Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Perfect Day: The Dress and Accessories

I found my wedding dress at Brides By Demetrios back in October 2008 (you can read about it here and here). It has been VERY VERY VERY hard to keep my dress a secret but I had to since friends, family and Hubs reads this little ol' blog. But since the wedding has come and gone I can now share with the blogging world my wedding dress!

So, I give dress:
My dress was a complete princess/ball gown dress and I felt like a princess wearing it! I LOVED it!!!!
Demetrios Princess Collection Style #9650 (the picture on their website doesn't even show you what the dress really looks like)

And now on to my accessories:
Clockwise starting with the top left:
1. Handkerchief- my mom and dad bought me a handkerchief on their latest trip to Europe which I wrapped around the stem of my bouquet. She also let me borrow a handkerchief that was given to my her as a wedding gift while on their honeymoon in Europe by a Swiss business man that my dad did business with. He told her: "
Into each marriage comes tears of joy and tears of sadness but may the tears of joy out number the tears of sadness.
2. Two garters from
The Garter Maker by Monde Design (one with a bulldog charm)
3. Custom hangers made by
Erin Borges (on Etsy)
Clutch from J. Crew

My mom sewed my dress tag into my dress the day before the wedding. LOVED my dress tag (also my something blue)!
Dress tag by Monde Design

I loved my shoes!!!! Too bad they weren't very comfortable. I also had a pair of heels that matched the bridesmaids shoes.....not so comfy either! I was dying to break out the flip flops! Steve Madden

We had our rings custom made by Hofmeister Personal Jewelers. The rings were perfect! If you have been a follower of my blog than you know that we had encountered some drama with Hubs ring (if not you can read about it here). We literally ran to pick up his ring on the north side of town, went home to load our vehicles and then headed downtown to get everything dropped off before rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. Talk about cutting it close!

  1. If you are having your dress steamed and pressed try to have it done as close to the wedding as possible so that it will be fresh and wrinkle free for the wedding. Once it has been steamed and pressed make sure you hang it up somewhere where you can open the bag and let the train hang out (if you have a train) to avoid wrinkles. BUT make sure this is a safe place where a.) no animals can get to it and b.) where your future hubs can't sneak a peak. I picked up my dress the Thursday before our wedding and immediately took the dress to my mom's house (hubs would have seen it at our house and we have two of which I don't trust as far as I can throw him which isn't far considering he weighs 59 lbs)
Up next: Getting Dressed and Ready to Go!


Rise and Shine!
Post Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner


Nicole-Lynn said...

So pretty! Love the dress and the accessories!

Rachel H. said...

Gorgeous dress! It is so hard to keep it a secret! I ran into the same problem. But he guessed what my dress would look like almost to the T, so even though he never saw it, he wasn't shocked.

Heather said...

Beautiful shoes. Such great photos.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress!!!

Abbie said...

Love all the individual pics of the accessories! I requested pics like that, but I didn't end up with any. Bummer.

My Dream Ring said...

Gorgeous!!! LOVE your clutch, hanger and well EVERYTHING!

Jenny.Lee said...

I looooove your shoes!

Nicole said...

i totally agree with the dress..and steaming it...great pics!