Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Table Numbers........Check!

I first have to start off by saying that I have the best mom EVER!

A couple months ago I ordered our table numbers (you can read about it here).
Table Numbers via Papercut Diecut

Once the table numbers were ordered I set out to find acrylic floating frames that would stand on their own, not with a stand. Also, the diecut numbers are so delicate that I needed a magnetic acrylic frame preferably. Simple task I thought......WRONG!!!! Remember when all you could find is floating frames?!? Apparently that craze faded because now that I really need a floating frame I struggled. I not only needed a floating frame but I needed 25 (maybe even 30) of them.

I finally found the PERFECT frame! Low and behold the frame was at Michael's. The frame was a little pricier than I wanted but I figured I would just buy one every time I went to Michaels and use 40% off coupons. Oh, and in case you aren't familiar with Michael's GREAT (dripping with sarcasm) coupon policy, we could only use one coupon per visit. So, we printed off Joann Fabric and Hobby Lobby coupons to use as well (Michael's honors competitors coupons) but some of the cashiers tried to argue that you could only use one coupon per visit of the same discount and of course all the other stores also have 40% off coupons. This is the dumbest rule EVER!!! Don't these people realize that I have a wedding to plan and don't have time to visit their store everyday!? Oh, and to make it even better......Michael's only carries four frames at a time and they don't order anymore until they run out. So, my mom and I only had a total of 10 frames and were struggling to find any in stock. Cue major frustration!!!!!
The thorn in my side......the frame!!!!

In comes super mom (cue heroic sounding music)!!!! My mom (who I work with at my dad's companies) had me print off a list of all the Michael's stores in the Indianapolis and surrounding county areas. She left work today and has been hitting up all the Michael's stores on all sides of town.

VICTORY IS OURS! We now have 30 acrylic photo block frames in our possession!!!! She gave the cashiers sob stories about trying to get these frames for my wedding, some gave in and let her use 3 coupons towards 3 frames.....score! My mom should have been an actress.......want further proof?!? Read here. I cannot wait to put all of the table numbers into the frames!!! Pictures to come!


Coming next: Hair Style Part II and My Something Blue

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hair Styles, Part I

I need your help ladies! I am trying to figure out how I want to wear my hair for our wedding. I am in between a half-up do or an all-up do. Here are some added details that I am taking into consideration while trying to determine whether I want it all up or not:

1. I have fine hair with a little bit of wave
2. We are getting married in August (hot and humid)
3. I want hassle-free (who doesn't?!?)
4. My hair is past my shoulder blades with layers
5. My hair tends to hold curls pretty well


All up-

Half up-
All photos via The Knot
Note: These are not necessarily the hair styles I will go with but are just some of the examples of ones that I like.

So, what do you think I should do? Feel free to vote on the poll to the right or leave a comment because I am always happy to hear from you!

What hair style are you going to be sporting for your wedding?!?

Friday, April 24, 2009


I posted here that we decided we would be using bubbles as our grand exit! If you can get a lot of people all blowing bubbles when you exit, the photos captured are dramatic, as can be seen here:
The beautiful Jessica Lynn at Tying the Knot

My mom and I have been purchasing tubes of bubbles from Michaels. The bubbles are $7.99 for 50 tubes. We have been using the weekly 40% off coupons (which can be found here or in the Sunday newspaper) to purchase the bubbles for $4.80 for 50 tubes which is a great deal if you have the time and patience to only purchase one container of bubbles each visit. We have also been using 40% off coupons to purchase our frames for the table numbers (discussed here).
Bubble from Michaels

We will be tying champagne and taupe colored ribbon to the top of each tube of bubbles! I am going to find a basket or two to put these babies in for handout after the wedding. I just love the more modernistic look of these bubbles versus the other containers of bubbles that I had seen in the past.

I hope that we can capture some pictures as beautiful as the ones that Jessica has from her wedding. I also hope that my photographer, Angela, can capture pictures of a certain niece and nephew having fun with the bubbles because I am sure that the bubbles will be a BIG hit with them!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Four Months and Counting!

As of today we have exactly 4 months until we get married and hopefully make a grand exit like these:
Photo of Jessica Lynn at Tying the Knot

We have decided to have a bubble exit! We discussed several different options but in the end we decided on the bubbles for these reasons!
A. No mess to clean up
B. Great photo impact which can be seen in the photos above
C. Safe
D. Fun
E. Cheap

The only con I see is that it could get a little sticky! But I will overlook that flaw for a beautiful bubble exit!

Here are some of the other options we considered-

1. Sparkler Exit
A. High Impact
B. Fun
C. Cheap

A. Safety: large group of people + children who will want to participate = possibility for disaster!
B. Permits: a lot of places, especially historical landmarks, require permits
C. Timing: our wedding is at 5:30pm in August so it will not even start to get dark until after nine or so at night. We would have to wait until after the wedding to really get the impact that I would want.
D. Mess: there would be some clean up involved but no where near as bad as confetti or rose petals.
E. Smoke: sparklers do emit smoke so depending on when they are lit you may have to contend with smoke in your pictures which could inevitably ruin the impact you are looking for.

Don't get me wrong! I LOVE the pictures I see of the sparkler exit but I just don't think it will be conducive for our wedding.

2. Rose Petals
A. Very pretty
B. Great way to tie a color theme in with the exit
C. Can be eco-friendly

A. Cost: if real rose petals are used the cost can be exorbitant! Silk petals are a cheaper route but can be a headache to clean up.
B. Mess: most places will want you to clean up the petals even if they are real. That being said, if you are allowed to leave the petals and are worried about the environment you could always go with Eco-Friendly Rose Petals which are biodegradable but not the cheapest solution.
C. Stain/Slippery: if real petals are used there is a chance that one could slip or the bride could stain her dress on the petals.

Very pretty but could be a huge hassle!

3. Ribbon Wands
Photo via Favor Ideas
A. Great way to tie color theme in with exit
B. Fun
C. Everyone can participate
D. No mess

Reasons against-
A. Cost: if purchased these little babies can add up.
B. Time: if you make these then it is one more thing to add to the good old DIY list.
C. Impact: personal opinion- not as big of an impact as bubbles, sparklers, or petals.

Awesome alternative if the aforementioned ideas can't be used!

4. Confetti/Bird Seed
A. Bird seed has no environmental impact and is food for the birds.
B. There is biodegradable confetti
C. Another way to tie a color theme into an exit
D. Fun
E. Impact

A. Mess: again most places will make you clean it up
B. Safety: don't laugh but I did have a cousin get bird seed in her eye. She had a red, irritated eye for a good hour after their exit. No thanks!
C. Timely: more than likely you will have to package each packet of bird seed or confetti for your guests to throw

What type of exit are you opting for?!?

Have a great Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend! YAY!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On My Mind.....

Has this happened/is this happening to any of you? As of tomorrow we are exactly 4 months away from our wedding and I couldn't be more excited! But as each day passes and we draw closer and closer I can't help but have this fear in the back of my mind that something could happen. I am not talking about my dress not fitting (yes, that is a fear but not this fear) or the color of the napkins not matching perfectly. I am scared that something could happen to the future hubby or a family member. I think that part of the issue is that our wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of our life up to this point in our lives and we get so built up as the day draws closer. We want the day to be perfect!

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and was reminded how short life can be (I really need to stop reading the news, the media loves to prey on tragedy). There was a story in our local newspaper about a man, a year younger than me, who was playing co-ed softball. He slid into home plate and the throw down hit him in the neck. He stood up and immediately collapsed. At the hospital they determined that he was brain dead. A person commented on the article and it was what they said that hit me the hardest. They said, "It really is true that no one young or old is guaranteed to come home at the end of each day--love and appreciate your loved ones while they are alive because it might be the last time you see them." That comment really made me think hard and scared the living crap out of me. I am a worry wort by nature but I try to take things in stride one day at a time but I still have this fear in the back of my mind. All I can do is say a little prayer to God and put it in His hands. Oh, and I am going to quit reading the news because it is too depressing!

Am I neurotic or do/did you ever have this fear before your wedding?!? (According to my family I am just

Sorry for the depressing post but I had to get this off of my mind. To make up for the heavy post, here is a pretty picture:

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am absolutely exhausted so today is going to be a short post, I apologize! Future Hubby and I were up early Saturday to start the paver patio (Phase 1). Knowing that I had to start getting ready for P's bachelorette party at 4:15pm made us move that much faster! I am happy to report that the Phase 1 is complete other than cutting a few bricks which will require us renting a wet saw. Phase 2 will begin this coming weekend. We are both sore and exhausted from laying 800+ bricks!

P's bachelorette party was great! We had a blast and I managed to capture a picture of every shot she took despite the battery on my camera dying! Hopefully I will have pictures soon.

Have a great Monday! Hopefully this day will fly by so that I can go home and rest!

Stunning! That is all I am going to say about this beautiful picture! Photo via Jennifer Skog

Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Today/this weekend is definitely going to be VERY busy!

  • Pick up engagement ring from Hofmeister Jewelers (and have a glass of wine or two while there...hehe).
  • Purchase last remaining items for best friend, P's, bachelorette party.
  • Receive truckload of paver bricks, retaining wall bricks, and retaining wall caps from Menards (is it sad that "Save big money at Menards" song is running through my head?!?).
  • Attempt to swing by downtown for beer with neighbor to celebrate her doctoral thesis being over with.
  • Clean off patio
  • Begin "Spring 2009 - Operation Patio"......will elaborate more below.
  • Get to P's first bachelorette party stop by 5:45pm which will equate to a long night of drinking!
  • Pray that the weathermen are wrong and that it doesn't rain on Sunday so we can continue to work on "Spring 2009 - Operation Patio".
  • Recover from the aforementioned bachelorette party!
So, as you can see, I am going to be a busy lady this weekend. The future hubby and I decided that we wanted to spruce up our current outdoor situation. We currently have a wood deck that you walk out onto from the house. You then step down to a concrete slab where our grill and fire pit are located. So, here are the phases-

1.) create a paver patio where the concrete slab is
2.) create flower bed around entire deck with retaining wall bricks and brick caps so that I can plant bushes (Gardenia bushes, Knockout Rose bushes, and Angel Azalea bushes....lots of blooming bushes that will look so pretty).
3.) build sitting wall around part of the paver patio, build section for grill to sit in, and build a fire pit in the corner

We are hoping to get all of Phase 1 done and get started on Phase 2 but that will all depend on the weather. Phase 3 wasn't part of the original plan but my future hubby dreams big when it comes to home DIY projects (he gets it from his dad but at least future hubby is very handy and a pro at these paver patios). Needless to say, an easy project has now turned into a much more complex/costly project. Does your hubby/future hubby do this?!? Phase 3 may have to be delayed since it will be the most costly/time consuming part of the project but when it is done I will never want to leave our patio. I will definitely be sure to take lots of pictures!!! Do you have any big home DIY projects that you and the Mr. want to accomplish this summer/spring?!?

Have a great weekend!!!! And of course, an amazing picture!
This picture from Debie's wedding (a friend of mine) is absolutely STUNNING!!! The veil in the wind, the night heart skips a beat! Note to self, add to list of desired pictures to give to Angela. This is a must do!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Best Friend

I am not only going to marry the love of my life on August 22, 2009, I am also going to marry my best friend.

Future hubby and I started out as friends in college. I attribute us meeting to my two roomies, T and K (thanks ladies)! He was T's 'big bro' in the greek system and they hung out a lot due to this. And K had an older brother who was in the same fraternity so we were always at the frat hanging out with her big brother and his buddies (which future hubby happened to be one of the buddies). I loved the fact that we were such great friends before we even started dating. We knew each others quirks! When we started dating everything was perfect!!!! Even to this day we hardly ever fight and if we do happen to get into a skirmish it only lasts an hour or so because we always communicate with each other.

Last night I was reminded that I am definitely marrying my best friend. Future hubby and I had gone out to dinner with my friend P (who is my maid-of-honor) and her fiance. On our way home we started jamming to some great 80's music (think Bon Jovi, Eddy Money, Jefferson Starship, etc.). I, of course, started singing at the top of my lungs and he joined in. Future hubby and I definitely will not be quitting our day jobs to pursue a singing career because we definitely cannot and let me emphasize CANNOT carry a tune to save our lives but that didn't bother us one bit! We just belted out the lyrics without a care in the world (and completely out of tune)! We aren't embarrassed to sing in front of each other! This may not seem like a big deal but we aren't afraid because we are so comfortable with each other. We are best friends, love of each other's lives, fiance to one another, and soon to be husband and wife!

You will definitely see some of this going on at our wedding - singing along to some great 80's music!!! Oh yeah!

Have a great Wednesday!!!!!

Oh, and I feel naked!!! I had to drop my engagement ring off at the jewelers so that they could make a wax casting of it to make my wedding band. There are times that I freak out thinking that I lost it but then I realize that it is at the jewelry store. I won't get my ring back until sad! :-(

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Four Very Exciting Words.....

that every bride loves to hear!!!! I made a call yesterday to check on the status of something very important. When I asked where that item stood the girl said those four fabulous words........"YOUR DRESS IS IN!"

The poor girl at Brides by Demetrios probably regrets taking my call because I guarantee she was pulling the phone away from her ear as I started squealing in complete excitement! It turns out that my wedding dress arrived on March 10 but I never received a call or a voicemail, that I know of. Normally I might get upset about something like this but since I don't go in for my first dress fitting until May it was probably a blessing in disguise because we all know I could never wait 2 months! I wasn't exactly blessed with patience (thanks Mom and Dad...haha).

I cannot wait to try on my dress that is in my size (it's not the same trying on a dress at the store because you know it is not your dress). AHHHH.......The soft feel of the satin, the intricate bead work, the long train........I am drooling just thinking about it! AND I will be able to see what the dress looks like with my shoes which you can see here. I can barely contain my excitement, even a day later!!!!

I cannot wait to slip into my dress.....hopefully I can step into the dress versus pulling it over my head!

Photo via Jessica Strickland Photography
Look at my dress in the mirror making sure that everything looks perfect!

Photo via Jessica Strickland Photography
And taking a moment to just admire my dress and let everything sink in!

May cannot get here quick enough!!!! What was your reaction when you found out your dress was in?!? Did you scream, did you call everyone, did you do your own rendition of a touchdown dance?!? Let me know because I definitely squealed, called people, and did a little dance! I know, I am overly giddy but right now I am on cloud 9!!!

Side note- the girl also let me know that my bridesmaid dresses are due to arrive beginning to middle of June! PERFECT!!!!

Have a great Thursday!!! One more day!!!! :-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Real Wedding- Ryan and Meagan

Our family friend's daughter, Meagan, was married in March. Her wedding was beautiful! I had the pleasure of not only attending the wedding but also running into my photographer, Angela, at the wedding. I had completely forgotten that Angela had been commissioned to photograph their wedding. We were even able to chat a little bit at the reception!

Here are some of the pictures from Meagan and Ryan's wedding-

The wedding/reception was beautiful. The tree in the center of the reception was very unique and breathtaking when all the lights were out. The only issue I saw with the candle lit affect was that once the candles began to burn down it was VERY hard to see people.....even across the table from me. So, if you are going with a large volume of candles I highly recommend turning the lights off for the entrance but then dimming the lights on so that people can see each other and what they are eating!

All in all the wedding was very stunning! Happy hump day!

Sorry, I know I said I would post about my ring but due to technical difficulties with my camera that has been postponed!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wedding Bands, Part I

On Saturday the Future Hubby and I were out running errands when he asked one of my favorite questions that I LOVE to hear- "Would you like to stop by Hofmeister {our jeweler} while we are out?!" I don't really think I need to tell you what my response was! :-)

We went in and our two favorite people at Hofmeister were working that day- Tim {head designer} and John {manager}. Why are they your favorites you may ask?!? Other than the fact that they are awesome at what they do; they always have a glass of scotch for Future Hubby and a glass of wine for me ready to go (we were good on Saturday and did not partake in any beverages while browsing). The Future Hubby was in between two wedding bands last time we stopped in at Hofmeister so I wanted to get his ring finger measurements just in case. We had three options as of Saturday when we walked in - 1.) A. Jaffe Ring, 2.) Christian Bauer Ring, or 3.) Have Tim design Future Hubby's wedding band.

Well, the decision has been made but I won't be sharing that until we have the ring in our possession! I will at least show you pictures of option 1 and option 2.

Christian Bauer
A. Jaffe

And of course, here are some ring shots that I love!!!! Happy Monday!

Sean Watson Photography (I love using the pool balls to show your wedding date)

Christine Farah (I could easily do this shot on our piano at home)

Evrim Icoz Photography (A golfer's dream)

Unknown (Pretty gutsy)

Up next, my wedding band and hopefully a picture of my engagement ring. :-)

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Have an Addiction........

........SHOPPING!!!! I have been VERY good lately but I definitely had a weak moment yesterday. I haven't been clothing shopping in AGES (at least it seemed like ages to me) so I decided that yesterday would be the perfect time to update my summer wardrobe. And to my defense, I was doing my part as a law abiding, tax paying American to stimulate this economy (and boy did I stimulate the case you didn't check yesterday, the Dow Jones was up and even made it over 8,000 points......your welcome stock market).

So, here are some of my purchases:

From White House Black Market (a favorite of mine that always seems to get me into trouble):
On Sale for $29.99

Not on sale but too darn cute to pass up.

From Victoria's Secret (also gets me into trouble):

I love bright colors, especially in the summer!

I hate raisins but I love this top in rum raisin!

$34 for top and bottom!!! I ordered this in turquoise and white polka dots and black and white polka dots (I already have this in brown and white polka dots from last year). If you are looking for a great bikini, look no further! I will swear by this bikini!!!!!

Bandeau Bikini- I figured with the upcoming wedding it would be good to have a strapless top since my dress is strapless.

From Express (got me into a LOT of trouble...not all purchases shown):

Long Black Voile Skirt (perfect for a bridal shower or just to wear on a warm summer day)

Tiered Top (I bought this in navy blue)

J. Crew:

Stretch Chino Frankie Shorts - LOVE THEM!

Abercrombie & Fitch:
Cristine Polo (on sale for $19.80 which is a GREAT deal for A&F polos)

Hmmmm.....I notice a common trend- I think all shopping gets me into trouble! :-)

Now you may be thinking, "Yeah, she went shopping but it doesn't look like a ton of clothing." Well, in order to downplay my addiction I didn't put pictures of everything purchased yesterday! :-) Let's just say that I will have plenty to wear this summer and that upswing in the market could have been caused by Mr. VISA! haha

PS- If any of you shop Victoria's Secret use codes TOPS20 (20% off select tops), SWIM09 (free tote with purchase of swim wear), FREE100 (free shipping on any purchase over $100), and SP916357 (save $15 on purchase of $100 or more, $30 on $150 or more, or $75 on $250 or more). Hope these help!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The other day I was on the phone with my soon to be sister-in-law, Tara. She was all excited because they had booked their suite at the Westin for our wedding. She told me how excited her daughter, Rylie who is 5 years old and our flower girl, was about the hotel room and the wedding. She was so excited she wanted to go stay in the hotel immediately! Tara told her that she would have to wait until our wedding in 5 months which probably seems like an eternity in the eyes of a 5 year old (it seems like an eternity in the eyes of this 20-something year old too)!

Tara then told me that after her and Rylie discussed the hotel and the wedding Rylie disappeared upstairs to her room. Tara went to go check on her a little bit later. She peaked around the corner and saw Rylie standing in the room, her rug moved to the middle of the room, and her basket from the last wedding she was a flower girl at in hand. Rylie was practicing walking down the aisle as our flower girl! She was using her rug as her aisle! My heart melted when I heard this story!!!!!

I have no fears about my flower girl because she definitely takes her job seriously!
Meet our flower girl! This is future hubby and I's ADORABLE niece!!!!!

And we can't forget our cute ring bearer, Tyler! Tyler is 9 months old and crawling! He definitely keeps his mommy on her toes! I keep telling Tyler that he has 5 months to learn how to walk!!!! Many of you may think I am crazy for having a 1 year old as my ring bearer but he is too stinking cute! If he decides not to go down the aisle then oh well! He will still be adorable in his tux. If he runs down the aisle after his sissy (he loves following his sissy EVERYWHERE) it will be the cutest thing! I don't really think there is much he could do at that age that wouldn't be completely precious!
Meet our ring bearer! Future hubby and I's precious nephew who does no wrong in his Aunt Laura's eyes (stop laughing Tara)!

The Flower Girl dress from Sweet Beginnings by Jordan Fashion that Rylie will wear.

A tuxedo for a toddler. (Note: tuxedo is a random picture found not what we are actually using, still need to rent tuxedo's for the boys). How precious are little tuxedo's?!?

Are you having kids in your wedding?!? What age range are the kids in your wedding? Did you struggle finding attire for the kids?!? And because I LOVE this picture........

How precious would this picture be framed in a house?!? Must recreate picture!!!!! I am done using the word precious because I think I have definitely killed the word. Happy more day!