Friday, February 27, 2009

Successful Retail Therapy!

I left work and decided that I really needed some retail therapy on Thursday, so off to the mall I went. My first stop consisted of picking up a gift for my bridesmaids, which was a success (sorry, I can't share since some of my bridesmaids read my little blog). I was feeling lucky so I ran over to White House Black Market (my favorite store to do damage in) because it has been eons since I last shopped for clothing. I walked into the store and started browsing through the racks when I stumbled across a hot little number! The first thing that popped into my mind was "Rehearsal dinner dress!". So, I grabbed a size 6 and rushed to the fitting room. I was a little worried because lately a size 6 has been a little snug.

I zipped up the dress and to my dismay the dress was HUGE on me! Which turned me into a giddy little school girl in the small 3 x 3 dressing room. I asked the lady if she could grab me a size 4 in the dress. I wasn't about to get my hopes up because I figured that the size 4 would be too small and that I would be in between sizes (don't you hate that). The lady comes back......

Lady at WHBM: I'm sorry, we don't have a size 4 but here is a size 2 (she hands me the dress)
Me: (laughing out loud, literally) I don't even think I can get my leg into a size 2
Lady at WHBM: Well, at least give it a try.
Me: (getting annoyed because I really wasn't in the mood to be reminded about the weight I needed to lose) Okay, I will try it.

I pulled the dress on and fit! I seriously did my version of a touchdown dance in the dressing room! After over hearing our conversation another sales lady came and brought me a size 4 that she had found on the manikin. I ended up buying the size 4 only because the "girls" were a little snug in the size 2 and I couldn't wear a bra with the size 2. But I was elated! That put me in such a good mood that I bought shoes, a clutch and a necklace to go with the outfit. YES! I HAVE MY REHEARSAL DINNER OUTFIT!!!! YAY!
I saw these shoes and the clutch and just HAD TO HAVE!!! I am in love! And, they have the same style knot on the top that my wedding shoes have! I am in love!I am in LOVE with this dress! It fits great! Hopefully it will still fit in August!

I am usually not one to talk about my weight but I am just so excited. I have been in a huge rut lately and have felt like I was ballooning up. When I got home Thursday night I decided not to get overly excited about fitting in the size 2 just in case it was a fluke. When I woke up on Friday I jumped on the scale (I have been weighing in on Fridays to see where I am at) and I about fell off the scale. I have lost 4.4 lbs since last Friday! YAHOO!!!

I have been working on portion control and eating 3-5 times a day. I can't say that I have been exercising because I would be lying (but hopefully that will improve too). My goal is to work out at least 3-4 times a week even if it is for only 15 minutes. I have also tried to cut pop completely out. So, far it seems to be working and I feel a lot better! I used to be terrible.....I would only eat dinner so I have been working very hard and so far it is paying off! Okay, had to get that out of my system! :-)

Have a great weekend! I have more DIY projects coming up this week! And a cake tasting tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me!

DIY - Tears of Joy, Part Deux

I have so much to talk about today! I don't even know where to begin!

I will start with the DIY project that I discussed here. I ran to Michaels and picked up all the necessary supplies to get started on this project ($0.39/piece of paper, $7.99 for stamp pad, and $5.99 for stampers).

It was pretty darn easy! The only change I made was that instead of folding the paper 1" from the bottom, I folded it 1 1/2" from the bottom so that I had a larger flap for my stamp (plus it looked better at 1 1/2" versus 1". I also only put two Kleenex in each pouch, which I thought would be suffice. What do you think?

Without further ado......I give you my first DIY project!
Pardon the blurriness of the pictures but my camera was doing screwy things so I had a heck of time getting a picture to turn out. The color also looks a little more yellow since I couldn't use the flash on my camera but you get the idea.

I think I am going to alternate stamps. The first stamp reads "Once Upon a Time......" and the second stamp reads "And they lived happily ever after. The End". Instead of the torn look across the flap I used a pair of decorative scrap booking shears to create a more elegant look. Sorry, it is really hard to see! If you look really, really hard at the "Once Upon a Time....." pouch you might be able to see it. I made a total of three and by the third pouch I was getting pretty quick. I think I might try to make 10 or so every night while watching TV which will knock this project out of the way pretty quickly!

If anyone else out there is thinking about doing this project I definitely recommend it! It was very easy and cheap! And is something you can do while watching TV at night!

Coming next......the success of retail therapy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

DIY - Tears of Joy

I have had a problem at the past few weddings I have attended - I started crying but had no Kleenex!!!! Big problem! So, I am going to (possibly) take on a DIY project to alleviate the no tissue problem for my guests because if they are anything like me they will run out the door and accidentally forget the Kleenex!

Martha to the rescue!!! Martha's website has a great 'Tissue Pouch' project.

Supplies you will need are as follows:
  • 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper (sturdy yet pliable)
  • Kleenex
  • Stamp
  • Silk Flower (also optional)

That sounds economical and easy enough! For full directions on the how-to go to Martha Stewart Weddings. Hopefully I will have a pretty little basket sitting at the entrance of the theater with these bad boys in the basket for guests to take as they are seated. What do you think?!? Are you supplying Kleenex for your guests?

Coming next.....more DIY projects that yours truly is going to attempt (this could get ugly)!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update - Project Groom's Cake

I feel like this has been a roller coaster - Up and Down and Up. I just got off the phone with the people at Classic Cakes of Carmel and was informed that a.) they can make a 3-dimensional groom's cake based on the pictures of my bulldogs and b.) they can make the cake out of Fun-Fetti. :-) My friend, K, (who is the Bulldog breeder that we got Rooney from) highly recommended this bakery for their yummy tasting cake.

I am VERY excited but I am cautious about getting my hopes up. My mom and I are going for a tasting next Tuesday, hopefully I will have good news to share! Thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement! I know that a cake is small and silly but I know that it will be special to Rich which means it will be special to me!

And just because I love them, here are pictures of my boys when they were babies. I know I am biased but aren't they the cutest?!?

Minor Setback.....

My mom and I went to Amazing Cakes of Indy yesterday with high hopes! They told me that they could make my bulldog cake out of Fun-Fetti and I remember the cake tasting great at my friend's wedding.

Welllllll........the cake that they gave us to sample was awful. It was dry and the chocolate tasted like cardboard with a hint of chocolate. This will not do, especially for my dad who could be considered a chocolate connoisseur. The ladies who were helping us were pretty rude. They kept disappearing to the back leaving my mom and I to sit there staring at each other. I could have gotten past the rude behavior but the quality of the cake was flashing red flags!

Words didn't even have to be muttered, we already knew what the other was thinking. The next issue was- how do you get the heck out of there without saying "you're cake was awful and we aren't coming back!"? I wanted to just get up and leave since the lady helping us couldn't pry herself away from the gossip mill in the back to help customers. My mom ended up walking to the back to let them know that we were leaving. My mom told them that she was leaving town and that we would contact them once we made our decision. LIAR LIAR LIAR......well, the leaving town part wasn't a lie!

I called another bakery to inquire about my bulldog masterpiece and was told that they use a mold and that it would look more like a Labrador Retriever and they won't do Fun-Fetti. In my head I am thinking- does your bakery not create custom cakes?!? But I wasn't about to be mean because the lady was nice enough to let me know this so that I wouldn't waste a trip into the bakery.

So........I had my first wedding planning meltdown. I just broke down crying while driving home because I got my hopes up so high with this first bakery and things were disastrous! I just really want to do this for my fiance because I know that it will be so special to him and I want to do something special for him. So, the tears have been wiped away and I am ready to go on the hunt for a bakery that can create my masterpiece. I have two bakeries to call today and hopefully I will not be as disappointed! Keep your fingers crossed!

A cake will look like you boys one way or another!!!!!

I have come up with a Plan B- if a bakery can create my mischievous bulldogs into a cake but won't do Fun-Fetti then I will go ahead with the cake in another flavor. I will make a batch of Fun-Fetti cupcakes with Rich's initials on the top to put around the bulldog cake so that he still has his Fun-Fetti and his bullies. I am very determined that this is going to happen one way or another!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Secret.......

I am busting at the seams! I have a secret that I have to spill!!!!

Richard, if you are reading this, close the explorer window!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!

I have been feeling really bad for my FH because there have been some ideas that he wanted to incorporate into the wedding that have been shot down. Now before you think 'what a terrible future wife, she isn't taking any of her FH's wishes into consideration.' I must tell you what some of the things he requested were:
  1. Ice sculptures to look like our two bulldogs, Buerly and Rooney (as cute as they are I don't think they really fit into the vision I had for a wedding of elegance and class). They are a very important part of our lives but are not well-behaved enough to be part of a wedding. :-(
  2. Fun-Fetti Wedding Cake- yes, he wanted the entire wedding cake to be Fun Fetti because it is his FAVORITE. My dad may have an issue with this since he is paying for the cake and his favorite flavor is
So, here is my solution/secret that will hopefully make everyone happy-

I am going to (hopefully) surprise my FH with a groom's cake made out of Fun-Fetti to look like our two English Bulldogs (see picture above of our cute dogs). I have an appointment with a bakery, called Amazing Cakes of Indy, today. They said they can make it and after seeing their cakes I believe it! I was afraid that my request for Fun-Fetti would be insulting and sound ridiculous but the lady I talked to said that they have had stranger requests so I didn't feel as bad!

The lady at Amazing Cakes of Indy also told me to bring in as many pictures of our bulldogs from every possible angle if I wanted a 3-dimensional cake (which I do). PS - do you know how hard it is to take pictures of wiggly dogs from every angle?!?

I am also going to meet with the bakery about our wedding cake. Hopefully I will be able to kill two birds with one stone! One of my bridesmaids used this bakery for her wedding cake and it was not only the best wedding cake I have ever tasted but also the best priced cake I have ever heard of! So, keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully I will have a lot of good news to report back to you on Wednesday.

Are you going to have a groom's cake? What kind of groom's cake are you going to have?

180 Days........and counting

This is a day late so I apologize BUT as of yesterday I am exactly 6 months away from marrying my best friend and love of my life!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am that I have finally reached that 6 month point. Lately, I have felt like time was slowly drifting by and that there hasn't been much planning to do. In fact, my lovely FH asked me if there was anyway to move the wedding up a month or two. Obviously the answer was no but I thought that it was sweet that he couldn't wait to be married to me!

I still feel like I am ahead of the game for planning this wedding so no meltdowns yet (hopefully no meltdowns at all). Tomorrow, I meet with a baker and hopefully will be able to check one more item off of the list!!!! I will keep you all posted on how the events of tomorrow go.

All photos via Bobbi + Mike Photography

In 180 days I will be doing what these couples in the pictures above did and I can't wait!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

To Cover or Not to Cover........

I need to decide on the chair situation soon. Here are my options......

Chiavari Chairs at $10/chair

Chair Covers at $4.50 - $7.50/chair

If I were basing my decision on price, the chair covers would obviously win (at least for now, I am checking on whether this price includes putting the covers on the chair). But there is just something so beautiful about the chiavari chairs. I also wonder if the chair covers will be too much linen when paired with the table linens (does that make sense)? I want to create a very formal, elegant look. What do you ladies think?!? I've created a poll so let me know your thoughts.

Also, what are you doing/did you do for your wedding reception?!? Chairs, chairs with covers, chiavari chairs, etc?

Have a great weekend ladies!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Input Desperately Needed!!!!

Hello Ladies! I am in the works of co-planning a bridal shower for my best friend, P-Lo. I am providing a house for the bridal shower and I am in charge of games. I know that many of you are probably cringing at the thought of cheesy bridal shower games (I know I tend to cringe when the topic is brought up) but I was hoping to get away from the 'cheesiness' and find games that are actually fun!

This is where all of you come in- do any of you have any suggestions of games, websites for games, etc?!? For those who are married- did you have any fun games for your bridal shower?!? For those getting married- if you are having games, what type of games would you want to have at your bridal shower?!?

I know I can count on all you lovely ladies out there for help! Thanks in advance for the help!!!!
How cool would it be to have this cake at your bridal shower?!?

Okay, after much thought I am going to attempt to recreate this cake for P-Lo's Bridal Shower.....sorta. Yes, I am a crazy lady!

I am going to change it up a little but still stick to the concept seen above! Wish me luck and hopefully I will have pictures of my first attempt in the next few weeks, unless the cake is so bad that I am too embarrassed to post pictures of it. Haha! Stay tuned for pictures of hopefully a gorgeous cake that I can brag about!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend Getaway

I'm sorry, I have been MIA. My poor little blog has been neglected and after an email letting me know this I am ready and raring to go!

My FH and I drove north on Friday to spend the weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) with my future in-laws. It was a WONDERFUL weekend! I love going to see his parents and his sisters' family. We haven't seen the family since Christmas due to some unexpected events (think pipe freezing a couple weeks ago and dumping over 400 gallons of water into the basement unexpected) so we drove up there to help where needed. Most of the items on the list were crossed off by the time we had to head back home. We all went to his sister, T's, house Saturday and Sunday night for dinner which was delicious! It was a great weekend! Plus, his mom and I sat down and completed their list of people to invite! Now the pressure is on, Rich and I have to finish our list of people to invite and the guest list will be completely done!!! YAY!!!!

I feel so fortunate and blessed because my in-laws are the greatest! Even before the FH and I were engaged they treated me like family. In fact, the running joke was that if Rich did anything to screw up the relationship his dad was going to disown him and adopt me. Rich's niece (who is 5 years old) would call me 'Aunt Laura' and call him 'Rich', which I still tease him about to this day.

I can't express how much I love them and appreciate everything they do! I hear horror stories about in-laws and I just sit there and smile because deep down inside I know that God must really love me to have given me such a great family to marry into! I thank God every day for blessing me with such great families!

And time to brag........

How cute are my niece and nephew?!? Oh and Awe away!

And later I will be back to wedding planning........

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

C'est Magnifique!

Can I just start out by saying that I LOVE everything about this wedding!!!! I was doing my normal morning routine, browsing through blogs, when I stumbled across this wedding photographed by Jessica Strickland. If I were planning a winter wedding, I would want this to be my wedding!
Orchids in the winter?!? Beautiful!I love how excited she looks when she first lays eyes on her soon-to-be husband
The Indianapolis skyline is gorgeous in these pictures!Love her bouquet!
Can we say Winter Wonderland?!?
I absolutely LOVE these night shots! Jessica and Stephanie- if you read this please don't let me go without getting night shots!!!

Okay, I am done drooling for now......back to work!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Florist Meeting

My mom and I met with the David, our florist from McNamara Florists, on Wednesday and boy did we get a lot accomplished!!!! David was awesome at getting items crossed off the list and by the end of the meeting we pretty much had everything picked out! Can you believe it?!? I still can't!!!!

I do have a little secret to spill- I am giving David the reigns and letting him run with it! {GASP! Did she just say that she is letting him have free reign?!?} Yep! I sure am!!! David knows the basic idea of what I have envisioned for my wedding day and when your florist used to work for Martha Stewart Wedding magazine and with Oprah's main floral event's designer you know the man is a genius!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the items that will be incorporated into the different flower arrangements (pictures of a mock up will be coming in March or April).
Green Antique Hydrangeas (David said he can force these to have almost a champagne color instead of the pink)

Bells of Ireland

Champagne Roses


Large Glass Trumpet Vases

Glass Cake Plates

I know this really doesn't say much about what our wedding day flowers will look like but the flowers above are just some of the flowers that will be used to create our centerpieces, BM bouquets, etc. But I am VERY excited about where David is going with this!!!!! We met him at the McNamara Design warehouse and he took us on a tour and as we were walking through he started to pull flowers to show how the combination of flowers would look. One word for the man - GENIUS!!!!

We did decide to use large glass trumpet vases for the high centerpieces (also visualize orchids streaming down through the glass vase). The cake plates will be for our low centerpieces.

I apologize that I can't give you more but I promise that I will have pictures in a month or two! I can't tell you how relieved I am to be done with the flowers!!!! How is/did your floral planning going/go?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Escort Cards

Escort cards used to all be the same every wedding you would go to but now people are finding fun and unique ways to display their escort cards. I still have no clue how I am going to do our escort cards. Here are some fun, cute escort cards-
So creative!!!
Very cute!!!!
Great for nautical themed/beach weddings!
This makes me want to have an outdoor/backyard wedding!
See the aforementioned note!!! So cute!
Traditional with a modern twist!
If you are doing a nautical themed/beach wedding please use this idea and send me pictures!!!
How freaking cute are these?!? I bet they took a long time to make but still, so adorable!
This is a great idea because it can serve as the favor and the escort card! Yummy!
All photos via The Knot

There are so many different directions a person can go with escort cards! I definitely need to start thinking of a vision for the escort cards. What are you doing for your escort cards? Or what did you do?