Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Perfect Day: The Details, Part I

Before I dive into pictures from the reception I am going to go ahead and do my details recap/vendor reviews. I hope you all don't mind! :-)

Stationary & Calligraphy
Stationary: April Foster Events
Calligraphy: Penned & Pretty

April created our invitations, programs, menu cards, guest favor cards, and escort cards. She also designed our monogram. Everything turned out gorgeous! Jessica from Penned & Pretty did the calligraphy for our invitations and the escort cards. I had so many people compliment us on the beautiful calligraphy! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to bring an envelope that Jessica had done for the photographer to get pictures of but you can go here and see my level below amateur attempt at photography. I know.....silly me!

Our pretty invitations


Menu Cards and Guest Favor Cards

Close up of the favor cards

The lovely escort cards

April Foster Events-
Grade: A
I received soooooo many compliments on our stationary and monogram! April does a great job and has an amazing talent at creating your vision. Her prices are very affordable which is a big perk! I can't tell you how many guests and family members commented on the beautiful stationary at our wedding. I also loved how April tied our monogram into all of our stationary. As you can see from the pictures our monogram is incorporated in everything!

There was a minor issue with the programs that was discovered right before rehearsal. Stephanie called April and the two immediately came up with the best plan of attack. The original plan was to have a bow tying party in the bridal suite after rehearsal dinner but that quickly changed. Not only did Stephanie meet April to get the programs reprinted but they also tied all the ribbons around our programs. I was very impressed with how the issue was handled and the service that I received! Thanks Stephanie and April!!!!

Penned & Pretty-
Grade: A+
Jessica does an amazing job when it comes to calligraphy. I knew from the get go that I wanted to have our invitations addressed in calligraphy but was not willing to pay some of the astronomical prices that I had been quoted. Our invitations were so beautiful I could not stand the idea of scarring them with my attroctious handwriting. It wasn't long after that Jessica announced that she was opening her calligraphy business. Perfect timing! I immediately booked her! She puts so much thought and care into her projects. When you receive your envelopes, which I promise will look AH-MAZING, you will find that they are even packaged in the prettiest manner. And trust me, the envelopes will be so pretty you won't even want to deface those precious envelopes with a stamp or send them through the horrid handlings of the postal service.....but alas, you will have to {sigh}.

Jessica was great to work with, very timely and her prices are out of this world. If you are in need of a calligrapher or even on the fence about having a calligrapher leave this post immediately and go directly to Penned & Pretty. You will not be disappointed. Don't worry, I will wait for you while you go take a peek! :-) Go!

Okay, now that you are back we will move right along.....

Table Numbers

Vendor: Papercut Diecut on Etsy
Floating Frames: Michaels and Bed, Bath & Beyond

DieCut Papercut
Grade: A
I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something unique to do for our table numbers. I searched blogs, consulted with our florist, asked other wedding vendors but nothing really hit me and said, "THAT'S IT!!!" Well, until I was browing Etsy one day and came across Papercut Diecut. I immediately contacted the vendor and began my ordering process. The vendor was wonderful to work with. She was very timely and prompt in her email responses. I am not going to lie, I did splurge on these lovelies but it was so worth it! When I received the finished product I was in love. The diecut numbers are very delicate so it was a little tedious working with them but the end result left me giddy and excited.

The frames came from Michaels and Bed Bath & Beyond. Remember a couple years ago when all you could find was floating frames?!? Well, I struggled to find the type of floating frame I needed for the diecut numbers.....figures. Once again, my mom and I clipped all of our Michael's coupons and saved our BBB coupons to use on these babies. Major, major money saver!!!!! It took several weeks for us to get all the frames since we would buy up every single frame per stop. My mom was such a trooper and even drove around the city to all the BBB's and Michael's to wipe out their stock. In the end I was very happy with how the frames looked with the numbers. And I DEFINITELY have plenty of frames for pictures now.....thirty-six to be exact! Ha!

Guest Book

Vendor: Shutterfly
Pictures in Guest Book: Engagement pictures from session with Angela R. Talley Photography
Grade: A
I went back and forth between Blurb and Shutterfly. I have used both in the past and have been VERY happy with both companies. I ended up choosing Shutterfly in the end (partially because I found a BIG promo code). I uploaded all of our engagement pictures and hit the 'auto-fill' button.....I know, shame on me but that little button made my life so easy! A project that could have taken days took minutes. Definitely worth it since I waited until the last minute to order our guest book. I highly recommend both companies! Note- search the internet for promo codes to cut your costs!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

Up next: The Details/Vendor Reviews, Part II

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Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

Everything is just so beautiful!

jessica lynn said...

all of those little details really came together so well. april did such a great job and those table numbers are GORGEOUS! are you going to sell them?!

Jenny.Lee said...

All the details are gorgeous!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the details! The table numbers turned out so good..

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Gorgeous stationary Laura Ann! Table numbers - umm totally brilliant and classic. Martha Stewart should have featured your wedding!

Kiana said...

I love love those table numbers, they're so classic looking and yet unique - everything was beautiful :)

Rachel H. said...

Everything looks great...I love all the details! One of my favorite parts of a wedding is all the details that the bride puts into it! :)

My Dream Ring said...

I love all the details and your reviews, beautiful touches!

Abbie said...

We just used Shutterfly for photo books for our families for Christmas. HUGE discount! I think we saved $45 on two photo books, not including the Ebates cash back!

Sarah said...

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful! I am getting married in June 2010 and have gotten so many ideas from your recaps. Are you at all interested in selling your table numbers? (I know they are something you might want to hang on to!)

Maria said...

love those table numbers! are you selling your frames by chance?!