Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Perfect Day: The Details, Part IV

Day of Coordination
Vendor: Stephanie of Fete STL
Grade: A++

The first time I met Stephanie was when she was in full DOC mode! She was the DOC for one of my closest friend's weddings, Jessica of Tying the Knot. I was a bridesmaid in Jessica's wedding (much like she was a bridesmaid in my wedding). When I saw Stephanie in all of her DOC glorious-ness I knew instantly I had to book her for my wedding!

Soon after Jessica's wedding I contacted Stephanie and she agreed to handle the DOC for my wedding. From the very get go my mom argued with me and was constantly telling me that I did not need a DOC. I stood firmly in my belief that I did in fact need one and that a DOC would make my life a lot less stressful. My mom finally realized that she was not going to win the battle so she gave in but still insisted that I did not need a DOC.

BOY did my mom eat her words!!!! Stephanie was my LIFE SAVER!!!!! Seriously!!!! The night before my wedding there was a glitch with the programs (read here). Of course I lost it and started to tear up right before rehearsal. Stephanie immediately took control! She got my room key from me, told me not to worry that she would get it fixed, picked up the programs and met April. April fixed all of the programs and they were perfect! On top of fixing our programs Stephanie, Stephanie's friend, April and April's husband tied the ribbons onto all the programs. I was planning on going back to the room after rehearsal dinner to do that but Stephanie and April took care of everything.

I felt so bad because Stephanie missed out on a fabulous dinner!!!! After dinner my mom pulled me aside and told me that A.) she loved Stephanie and B.) she was wrong about the DOC. Of course I was thrilled that everything was fixed but it was also nice to be able to say, "told ya so!" Granted, I didn't say that to my mom but I sure thought it! :-)

I was thrilled that my photographer managed to capture some pictures of Stephanie in action! Enjoy!
Stephanie is on the far right. This was when Rich opened his wedding gift from me! Stephanie delivered the gifts and made sure that the photographer and videographer were where they needed to be. Side note- love the expression on the GM's faces! Ha!

Stephanie helped me get into my dress.

And directed people when it came time to walk down the aisle.

She made sure that we stayed hidden until all of our guests were outside of the grand exit. Stephanie is at the top of the steps in the doorway of the left door.

She held my veil so that we could try to get a picture of my veil blowing in the wind when we took off in the carriage. Unfortunately the wind was blowing the opposite direction so that didn't really work according to plan.

Carried my train and veil for additional pictures.

Kept track of time for the line up and directed the bridal party with their entrances for the reception.

Hopefully she also had a good time while being in DOC mode! Judging from this picture I think she did! :-)

And she made sure that Hubs and I were where we needed to be when we needed to be there, ie- garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.

These pictures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything Stephanie did to ensure that my wedding day was perfect! I seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about Stephanie. She is AH-MAZINGLY organized and in control. I can honestly say I did not stress about anything the day of my wedding thanks to Stephanie. I knew that everything would be taken care of and would be sheer perfection.

  • Stephanie's rates were extremely reasonable. She was very affordable but her work ethic definitely went way above and beyond her rates.
  • She is incredibly organized. I think I spent most of the wedding planning process running around like a chicken with my head cut off but Stephanie stayed on top of everything and had all my emails and notes with her. She contacted all of my vendors and made sure they knew what was going on and what time to be at the venue.
  • The events coordinator at the SRC told me that my wedding was the smoothest flowing wedding she has ever seen and I attribute that to Stephanie. She was all over the time-line and made sure that we stuck to it. She came into town Friday night and talked to the catering company while they set up as well as the events coordinator of the SRC. Stephanie made sure that all the candles, vases/apothecary jars, escort cards, and table numbers were in their proper places. The events planner at the SRC also said that Stephanie was amazing to work with and on top of everything.
  • She went above and beyond what I expected a DOC to do by taking care of the program snafu. My parents and Hub's parents still talk about how big of a life saver Stephanie was at our wedding!
  • She was great at returning calls/emails and keeping the lines of communication open.
If you are a Midwest bride I highly, highly recommend hiring Stephanie for your DOC needs or planning needs. She is faboosh, I promise!

Stephanie- Thank you soooooo much for all your hard work! My wedding day was perfect and I did not have one single stress that day thanks to you!!!!!

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

Up next: The Reception and Closing Details of Our Amazing Day!

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Adrienne said...

She is the best! You were so lucky to have her there, especially for the programs!! Whew!

Jamie said...

I had the same argument with my mom- of course Stephanie has already proved her wrong and we are at 6 months until the wedding still!

Meagan with an A said...

Steph will be helping us out too. My mom doesn't really get it, but likes the idea of sitting back and letting someone else run around.

Stephanie is the best!