Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a sad, sad day......

RIP UGA VII (aka Loran's Best)

This may be somewhat of a confusing post because I am not a Georgia Bulldog fan (not that I don't like them or anything, I just do not really follow them more than other college teams) nor did I go to college at Georgia but I am a bully owner and have a special place in my heart for all bullies! Bulldogs are a big part of my life and my husband's life. Reasons:

1. I attended Butler University which also has a Bulldog as their mascot, Blue II. Butler is where Hubs and I first met. Meet Blue II:
Blue II with Hink (Hink is the costume mascot)

Isn't he adorable?!?

2. Hubs and I own two bullies- Buerly and Rooney. Meet Buerly and Rooney:
These two boys are the apple of their momma's eye! No matter how rotten they are or how much trouble they get into I will always love them (and probably laugh at them once I get over being mad).

3. One of the first times I really talked to Hubs was when my roomie and I broke into her brothers room at the fraternity to steal back our mini fridge sophomore year of college. It was the end of summer so some of the boys were moving back in at the time. After we managed to successfully break in we decided to roam the hallways to see who was there. A couple rooms down we saw Hubs and his mom unpacking boxes. In the center of the room was a playpen which obviously made us do a double take and had us scratching our heads in curiosity. My roomie and I decided to go into the room to find out what was in the playpen. Inside we discovered an adorable English Bulldog puppy named Zeus. Zeus only spent a short time at the fraternity before he moved back home with Hubs' parents which is where he currently resides. Zeus and obvsiously our school's mascot started my love of bullies. Meet Zeus, Buerly and Rooney's step-brother:
Zeus and Buerly (Buerly was sooooo little). Zeus is the biggest ham you will ever meet! If you are sitting on his couch past 9pm he will growl at you to tell you that it is WAY past his bed time and time for you to leave.

As you can see, bullies are a major part of my life. My heart broke when I saw that UGA VII had passed away. Not only was UGA VII a mascot but he was also someone's pet and companion. You can be sure that I gave each of my bullies an extra hug last night because they are part of our family much like UGA VII was part of Georgia's family.

So from one Bulldog to another- I am sorry for your loss! I am sure his presence will be missed on the sidelines. :'-(

I will be back with my final recaps next week. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog a while back and I love reading about your wedding. I am a UGA grad and this just melted my heart! Thank you for posting it!

Rachel H. said...

I am so sad that he died yesterday! Such a sad day in the bulldog nation! :(

Ams said...

I know nothing about this bulldog, or really bulldogs at all - but I am sorry for the loss of the poor puppy :( so sad!

Jamie said...

I have a soft spot for bulldogs too since they are my high school mascot and just so darn cute anyway! I love reading about yours and I would love to have one for myself someday.