Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Perfect Day: The Ceremony

Before I knew it the bridal party including Hubs and myself were being ushered to a room so that we could wait until it was time to walk down the aisle. It was nice hanging out with everyone prior to lining up.....kept my nerves at bay.

After a while Stephanie came to get us. We all lined up. Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring started playing as the mom's started their walk down the aisle. I just looked up at my daddy, he squeezed my hand and asked, 'Are you ready to go?!?' I just smiled and said, 'Of course I am daddy!' My nerves were at bay......for that moment.
Our mom's lighting the candles for the unity candle. When they first walked down the aisle they each carried a single stem white rose that they placed in front of the 'Remembrance Candle'.

Anxiously waiting for moi!

When I saw Hubs standing at the alter, smiling anxiously, all my nerves disappeared! I was so excited to get down that aisle and hold Hubs' hand!

Our little nephew making his way down the aisle in style! Good thing he had his pimped out ring bearer mobile because by the time he was ready to go down the aisle he was ready to pass out! Poor little thing!

Our precious niece! She was such an adorable flower girl! As you can see, Stephanie was letting her know what to do and when to go! :-)

LOVE this picture! So does her mommy! hehe!

My daddy and I making our way down the aisle. I told him that I was nervous that I was going to trip on my dress and he replied, "Don't do that because you will knock me down too!" Haha, my nerves instantly disappeared! Thanks daddy!

Framer alert! I love this picture! Do we agree?!?

Peeking through the iron gates at the entrance of the theatre.

I swore that I was going to keep it together during our vows. Buuuuuuuuut I totally lost it! I started out strong but as we kept going through the traditional vows my voice started to quiver, before I knew it I was struggling to even get the words out. Finally I had to pause and take a deep breath. Hubs squeezed my hand and smiled at me. It was at that point that I was able to get it together and get through the rest of my vows! Several friends told us after the ceremony that when I lost it their eyes teared up too.....we even had a couple groomsmen with tears. Sorry guys!!!!

Lighting the unity candle. Our song during the unity candle was the instrumental version of 'Bless the Broken Road' by Rascal Flatts. I absolutely love the piano accompaniment!

"You may now kiss your bride!"

......and still kissing!

So excited to be married!

I don't think excited even began to describe how I felt at that moment!

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

Up next: The Grand Exit

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Jenn said...

I love the one from the back - definitely a framer! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

You were so beautiful. I loved these pictures... especially the one you wanted to frame! It's beautiful!

My Dream Ring said...

You look so gorgeous!! Your ceremony was set up perfectly, like a magazine shoot!