Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cooking More and Eating Healthier: Part 523,345

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have jumped on the "I'm going to try to cook more/eat healthier" bandwagon just to fall right off and face plant.  Probably more times than I would like to admit to. My biggest issues excuses:
  • When I get home from work, unless there is a meal planned with all the ingredients ready to go, I tend to come with excuses not to cook.  
  • Even when there is a meal planned, Hubs or I will decide that it no longer sounds that great.
  • I always tell myself that I will wake up a little earlier in the morning to pack my lunch.  After hitting the snooze button 5 times and running around like a batshit crazy woman to get out the door for work, my lunch becomes nonexistent.  
  • When I do buy fruit and vegetables for lunch and dinner it sometimes goes to waste because I forget that it is there.  Or when I do remember that it is in the fridge I don't feel like/don't have time to cut it up.
As we can see, the root of my problem is:
  1. Lack of preparation
  2. Laziness
So, I finally put my foot down and said that I am going to change my ways!  Hubs and I created a few excel spreadsheets to help us.  Spreadsheet #1 - we wrote down every meal we have made in the past (let me tell you, that is a pretty short list). Eventually we will go back through and categorize every meal so that we can sort the list by different criteria.  We are AWESOME HUGE NERDS!  Spreadsheet #2 - we then picked out four meals that sounded good for the week ahead.  Only four you ask? Baby steps people! Baby steps! Plus, we always go out to dinner with my parents one night a week.  Under each meal I wrote down the ingredients I would need for said meals. Spreadsheet #3 - my grocery list. 

While grocery shopping I also picked up an assortment of fresh fruit.  As soon as I got home I started cutting, cleaning and dividing all the fruit into individual containers that we could just grab a container out of the fridge for our lunch.

 Doesn't this look yummy!?  Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.
 All my containers prior to putting them in the fridge.

So, how did Day 1 of cooking more and eating healthier go?!? GREAT!
For dinner last night I made lemon pepper chicken, rice, and Irish potatoes. I put the leftovers in a container for lunch today.  This morning I grabbed the leftovers and a container of fruit to take to work with me for lunch.  I EVEN did all the prep work for tonight's dinner last night (Shish kabobs, corn on the cob, wild rice, and Gorgonzola bread.....mmmmmm)! Who is this girl?!?  

Hopefully this trend continues......fingers crossed! :-)

Have a fabulous Tuesday! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Time for Some Summer Shopping

Happy Monday! Normally I wouldn't be saying this but since I work two days, have Wednesday off, then work another two days it is like having two Thursdays! :-) Oh, and I have a Starbucks Hazelnut Latte sitting right next to me.....that always seems to make Mondays a little better!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend was pretty busy and had some unexpected surprises along the way (all good, don't worry).  Sunday was a lot quieter so I spent the first few hours of my morning drinking my hot tea and doing a little online shopping and wishing.  I have a slight serious addiction to maxi dresses and found plenty that I think that I need (okay, want would probably be more appropriate)......

All dresses above are from Windsor

Now, if only all of these dresses would just magically appear in my closet, I would be one happy girl! :-)

Now the kicker - The only problem that I seem to have with maxi dresses is finding one long enough.  I am 5'7" and prefer that the maxi dress sweep the ground a touch (in flat sandals, of course).  I know 5'7" is not abnormally tall but when trying on these dresses I sometimes I feel the fashion industry thinks it is.  Anyone else have this problem?  If so, are there certain brands that you have had luck with?

Have a great day!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puppy Love Photo Party

Today I am linking up with Reinventing the Ordinary's Puppy Photo Party & Cats.  I never need to be asked twice to post a picture or two of my squishy face bulldogs! :-)  Despite how mischievous the two can be they always seem to melt my heart.


Buerly and Rooney cuddling in the sun 
(Buerly is the brown English Bulldog and Rooney is the white and black brindle English Bulldog).

Bribing with food is one of the few ways we are able to get them to sit still for a picture together


Buerly and his big brown eyes......melt

Playing in the yard with his ball, of course

Rooney aka The Cuddler

He's smiling! :-)

Well, I think that I have overloaded you with enough pictures of my two furbabies for one post.  If you have a furbaby, make sure you link up to Reinventing the Ordinary to enter a chance to win a cool canvas print of your furbaby's beautiful face!! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Improvements

I am back and hopefully for the long haul this time! 2012 has been a rather hectic year so far.....some good.....some bad.  But I am hoping that once we hit the month of July things will quiet down a bit.

I spent the first half of June on the couch watching TV.....gotta love medical problems.  After catching up on all most of my guilty pleasures (ie- Real Housewives of any county, Ice Loves Coco, It's a Brad Brad World, and all things Family Channel) I began scouring the TV schedule looking for something else to watch.  My mom stopped by, took one look at the TV and yelled at me for all the "trashy" shows that I was watching and suggested that I watch a good show, like anything on DIY network or HGTV.  After an unsuccessful attempt at convincing my mom that Real Housewives of New Jersey was not a trashy show {who am I kidding}, I obliged and turned on HGTV.  Some show called Property Brothers was on.  After two episodes I was hooked.  Soon after Hubs came home and started watching the Property Brothers marathon with me.  Now he is hooked.

Long story short, Hubs and I are now addicted to several shows on HGTV and DIY Network. 

The only problem.........we now have TONS of different ideas on ways to improve our home.  Sadly, I don't think any of these TV personalities are going to stop by my house and do these renovations for free {oh how I wish}.  DARN YOU MOM FOR GETTING US HOOKED ON SHOWS THAT WILL ULTIMATELY COST US MONEY!!!

Of course we came up with five million different projects that we want to do so Hubs suggested that we sit down, create our project list and then rank the projects by priority.  He's a smart one!  After completing our "Wish List of DIY Projects" we came up with the top 3 projects that we would like to begin working on now. 
  1. Redo our Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet
  2. New counter tops, stove and back splash for the kitchen
  3. Redesign our outdoor patio/deck
As much as I would LOVE to tackle all three projects right now, money is not growing on the massive trees that we have in our backyard.  So, we decided that the first two projects would be the most affordable.  The kitchen will require hiring someone for the counter tops and we are still tossing around the idea of doing the back splash ourselves.  We will do the master closet redo ourselves (with the help of Hubs' very handy/knowledgeable father).  And based on what we really, really want for our outdoor patio/deck project we will be hiring someone to complete that project (think outdoor kitchen and gas fireplace).  Needless to say, the outdoor project has been put on hold until we can save up the money needed for what we envision.

With all of that said, our master closet redo will begin today.  And for once, I remembered to take some before pictures! :-)  Wish me luck!!!

Anyone else have some home improvement projects going on this summer?

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


This morning Hubs and I were awaken from our warm, comfy bed to Buerly vomiting.  Great way to start the day, right?! The morning got better......

My check engine light had popped on last night on our way home from dinner.  Hubs suggested that we start the Tahoe a couple times and wait until the morning to see if the light was still on.  I got into my SUV this morning, turned the key and the light was still on. {FAIL}  So I called my mom to see if she could meet me at Goodyear.

As I was finishing getting ready this morning I heard a weird sound in our bathroom.  I figured that Rooney was getting into something, as usual, and yelled at him to knock it off.  The sound did not stop so I yelled at Rooney again.  That is when I realized that Rooney was sitting behind me, quietly giving me that, "What the hell, mom?!?" look.  I ran into the bedroom to see if it was Buerly making the noise but he was just sitting there giving me the, "Mom has officially lost it" look.  So, I started investigating.  It turns out that the noise was coming from our closet.  As I listened my heart sank into my stomach.  It sounded like water dripping in the attic above our closet.  I ran from room to room to see if there were any wet spots on the ceilings......I saw nothing. 

My mind was racing.  What do I do?!? I just kept staring at the entrance to the attic in our closet like it was one of those creepy, scary, distant attic entrances you see in the horror movies......

Do I grab a ladder and see what is going on up there?!? I instantly had a visual pop into my mind that made me decide that I sure as hell did not want to peak my head into that scary attic.

I have seen this commercial one too many times.  While I used to think it was hysterical, the thought of actually finding something up in the attic left me terrified.  So, I did what any sensible, terrified wife would do.....I called my husband. 

As we speak, my husband is on his way home to go investigate the attic since this wife is too big of a chick shit to do it herself.  Thanks Hubs! :-)

Saying prayers that the dripping sound was just a figment of my imagination.  Oh and hoping that Goodyear calls and says that it was just a minor issue with the check engine light. 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

73 Days and Counting

In 73 days this happy girl will be flying down to here......

To board this......

And celebrate.....

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this vacation!!! {happy dance as I think about it}  My parents go on a New Years cruise Every.Single.Year.  When I was in high school and college they would always take me and a friend with them on these cruises {spoiled, I know}.  Once I married Hubs the free vacations and cruises suddenly ended.  Okay, they didn't totally end and I guess I shouldn't dump all the blame on Hubs.....the free vacays and cruises started dwindling when I entered the "real" world {cue evil sounding music}.  Another reason to never grow up! That damn giraffe from Toys R' Us was really on to something! I should have listened to him about these growing up shenanigans.  

Only......there is a slight problem!  As I sit here, stuffing my face with junk food, I realized.......holy 73 short days until I have to squeeze into a swimsuit batman! There is NO WAY I want to attempt to put on a swimsuit in the privacy of my own home, let alone in front of thousands of strangers right now. So, I guess I had better get my butt in shape {literally} and start running or doing something of some sort of physical nature.  So that leads me to ask- what is your favorite way of getting back into shape?  The weather has been rainy and cold so I am afraid that I won't be able to run outdoors as much as I would like.  So I need to find another way to get into decent physical form before it is bon voyage for this girl!  Thanks for the help in advance! :-)

Have a wonderful afternoon! :-)
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Friday, October 14, 2011

What I Love.......

I know that What I Love is usually reserved for Wednesday but I am just going to break all the rules and do it on Friday.  Also, it makes sense to do WIL today because I love Friday! :-)

I love all the fall colors and decorations (oh how I wish my front porch looked like this.....GORGEOUS)
I especially love that fall brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte (my hips and ass don't love it as much.....)
Even though summer has ended, I still love my Sperry Boat shoes and will wear them until it is too cold out
Since the weather is starting to turn colder I cannot wait to break out these babies (birthday present a la mom)
Of course, I love these two squishy faces.  It doesn't matter how bad my day is, these two always make me laugh so hard. And with colder weather comes more snuggling.  Rooney sits in his bed in front of the fireplace and growls until someone turns it on.  Once the fireplace is going he is sleeping and happy as can be with his tongue sticking out.
I am loving anything and everything deco poly mesh.  How did it take me so long to jump on the deco mesh wreath bandwagon?! Better late then never, I guess. I made two wreaths last night and already have a shopping list together for a few more.  Of course, my wreath looks no where near as pretty as the one below.....maybe someday with some practice!
If you haven't noticed, I am stuck on a fall them when it comes to the things I love today.  It would be tragic if I forgot to mention apple cider slushies.  Mmmmmm......so yummy!!!!
I love that I finally got rid of EVERY.SINGLE.BUSH that the builder planted!!! The plants/bushes they plant are AWFUL.  Talk about a pain in the butt!  I have already planted a burning bush and a red prince weigela and plan to really go to town next spring.
This is what they look like in the fall.  During the spring and summer their leaves are green.

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)
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