Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Perfect Day: Getting Dressed and a Special Visitor

Story time.....I almost forgot to tell you all about this.....silly me!

After the limo dropped us off at the Westin from getting our hair done we made our way to the elevators so we could grab some lunch and start getting dressed. My bridesmaids did a quick perimeter check to make sure that the groom to be was no where in sight. They even interrogated a couple groomsmen who assured them that the groom was in the suite and was not coming down anytime soon.

So there stood all 8 bridesmaids, my mom, my MIL, my niece (the flower girl), the photographer and videographer, a couple groomsmen and me- all waiting on the elevator. As the elevator was coming one of my bridesmaids turned and said, "Watch.....just our luck, Rich will be on that elevator." The groomsmen continued to assure us that he was still up in the room.

As the doors of the elevator opened there stood my handsome soon-to-be husband. Panic amongst the group erupted! I ducked behind my girls while another bridesmaid shoved a basket in front of hub's face to obscure his view (pretty sure he got whacked in the face with the basket....sorry baby). People were screaming at the party on the elevator to shut the door while the group of bridemaids that I was hiding behind shuffled their way towards another elevator that had just opened up. Pretty sure the videographer captured all of least I hope so! I will definitely be posting that video if that is the case! :-) Big sighs of relief were released on the elevator. Mission accomplished- the groom did not see the bride thanks to the quickness of my bridesmaids! Thanks ladies!

Once upstairs we quickly chowed down on good ol' Jimmy John's that I had delivered to the hotel for the entire bridal party. After eating it was time to get dressed.

Stephanie (be sure to check out Stephanie's new url), Trace and my mom helping me into my dress. Boy was it a major task! I felt like an olympic diver diving into that dress......more like an awkward drowning person attempting to make their way to the surface for air. hehe

Stephanie, Jessica, Debbie and Trace

Once I was dressed I was informed that a visitor was on their way up to see me. I anxiously awaited their arrival.
My daddy (yes, I still refer to him as daddy.....don't judge wanted to see me in my wedding dress prior to the ceremony because he was so afraid that he would lose it if he waited until it was time to walk me down the aisle. I had only seen my daddy cry two other times in my life up until that day. I can now officially say that I have seen him cry three times in my life. Of course as soon as I saw his eyes tear up I lost it! Thanks daddy!
And if you thought I lost it when I saw my dad tear mom was a water works factory when she saw the two of us tearing up. Poor mom!

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

  1. Eat prior to getting dressed. I know things are crazy but make sure you allow some extra time to get something into your stomach because you probably will not eat much at all until you are back your hotel room after the wedding and reception are over. Don't assume that you will be able to eat your dinner at the reception because a lot of times it doesn't happen so eating prior to pictures and the ceremony is crucial.
  2. Make time for those special moments. I am so glad that I built in lots of cushion time because it allowed for me to have those special moments with my family and friends.
  3. Getting into your dress does NOT take long at all. If it wasn't for the photographer trying to capture the moment I would have been in that dress a lot faster. Note: I did not have a bodice that needed to be laced allow extra time if your dress has a laced up bodice.
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Rachel H. said...

So funny that your groom was on the elevator as you were standing there! :) Glad that you made it without seeing him though! :)

Newport Nuptials said...

I love the photo of you in front of thwe window, so gorgeous!

My Dream Ring said...

Beautiful photos! The elevator story was too funny!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Loving the recaps :) The elevator story is too cute! Glad he didn't see you :)

Christine said...

The elevator story is cool ;-)
Great photos!