Thursday, October 20, 2011


This morning Hubs and I were awaken from our warm, comfy bed to Buerly vomiting.  Great way to start the day, right?! The morning got better......

My check engine light had popped on last night on our way home from dinner.  Hubs suggested that we start the Tahoe a couple times and wait until the morning to see if the light was still on.  I got into my SUV this morning, turned the key and the light was still on. {FAIL}  So I called my mom to see if she could meet me at Goodyear.

As I was finishing getting ready this morning I heard a weird sound in our bathroom.  I figured that Rooney was getting into something, as usual, and yelled at him to knock it off.  The sound did not stop so I yelled at Rooney again.  That is when I realized that Rooney was sitting behind me, quietly giving me that, "What the hell, mom?!?" look.  I ran into the bedroom to see if it was Buerly making the noise but he was just sitting there giving me the, "Mom has officially lost it" look.  So, I started investigating.  It turns out that the noise was coming from our closet.  As I listened my heart sank into my stomach.  It sounded like water dripping in the attic above our closet.  I ran from room to room to see if there were any wet spots on the ceilings......I saw nothing. 

My mind was racing.  What do I do?!? I just kept staring at the entrance to the attic in our closet like it was one of those creepy, scary, distant attic entrances you see in the horror movies......

Do I grab a ladder and see what is going on up there?!? I instantly had a visual pop into my mind that made me decide that I sure as hell did not want to peak my head into that scary attic.

I have seen this commercial one too many times.  While I used to think it was hysterical, the thought of actually finding something up in the attic left me terrified.  So, I did what any sensible, terrified wife would do.....I called my husband. 

As we speak, my husband is on his way home to go investigate the attic since this wife is too big of a chick shit to do it herself.  Thanks Hubs! :-)

Saying prayers that the dripping sound was just a figment of my imagination.  Oh and hoping that Goodyear calls and says that it was just a minor issue with the check engine light. 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

73 Days and Counting

In 73 days this happy girl will be flying down to here......

To board this......

And celebrate.....

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this vacation!!! {happy dance as I think about it}  My parents go on a New Years cruise Every.Single.Year.  When I was in high school and college they would always take me and a friend with them on these cruises {spoiled, I know}.  Once I married Hubs the free vacations and cruises suddenly ended.  Okay, they didn't totally end and I guess I shouldn't dump all the blame on Hubs.....the free vacays and cruises started dwindling when I entered the "real" world {cue evil sounding music}.  Another reason to never grow up! That damn giraffe from Toys R' Us was really on to something! I should have listened to him about these growing up shenanigans.  

Only......there is a slight problem!  As I sit here, stuffing my face with junk food, I realized.......holy 73 short days until I have to squeeze into a swimsuit batman! There is NO WAY I want to attempt to put on a swimsuit in the privacy of my own home, let alone in front of thousands of strangers right now. So, I guess I had better get my butt in shape {literally} and start running or doing something of some sort of physical nature.  So that leads me to ask- what is your favorite way of getting back into shape?  The weather has been rainy and cold so I am afraid that I won't be able to run outdoors as much as I would like.  So I need to find another way to get into decent physical form before it is bon voyage for this girl!  Thanks for the help in advance! :-)

Have a wonderful afternoon! :-)
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Friday, October 14, 2011

What I Love.......

I know that What I Love is usually reserved for Wednesday but I am just going to break all the rules and do it on Friday.  Also, it makes sense to do WIL today because I love Friday! :-)

I love all the fall colors and decorations (oh how I wish my front porch looked like this.....GORGEOUS)
I especially love that fall brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte (my hips and ass don't love it as much.....)
Even though summer has ended, I still love my Sperry Boat shoes and will wear them until it is too cold out
Since the weather is starting to turn colder I cannot wait to break out these babies (birthday present a la mom)
Of course, I love these two squishy faces.  It doesn't matter how bad my day is, these two always make me laugh so hard. And with colder weather comes more snuggling.  Rooney sits in his bed in front of the fireplace and growls until someone turns it on.  Once the fireplace is going he is sleeping and happy as can be with his tongue sticking out.
I am loving anything and everything deco poly mesh.  How did it take me so long to jump on the deco mesh wreath bandwagon?! Better late then never, I guess. I made two wreaths last night and already have a shopping list together for a few more.  Of course, my wreath looks no where near as pretty as the one below.....maybe someday with some practice!
If you haven't noticed, I am stuck on a fall them when it comes to the things I love today.  It would be tragic if I forgot to mention apple cider slushies. yummy!!!!
I love that I finally got rid of EVERY.SINGLE.BUSH that the builder planted!!! The plants/bushes they plant are AWFUL.  Talk about a pain in the butt!  I have already planted a burning bush and a red prince weigela and plan to really go to town next spring.
This is what they look like in the fall.  During the spring and summer their leaves are green.

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Hunt for Women's Sporting Apparel.......

..........specifically, Manchester United apparel.  I bring this up because as we speak I will be sitting at a soccer pub with my United scarf, drinking a pint of beer and cheering on my team! Gotta love scheduled posts. :-)

Back to my team apparel problem.....let me just show you the AWESOME selection women have to choose from on their website {eyes rolling}.  I don't mean to sound snotty, stuck-up or mean but what woman wants to wear this....
or this.....
or especially these.....
And, I suppose, if I want my boobs to be hanging out all over the place I could wear one of these.....

All pictures compliments of Manchester United Megastore.

After seeing the selection slim pickings offered to women I was about to completely give up all faith (as well as send some hate mail to the United Club telling them that their women's clothing is a joke).  Of course, I could always browse through the kids clothing section for XL's but their darn clothing is always too short through the torso and never fits right. 

Well, Hubs came to the rescue with a BRILLIANT idea.......create my own United apparel. Pure genius!!!  For example:

1. Purchase this sweet track jacket from Nike (I can get this in black or white)

2. Hop on over to Ebay and pick out a few of these:


3. Call up my mother, the sewing queen guru......beg and plead for her to help.....

And VOILA!!! I will have my very own, stylish Manchester United track jacket. Hubs also suggested that I buy a few patches so that I can create a cute polo.  And because Hubs is just full of fabulous ideas he suggested I design some t-shirts and have them made at the Teeki Hut T-Shirt store.  Isn't he the smartest?!  I am so excited about the idea of making my own track jacket and creating a few t-shirts to wear when I support my team.

**- While somewhat cute, I cannot stand team apparel that is in colors other than the teams colors.  Manchester United is red, white, black and gold.....NOT pink and black.  Just because I am a woman doesn't mean that I want to look like I threw up a bottle of pepto bismal all over my shirt.

Happy Saturday and GOOOOO UNITED!!!! :-)
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Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Months.......

Holy 7 months batman! I cannot believe that it was SEVEN months ago that I last updated this poor neglected blog.  Is anyone still out there reading?!?

Of course, I can give you the typical excuses.....I have been WAY TOO busy at work......I have writers block......I lead a boring life......etc, etc, etc.   Honestly, I would have to say my absence has been from all of the above so I guess they aren't complete excuses.

So what exactly have I been doing over the past seven months that tore me away from this little ol' blog of mine?!

I went to Houston to watch my Bulldogs play in the Final Four.  I was sad about the outcome but extremely grateful to watch my school play for the chance at a Final Four championship two years in a row.  Not many can say that!
The Butler pre-game party at the Hard Rock in Houston
Catching up with great friends while in Houston.  My friend (former Butler player and my former housemate) and his girlfriend traveled all the way from Slovakia to cheer on the Bulldogs.  That is dedication!

I stained the deck.  Yes ladies, you heard me correctly!  One random, hot day I decided that our deck looked like crap and needed to be stained.  It looks great but I told Hubs that in 2-3 years when our deck needs to be re-stained we will either A.) rip out the deck and have a composite deck with a lifetime stain/color guarantee installed or B.) hire someone to stain the darn thing!  Pictures to come.....

Speaking of home projects, I finally mustered up enough courage to rip out all those AWFUL, cheap bushes that home-builders just love to litter the front of your house with.  There are still three bushes that the builder planted that I kept but after staring at them all summer long I have decided that those have to go in the spring (who knows, I may get overly ambitious and ripe them out this fall).

Hubs and I and Hubs' parents went to Orlando in June.  It was a wonderful getaway and of course we spent a lot of time at Disney......mostly Epcot.  Love that place!
At the Rose and Crown in Epcot.  Favorite place!

My Hubs has turned me into a soccer hooligan! I went to watch Manchester United vs the Chicago Fire in July of this year.  Hubs is a United FREAK!!! So, I surprised him with front row tickets as his anniversary gift.  Wife of the Century!  I think I actually saw a tear run down his cheek when we sat down in our seats.  Needless to say, after seeing these players he has watched on TV for so long up close.....he is now utterly obsessed!
 Tailgating with friends prior to the game at Soldier Field.  I have TONS of pictures from the actual game but have yet to load them.....oops!
 The leader board at our favorite place to watch soccer on Saturdays/Sundays - Chatham Tap.  Notice who tops that leader board.  ;-)
 Even Buerly is turning into a soccer hooligan and showing his support for soccer, especially the USA National Team.

And of course, I couldn't post a picture of Buerly without including a picture of Rooney.  
Who's the cutest little round bumblebee?!?  I was cleaning out our basement and stumbled across the bee costume.  I am sure he is thinking, "I really don't like you one bit, Mom!"

Well, in a nutshell, that is some of the things that have kept me busy.  I promise, I will not disappear for another 7 months!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Training for the Big Event!!!!

My Butler Bulldogs are making a Sweet Sixteen appearance again which has this blogger VERY happy and excited!!!!

Butler will face-off against the Wisconsin Badgers on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 9:57 ET.  Buerly and Rooney (friends and fans of Butler Blue II, our mascot) are geared up and ready to cheer on the Bulldogs.  But Buerly decided that he needed to get in some extra training to be ready for Thursday nights big showdown.

(Pardon the is dark in our basement and I took the video on my phone)

So much for my work out on the treadmill! lol

Have a fabulous Tuesday!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Lunch of Champions

Would you all like to know how you can take a semi-unhealthy lunch and turn it into a completely unhealthy lunch?!

Step 1:
Take a Stouffer's Tuna Noodle Casserole and microwave for 6 minutes 
(450 calories, 180 calories from fat, 20 g of fat, 990 mg of sodium......etc)

Can you all taste the healthiness oozing from this meal?! Oh just you wait because it is only going to get "healthier"!!

Step 2:
Crush up a handful of Ruffles Potato Chips and sprinkle on top
(12 chips = 160 calories, 90 calories from fat, 10 g fat, 160 mg of sodium.....etc)

Are your arteries clogging up just reading this because I feel like mine are....

Step 3 (oh yes, there is most definitely a third step):
Sprinkle Sargento Cheddar Jack Cheese (Reduced Fat, just to be on the healthy side since we are obviously counting calories) on top of casserole concoction and nuke for 15 seconds.

And Bon Appetit! You officially have an unhealthy meal that has been made even unhealthier but tastes oh so good!  I am sure that I will be thinking how great this lunch was when I try on the new bikini that I purchased over the weekend. 

Note: I RARELY make this because of the crazy amount of calories, fat and sodium but every once and a while a girl has to splurge! 

Have a fabulous Monday!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wanted: A Pair of Reasonably Priced Boots

Okay blogger-land friends, I need your help!  We all know that I have a slight serious shoe addiction, an addiction that I LOVE to feed often. 

Hunter Boots from Nodstrom
Meet my fabulous birthday present from back in September.  I absolutely LOVED these Hunter boots, that is, until I tried them on.  Between the stiff rubber and the placement of the seams in the sock inserts they killed my heels.  It would have been blister central people.

So, finally, I decided to give up on these lovely boots and return them.  {sigh}

Of course, I already had a back-up shoe in mind......
.......riding boots.  Well, until I saw the price tag of these beauties {$318.00.....ummmm, no thank you).  I think if I spent $318 on these Hubs might divorce me or commit me to a mental hospital for my addiction.  So, I started browsing around trying to find a similar pair that I like that has a much more reasonable price tag but unfortunately I always come back to these.

So, my friends, do any of you have any suggestions for a pretty pair of boots that are a.) reasonably priced, b.) comfy, and c.) fabulous?!  Help a girl out!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

The day of love.......

........shouldn't everyday be a day of love?!

Honestly, I find it hard to get into Valentine's Day.  It just seems like another day of the week to me.  Hubs isn't sure whether he should believe me when I say this or if I am just testing him.  I promise, I truly do mean it when I say that Valentine's Day isn't that big of a deal to me.

So, instead of going out to some packed restaurant we will be getting take-out from Johnny Carinos and eating dinner at home with our two bullies! Now, that sounds like the perfect evening!!! I can throw on a pair of sweatpants, I don't have to cook or clean up after cooking, we don't have to leave the house feeling guilty because Buerly and Rooney gave us the "Woe as me" look, and we don't have to deal with trying to get a last minute reservation.

Hubs and I did exchange Valentine's Day gifts yesterday (hypocrite, I know).  But we kind of cheated and just used the holiday as an excuse to go shopping to buy what we needed wanted.  So technically it really wasn't even a Valentine's gift.  Haha!

Hubs had promised to get me a fun/fashionable watch for Christmas but wanted me to pick it out. Thanks to several gift cards and Valentine's Day {cough, cough} I ended up getting two watches! :-)

Oh how I LOVE these two watches!!! I have a really nice watch from my parents that I wear everyday but have never had a fun/fashionable watch before.......until now!!

And for Hubs.......well, he needed a new pair of dress shoes so we ordered the shoes that he wanted from Cole Haan and hopefully they will arrive soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!! :-)
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post Surgery

Last Thursday my little Rooney had his eye surgery.  

Rooney attempted to sleep in and take it easy the morning of his surgery.  Poor little guy had no idea what was about to happen!
This would be his last picture sans the cone of shame.

Hubs and I took Rooney to the specialty hospital early that morning.  Buerly was not happy that we were taking his brother on a car ride without him.  The minute we walked into the hospital Rooney was ready to leave.  My poor little guy just sat there shaking like a leaf and crying.  Every once and a while he would attempt to make a mad dash towards the door.  Eventually the nurse came out to take our little guy back.

After we left Hubs and I grabbed breakfast and then headed home to wait for the phone call letting us know that he was out of surgery.  

Around 2pm we finally received the call from the ophthalmologist letting us know that he was out of surgery and had done great!  She told us that he was a good boy, that his eyes turned out great and that we could pick him up between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

Of course, I was ready to hit the road to get my little one.  Once we arrived, I sat in the waiting room with Hubs anxiously waiting to see Rooney.  I was so nervous to see what he would look like.  When he finally walked into the room I about burst into tears.  My poor little puppy looked so unbelievably sad and pathetic!!! I instantly felt horrible!  We were told that his stitches would look like little, dark eye lashes.  Wrong!!!! He had these thick, black stitches under both of his eyes {the first look made me want to throw up a little} and this HUGE cone around his neck.  

Hubs loaded Rooney into the SUV and I climbed into the back seat to hold him on the drive home.  The minute we walked into the house Buerly came running to check his brother out.  Poor Rooney spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the house and crying.  We tried to get him to lay down and take a nap until the effects of the morphine wore off but we had no luck at all.  
Rooney and the "cone of shame"! This was taken right after he got home from the animal hospital.

Rooney had his own little pharmacy going on our kitchen counter.  Every 8 hours we had to give him an antibiotic, every 8-12 hours we gave him pain medication, once a day we gave him a steroid and four times a day we had to put eye drops in both of his eyes.  The eye drops were/are no easy feat!  He fights us every time we try to give him the eye drops.  
Rooney FINALLY laying down.

I remember Hubs looking down at Rooney and telling him, "I am so sorry buddy" over and over while he rubbed his neck.  We both felt pretty awful for the little guy but knew that in the end he would be better off.

Each day Rooney becomes more and more like his normal self.  The only difference is he has this ginormous cone around his neck.  Amazingly it seems like he has adapted to it.  Granted, he is a pretty go with the flow kind of pup!  
As much as Buerly acts like he dislikes his brother this picture proves otherwise.

Rooney is still awkward with his cone.  He is constantly clipping/catching the cone on walls and furniture. Going up the stairs is hilarious because he catches the bottom of the cone and falls up the stairs.  When he jumps off our bed he has to be careful not to catch the bottom of the cone otherwise he goes head over heels.  
Now that Rooney is pretty much back to normal we have to watch our shins.  Rooney has figured out that he can use his cone like a battering ram.  I cannot tell you how many times he has ran into our legs with that darn cone and it hurts!  His brother, Buerly, has it even worse.  Rooney will take toys away from Buerly and when Buerly attempts to take them back Rooney puts the cone down over the toy on the floor so that Buerly can't get it.  He also uses his cone to herd Buerly around.  My sad, pathetic little boogie has turned back into his mischievous, rambunctious old self.  
Rooney goes back to the vet next Wednesday for a recheck.  Hopefully he will get to ditch the cone after that appointment as long as everything looks good.  Once the cone is gone it will be time for us to repair the walls/furniture that he has scratched up with that stupid, plastic cone.  But we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This has been a difficult, expensive process but will be worth it in the end.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!
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