Monday, September 28, 2009

What will those crazy girls do next?!?

After a wonderful rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaids and I headed back to the hotel. Did we go straight up to our suite and go to sleep like a good little bridal party?!? Answer: Nope (seriously, did you expect anything different from me?

Instead we ventured here:
The No Name Lounge at the Westin

Look at those lovely ladies!

Debbie (BM), Justine, and Jessica (BM)

Now I know that EVERY bride out there highly recommends lots of sleep the night before the wedding and I was also a HUGE advocate of this and had planned all along that I was going to go to bed early......key word- was. We may have stayed out kind of late having drinks and lots of fun but it was well worth it! We weren't the only crazy kids out late, also out was hubs family and my family.

At some point common sense finally hit me and I made the executive decision that we needed to go back up to the suite to get some much needed sleep (or maybe the fact that it was last call influenced that's all about the same).

Once back in the suite we decided that it was time for us to continue our photojournalistic documentation of the night:
Bridesmaids Jessica, Debbie and Paloma

"I'm getting married! I'm getting married! I'm getting married!" Pretty sure this is what I was saying when we got back to the room.
Me and Kat

Jessica and the bonsai clue (I know Jess, you love me! hehe)

My cousin Kathy and Kat

All eight of us climbed into our beds to get some sleep. This little bride hoped for sound sleep and sweet dreams about marrying her dream man the next day.

Definitely did not happen- my mind was RACING all night long. Thanks to excitement and anticipation I was up every hour on the hour just praying that morning would come. It sounds terrible to say but I am almost glad that we stayed out later that night because otherwise I would have been in pre-wedding day hell. I would have had a lot more hours of tossing and turning and staring at the clock.

  1. Take Tylenol PM - when you were little did you wake up several times through out the night on Christmas Eve just begging for morning to hurry up and come so you could run downstairs to see what Santa left you under the Christmas tree?!? If you answered yes to this question then I highly recommend that you pop some Tylenol PM because the night before your wedding is even worse! I was definitely one of those kids! Unfortunately Tylenol PM doesn't always work for me and it was far too late for me to take some so I just had to deal.....not fun!
  2. HYDRATE - if you consume any alcohol the night before be sure to hydrate (definitely thankful I followed this little rule). Heck, even if you don't consume alcohol be sure to hydrate!
  3. Have your bridesmaids, MOH, or mother stay with you the night before - they will definitely help keep you cool and calm. Plus it is a great opportunity to spend time with those who you consider nearest and dearest to you! It was the greatest feeling waking up the morning of my wedding with my best friends surrounding me!
  4. Eat at your rehearsal dinner - this may sound crazy to some but trust me! The day of your wedding is so crazy and you are constantly on the go. It is very easy to forget to eat or not have time to eat. Eating the night before will ensure that you have energy the next day. And of course always make sure you eat breakfast the morning of your wedding!
Up next: The morning of our perfect day!


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like such a fun night and I totally agree with your recommendations! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun! we had a late night for the rehearsal dinner, and we had a little wedding-party-drama the night before {a groomsmen got in a minor wreck - and his wife was a bridesmaid} so we were all exhausted and i slept like a baby. but i had all my maids and my mom with me and that was DEFINITELY the best part!

Jenny.Lee said...

Very good tips! Looks like you had a great evening with your girls!

jessica lynn said...

i will never forgive you for posting the picture of me and the tree. ha. what else was I supposed to do with that thing other than channel my inner simba. :)

My Dream Ring said...

Super great advice. I am not a good sleeper to start with so I may have to do the Tylenol Om thing and I'm Hypoglycemic so all my family knows to make me eat ot they will have a fainting bride....ugh that would not be good.

Nicole said...

oh! looks like a blast!!! im so glad you ladies had an amazing night!! my night was very chill! i was soo anxious for my big day!

Jenn said...

You girls had so much fun! :) can't wait for the rest.

bekapaige said...

Looks like a very fun night!

Abbie said...

You are so ON your recap posts!! Looks like a blast.