pulling EVERYTHING out of the basket right after I put everything away.  They are just like kids!
 Buerly chilling by the back door.  I think I could Windex our back door glass twice a day and you would still see streaks and snot from about 2 feet and lower.  Darn dogs and their snotty noses!  Doesn't help that we have a family of chipmunks that like to sit on our deck and tease the boys. 
 Rooney is king of the mountain.  Shortly after he was dethroned and got his little butt into trouble for standing on the arm of the chair. 
 Outside playing
 Buerly attempting to play keep away with the blue ball
 He looks so happy in this picture! :-)
 "Hurry up and give us the treat mom!!!!"
 Sitting, patiently waiting on their treat
 Just chilling

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Have a great day!!!! :-)
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Pair Bites the Dust

Hubs facebook post from yesterday-

Gotta love my husband! He makes me laugh!  Can you tell that he hates my ballerina flats?! lol

And just in case you were wondering, yes, Rooney ate ANOTHER pair of my shoes.  Damn demon child!  Time to go shopping! :-)  I think God made puppies so cute and adorable so that when they do bad things we won't kill them.  Seriously!

Happy Hump Day

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Baking

Have I mentioned that I love the fall?!? :-)  I ventured to the apple orchard on Labor Day to purchase a gallon of fresh apple cider, a bag of apples and an apple cider slushy.  Well, last night that peck of apples was still sitting in my kitchen just waiting to be made into something delicious.  So I grabbed our family cookbook and got to work on making my mom's french apple pie recipe.

One of the gifts that I had received at my bridal shower from my mom ended up being the BEST tool ever when it comes to slicing/peeling apples.

Seriously, best gadget ever! Jam the apple on the prongs and then start turning the handle.  Before you know if you have a perfectly peeled, cored, and sliced apple.  I could not believe how quick it was.  Hubs was even amused/intrigued by my handy dandy gadget!  

In fact, it was so fast that I decided to make two apple for home and one for work.  Can we say breakfast and lunch?! lol

TA DA!!!!

Pardon the crappy pictures.....had to take pictures with my stupid Blackberry.  Oh and the topping looks a little out of whack because I covered it while it was still hot and then dropped my notebook on top of it on my way into work.  Oops! lol  But I promise, it tastes super yummy!!!!

My Mom's French Apple Pie

6 cups of sliced apples (I usually use tart, tangy apples like Granny Smith)
3/4 c Sugar
1/4 c Flour
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 Pillsbury Pie Crust (found in the refrigerator aisle)

Pie Topping:
1 c Flour
1/2 c Brown Sugar (packed)
1/2 c Butter (or margarine)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Unroll pie crust and place into pie dish.  Place sliced apples into a large bowl.  In a smaller bowl mix the sugar, flour, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  After dry contents are thoroughly mixed, pour over the apples.  Toss (or mix with spoon/hands) until all apples are coated with dry mixture.  Pour the sliced apples into the pie dish (it will be a heaping pile of apples).  In the small bowl (that was used for the dry ingredients) add flour, brown sugar and butter.  Use a pastry blender (or a fork) and mash until contents resemble dry crumbs.  Pour crumb mixture over the top of the pie.  Cover crust with aluminum foil so the crust does not burn.  Bake at 425 degrees for 50 minutes.  With 10 minutes left cover the top of the pie with foil so the top does not burn. 

Voila!  Be sure you steal a slice while the apple pie is still hot! And if you are like Hubs, top with a big scoop of ice cream. :-)

Have a fabulous day!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Day in a Nutshell

I woke up at 3:00am feeling like my face was going to explode.  Thank you allergies! Your presence is unwelcome.

When I moved downstairs to sleep on the couch I discovered that I had cut the bottom of my foot.  Just perfect.....right before a 5 mile race on Saturday.

After I struggled to wake up this morning I went into a sneezing fit and pulled a muscle in my back.  Aforementioned pulled muscle hurts anytime I breathe deeply.  Running 5 miles on Saturday should feel glorious. I may not survive.

Dropped Hubs car off at Goodyear for an oil change.  Received a call from Goodyear an hour later letting me know that he needed new tires.  Adios $900. 

Talk about a shitty day! But, oddly enough, I am in a pretty darn good mood (despite being in pain, $900 poorer and my nose acting like the flood gates of Hoover Dam just opened wide).  I think the fact that I am grabbing some brewskis and wings tonight with Hubs and my college roomie, K, is keeping me going.  You hear me craptastic day?!? You will NOT keep me down! lol 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Behind

Sadly, my life has been rather boring lately so I don't really have much to report.  After my Grandpa's funeral we kind of laid low and I attempted to catch up on a lot of sleep.  Labor Day weekend consisted of zero labor in our household which was good and bad.  Good because I needed a fun weekend and bad because I really do have a lot that needs to be done around the house.  C'est la vie!

Oh and because I am lazy I left my camera at home all weekend......

Friday- Thanks to the dirty carpets in the office area at work I was forced to leave at 11am on Friday.  Sooooooo, what does one daughter and her mother do when forced to leave work half day?!? We go shopping and out to lunch.  :-)  My mom and I went shopping all day and found some great buys (mostly decor for the house).  Later that night I managed to convince my friend, A, that she should skip studying and grab drinks.  After begging her for at least 5 minutes she still stood her ground, declining drinks.  Not even 2 minutes after I hung up the phone she called back and said to meet her, her husband and friend at BW3's at 8pm.  Good food, great company and drinks made for a late night for Hubs and I.

Saturday- Hubs and I woke up early to go play golf.  It was FREEZING outside! It wouldn't have been so bad except the darn wind left me shaking.  Pretty sure all the other male golfers on the course were laughing at me because I had on a polo, long sleeve polo, and my North Face jacket in the attempts to stay warm while they walked around in shorts and a short sleeve polo.  I take after my dad, I'm cold natured.  After golf we just bummed around the house and did absolutely nothing. 

Sunday- After a great night of sleep we woke up ready and raring to go! We took Buerly and Rooney on a walk.  They actually made it a lot farther than Hubs and I ever guessed they would make it.  Bulldogs are not running/long distance walking dogs......more like make it to the end of the cul-de-sac kind of dogs.  They had a blast!  Afterward we met my parents for a round of golf.  It was rather disastrous and pretty shameful how pathetic we played.  Once again, c'est la vie!  We drowned our sorrows from our pathetic round of golf with a couple brewskis and some excellent food.  Later that night we headed over to my BIL and SIL's house for a bonfire and some hot tubbing.  It was the PERFECT night!

Monday-  My friend, A, and I headed over to the local apple orchard hoping to score some fresh apple cider, apples for pies, and of course an apple cider slushy.  Sadly, the apple press was broken so they were out of apple cider.  :-(  We were definitely bummed! But we still were able to get a bag of apples and a large apple cider slushy to go so not all was lost.  After I dropped A off at home I found my afternoon resting spot on the couch and snoozed on and off the rest of the afternoon.  Definitely a lazy Labor Day!

And that, in a nutshell, was my long weekend. Have a wonderful day! :-)

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall is Fabulous!


Ever since I entered the adult world (aka....a 9-5 jibber jobber) the fall is my favorite season!  Summer used to be my favorite back when I had no job and could lounge by a pool with a girlie cocktail in hand all day.  Sadly, those days are long gone!  So, now my favorite season is fall. 

Of course there are some major reasons as to why it is my favorite season:

The Decor

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks


Boots, Boots, and more Boots

 Warm Apple Cider

Fun Scarves

Bonfires - Sitting around them and the smell (I swear I am not a pyro)

S'mores around the bonfire

The leaves turning beautiful colors

Homemade Pumpkin Bread


Candles - especially my two favoritist scents
Leaves from Bath and Body Works and Autumn Wreath from Yankee Candle

I also love the fall because the air smells so crisp and clean and the temperatures are a lot more comfortable.  All in all, I cannot wait for fall to get here! 

Of course, I cannot wait to drag all of my fall decor out to start decorating the house in all the warm colors that fall brings.  Unfortunately Hubs and I do not see eye to eye on the timing of when the fall decor should come out.  I like to start decorating right after labor day weekend whereas Hubs thinks I should wait until October.  Are you kidding me?!? October is WAY too late to start getting fall decor out!!!!! That would mean that I would have less than two months of my favorite season's decor before Christmas decor gets dragged out......not enough time! Luckily, he works later than me so he might just come home one day to a fabulous fall fairyland (sorry, had to keep the "f" theme going).  Sorry Hubs, don't mess with my giddiness for fall! ;-)

Have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!!! Be safe!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Thank you all for your kind words! It really meant a lot to me!  This week has definitely been rough but one thing is clear- my support system is nothing short of amazing! So thank you all!!!!  :-)

Things are starting to get back to somewhat normal around here, which is good.  I discovered something awesome on my way into work this morning (though you all may think I am crazy)-  I can clearly see the cemetery where my Grandpa has been laid to rest from the interstate on my way into work.  The sun was shining down on the cemetery this morning so I smiled and told Grandpa "good morning".  I dunno, it makes me feel closer to him in a way.  Is that weird?!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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