Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Perfect Day: The Grand Exit

After the wedding our guests were offered tubes of bubbles while they exited the front of the Scottish Rite Cathedral.
I purchased all of the bubbles from Michaels. Each week my mom and I would clip our coupons (typically 40%-50% off a single item purchase) and buy a container of bubbles. We continued this process until we had enough containers of bubbles for all of our guests. NOTE - If you are going to do this be sure to start the process early since you are only allowed one item per coupon! Definitely worth the $$$ savings!

I originally was going to tie ribbon around the top but after tying a few I decided that it was not worth the hassle and they didn't look that much better in the end. So, I decided to make my life a lot less stressful and ditch the ribbon! Boy am I glad I did that!

For some reason it is hard to see the bubbles in the pictures below but if you click on them to enlarge them you can see the bubbles more clearly.

Hubs was in charge of our 'get away' vehicle! He surprised me with a horse and carriage! This was perfect since I LOVE horses (luckily FIL owns horses too.....lucky me!).
The original plan was to capture a picture of my veil blowing behind the carriage. NOT A SAFE IDEA!!!!! The wind was blowing the opposite direction so in reality my veil was being blown towards the wheels of the carriage. My mom was about to have a heart attack! Luckily I noticed the veil blowing precariously towards the wheels so I snatched it up and tucked the veil in the carriage with me!

I cannot remember the horses name for the life of me but he was so sweet. He did try to eat my bouquet......we would have had issues if he had been successful in his attempts! Haha!

Hubs fed him a peppermint which distracted him from my bouquet!

"I'm MARRIED!!!!!"

  1. Do a grand exit- it may not have been the most practical thing for us to do since our wedding and reception were in the same location but that did not stop us. I wanted the pictures and I am so happy that we did our grand exit.
  2. Check with the venue beforehand as to what they will and will not allow- do not assume that your venue will allow you to do whatever you want. Some venues are very finicky about what they will/will not allow. Venues may allow confetti but they also may require you to pick it all up afterward. At that point you will need to decide whether it is worth it. Additionally, if you want to use sparklers you will want to check with the fire codes. Some places within city limits will require you to have a permit just for sparklers (crazy, I know).
  3. Get your bridesmaids/groomsmen to help direct- not all of your guests will know what you are up to when it comes to your grand exit. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen line up right outside of the door so the guests have an example of what to do. Typically they will all fall in line once they see what the bridal party is doing.
  4. The 'get away' vehicle was totally worth it! Hubs and I rode around the block, approximately 15 minutes. This was 15 minutes that we were able to let everything soak in and have a little one on one time. I was so giddy to be married! It was especially nice to just kiss my husband and talk to him before the craziness of the reception ensued.
  5. Don't feel like you have to add that 'added little touch' to everything. I was so worried about this. I wanted to add detail to everything including the bubbles. But when you get right down to it, you can't physically do everything. And you may all gasp when I say this but not everything is worth the 'added little touch' either. {GASP!!!!!!! DID SHE JUST SAY THAT?!?} Yes I did! The ribbon didn't really thrill me or make that big of a difference so I decided not to do it. And guess what?!? That was one less thing for me to stress about and more time for me to be excited about my wedding day! :-)
I am getting towards the end of our wedding recaps......sigh......tear, tear. Next up on the agenda is the details/vendor reviews. Is there anything you would like to see or hear about as I start concluding our wedding recaps? Or have I bored you all to death with these recaps? Please be honest!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!!

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

Up next: The Details/Vendor Reviews

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Heather said...

Great pics. I love the horse and carriage!! So cool.

Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

I've always loved the whole horse and carriage thing. Great for pics....so were the bubbles on your exit! =)

Nicole-Lynn said...

You're recaps are not boring by any means! I really enjoy them! I loved your grand exit.. great pictures!

Rachel H. said...

So cute!! It's beautiful!! :)

Chocolate Lover said...

Those pics are beautiful! I love the bubbles!

Kristin said...

WOW, what a fairytale affair. That church is gorgeous!