Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Boys

While Hubs and I were away on vacation my cousin, S, watched the house and the dogs.  S does photography as a hobby and took pictures of the boys while we were gone.  I was so happy with the pictures she was able to get because getting my two idiots to sit still isn't an easy task!

So without further adieu.....I give you......my wonderful, slobbery boys!
Buerly and his football.  He takes that darn thing EVERY WHERE with him! We have always said that Buerly has a little raccoon face. I think it is more evident in black and white photos.

Rooney (aka Stinkys) looks so sweet in this picture, even with his awesome under-bite!  As you can see, half of Rooney's face is white and the other half has a black patch.  He is like ying and yang.  When the white half is showing he is sweet and innocent.  When the black patch is showing he is evil and mischievous!  lol

Like I said, never lets that ball out of his sight! Buerly just wanted to make sure S took a good picture of his football! He loves the fall and football season!  Our other nickname for him is 'walrus face' because of his mouth/nose area.....oh and the crazy whiskers! My cute little walrus face!

Someone was obviously running around like a crazy lunatic! Surprise, surprise! Pretty sure Gene Simmons is jealous of that tongue!

Now he has a different ball.  Do we notice a trend in all of his pictures?!? He seems to only be happy when he has a ball. 
Probably did laps around the yard, through my flower beds, under the deck, over the deck and then attacked his brother.  That is his typical maniac run!

"It's a rough life being a model! I am showing my diversity in this picture.....my 'woe as me' look."

I am guessing that this picture was taken before he started running around the yard like a crazy.

I really commend S for being brave enough to attempt to take pictures with these two wild bulldogs.  I doubt it was an easy feat! S did say that she had a terrible time getting pictures of Rooney because he was running around and trying to attack the camera.  That's my dog! Such a proud momma! lol

S - thank you so much for getting pictures of Buerly and Rooney! You did such a great job capturing their personalities! I love them and can't thank you enough for taking such good care of them and spoiling them rotten! Love you!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Almost Peed My Pants Laughing

Hubs and I decided to grab dinner from Subway last night {Mmmmmmm.....love their meatball sub and Italian BMT}.  On our way home we saw a car heading the opposite direction come to a stop in the middle of the road.  The driver turned on her flashers and stepped out of her vehicle into the middle of the road. 

Me: What the heck is this woman doing?!?
Hubs: I dunno but she is stopping traffic both ways.....
{Cars start backing up both directions}

This woman had stopped traffic because there was a small breed dog {or as Hubs calls it- a purse dog} out by the side of the road.  She ran over to try to get the dog away from the road. 

The dog ATTACKED this woman!  Teeth baring, growling, hair raised, full-fledged attack mode!  She leaned down to try to a.) pick it up or b.) shoo it towards the house.  No matter, the dog lunged at this woman! She jumped so badly that she lost her high heel. Every time she leaned down to grab her shoe the dog would attack her hand.  I really did feel bad for this woman but at the same time it was pretty damn hysterical!  I was dying laughing because this damn dog was so close to getting run over and when some nice lady attempted to help.....the dog attacked her.  Talk about gratitude!  I bet that woman will think twice before trying to help a small dog out.  

Pretty sure this is exactly what the dog looked like! LOL

Have a great weekend! 

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Jumping Ship

Please say hello to the newest fan of.........

Yep! I am jumping ship and proud of it!* And it is all because of this boy-

My boy, Gordon Hayward, from Butler was drafted to the Utah Jazz in the 9th pick of the 2010 NBA draft.  I can totally pull off purples and light blues! 

And would you all like to hear something shocking?!? When asked what he was going to do with his signing bonus he paused and said, "I am going to put it away and save it."  Good answer Gordon, good answer!  I doubt you will hear many other draft picks conjure up that answer. 

Congrats Gordon Hayward! I hope that you have a long, successful career in the NBA! The Butler University family is definitely proud of you!!!!!!

* - Like it was hard to jump ship from the Pacers?!? Please! Those idiots shot themselves in the foot when they drafted a bunch of thugs who shot up the city, did drugs, and were constantly starting trouble.  Great job Larry Bird on drafting some stellar role models.  Pathetic!  It all went downhill after Reggie Miller retired {loved him}.  But in all seriousness, I truly hope they can turn the organization around.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just My Luck!

Major Fail:
Genius over here dropped her phone on the tile kitchen floor while on vacation {I may or may not have had a few beverages that night}.  Now I have this pesky crack across the middle of my screen.  Normally not a big deal unless your phone is a touch screen.

I have insurance on my phone but refuse to waste the $50 to get a new one.  My contract is up in August and I hate my Blackberry Storm with a passion would like to get something different.

So, any cell phone suggestions?  Unfortunately I do not have the option to get an iPhone since we are with Verizon.  :-(

Have a happy hump day!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

I don't know about everyone else out there in bloggerland but we have been getting insane amounts of rain lately.  If this keeps up I am going to need Noah's Arc!  The storms that have been rolling through have been very intense and just downright scary.  Last night was no different.  Around midnight I woke up to a torrential downpour and constant claps of thunder which left me lying in bed praying that God would keep us safe, that no trees would fall and that our sump pump would keep up with the rain.  As I laid in bed listening to the thunderstorm, worrying, I got to thinking- I used to LOVE thunderstorms as a child! What the heck changed?!

My answer: An understanding of mortality.  

As children we don't really have a firm understanding of life and death.  We do things without giving it a second thought, not even worrying once about the repercussions.  We think that we are invincible! Example: when I was little I would take the swings off of the swing set.  I would climb up to the top and hang from the bar and attempt to do a 'cherry bomb' off the top (cherry bomb is when you swing by your legs and do a back flip off the bar).  After the combination of falling a couple times and about giving my poor mother a heart attack I was enrolled in gymnastics to learn how to properly tumble and do flips.  I never once gave it a thought that I could get hurt.  I just viewed it as something fun to try. 

When I was little I loved to fly especially when there was lots of turbulence, go on roller coasters, go fast in cars, create ramps to roller blade off of, etc.  I LOVED storms, the louder and crazier they were the happier I was.  I would get my best sleep at night during a good storm.  I never once worried about the devastation that a storm could cause.

With age came a better understanding of life and death and a respect for how precious life truly is.  I no longer think that I am invincible.  In fact, sometimes I think the complete opposite.  Last nights storm had me worrying about, 'what if a tornado hit', 'what if a tree fell on our house', 'what if', 'what if', 'what if'.  On our drive home from Florida over the weekend we passed a terrible accident and immediately I was thinking, 'what if that had been us', 'what if we had left 15 minutes earlier'.  I tend to think 'what if' a lot.  

As all these thoughts raced through my mind I thought I was going to lose my mind.  As crazy as it sounds I think I worry because I feel like I have a lot to potentially lose.  In my eyes I have a wonderful life- a loving husband, an amazing family, two great dogs, health, a gorgeous house, a stable job, and eventually want to raise a family.  Hubs and I are truly blessed with all that we have but occasionally it leaves me worrying about what could be taken away.

After playing psychiatrist for about half an hour I finally realized that I was being ridiculous.  I cannot go through life worrying about the 'what ifs', I will drive myself nuts!  Many of the things that I worry about are so minor when looking at the big picture (ie- basement flooding, losing power, etc.).  So I did what I should have done in the beginning, I prayed.  I prayed that God would watch over us and protect us.  I prayed that He would give me inner peace and strength to trust in His plan.  It may sound corny but I truly did feel calmer after praying.  My heart was no longer racing and I no longer had 'what ifs' racing through my mind.    

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Hopefully a drier Tuesday! :-)

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Hello There!

I'm Baaaaack! Did ya miss me?! You probably didn't even know that I was gone thanks to scheduled blog posts.  I know, I am so sneaky like that. lol

My poor google reader is over flowing so bear with me as I get back to the grind of work, catch up on my favorite blogs, unpack and catch up with my two lovable bullies that Hubs and I missed so dearly while we were gone!

Until then I leave you with a couple pictures to show you what we were up to while on vacation!
I was a bridesmaid (that's me on the far left) in my friend Debbie-Deb's wedding in Destin.

I spent fun in the sun with the bestie (wow.....we look naked in this picture but I promise we were both wearing tube tops....lol)

Was in the happiest place on earth with Hubs! 

All while this poor, sweet face missed us! :-(

Clearly I have some major cuddling to do with my furbabies to make up for being gone for so long.  Ten days is a long time to be away from them!!!!  Don't worry though, I will share more details about our trip once I get caught up with everything.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rules of the House

Ummmm.....does this sound familiar to anyone else?!?

It's official.....our life has gone to the dogs! lol

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love a good cheeseburger fresh off of the grill during the summer.  My wonderful in-laws always get a whole cow each year and split the meat amongst the family.  So we always have plenty of free range beef {we get our cows from the barn that my father-in-law boards his horses at} that is incredibly lean.  Not only do we save a ton of money on meat but we also know exactly where our meat comes from.

Note: I am somewhat of a purist when it comes to the actual hamburger.  At most I will salt and pepper the meat.  Occasionally I will throw in an egg for binding. 

Here are two somewhat similar ways that I like my cheeseburgers:

Juicy Lucy Style
If you all watch Man vs Food or Food Wars you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  These fine burgers have the cheese inside of the burger patty.  YUM!!!

I like to put pepper jack cheese inside of my Juicy Lucy and then another slice of pepper jack cheese on top {I like cheese......a lot}.  If I really want some heat I will throw some freshly diced jalapenos inside the burger with the cheese {which I always do unless I am out of jalapenos}.  Hubs likes his Juicy Lucy with Velveeta cheese.

To make: Separate your hamburger into the appropriate patty portions.  Take first patty and split the meat into two equal halves.  Flatten out the first half and then flatten out the second half (as you would with a normal hamburger patty).  Take your cheese and cut it into small squares (if it is a square slice you can just fold it in half twice).  Put cheese on one flattened patty and then place other flattened patty on top.  Crimp the edges until they appeared to be sealed otherwise the melted cheese will ooze out.  Hint: mixing an egg in with your meat will act like a binding agent and make crimping the edges a lot easier.  Grill and enjoy!
By putting the cheese inside of the burger it comes out soooooo gooey and yummy!  Seriously, if you have not tried a Juicy Lucy you must go now and try it!

Jalapeno Style
Did I mention that I LOVE spicy food?!? With this burger I dice up jalapenos and mix the jalapenos in with my hamburger meat (to make your burger less spicy de-seed the jalapeno).  Then I make my patties and cook on the grill.  I then top my burger with pepper jack cheese and sliced jalapenos.  A lot like the Juicy Lucy but a lot more jalapenos*. YUM!

And if you are a cheese freak like me- I LOVE putting different types of cheese on top of my burger.  My new favorite cheese to top my burgers with would have to be Munster cheese.  So delish!

So, how do you like your burgers?!? Are you a plain meat kind of person or do you like to jazz up your burger!?

* - My mother is to blame for my MAJOR jalapeno obsession! The main food she craved while preggo with me was jalapenos. 

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Major Awkwardness

The other night after dinner Hubs and I went for a walk through our neighborhood.  While on our walk we saw a BMW convertible in front of a house that had just been framed out.  The couple inside of the convertible looked to be in their early 30's.  I looked at Hubs and said, "Awe! I wonder if that is their house being built and they are stopping by to see the progress on it? If so, that's exciting!"  Hubs just laughed and kept walking.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, on the main street of our neighborhood, towards the back section where our house is we saw the BMW convertible again.  The convertible was heading towards us (or rather towards the front of the neighborhood).  As it got closer to us it slowed down......way, way down.  I thought for a minute that the couple was going to ask us a question because of how slow they were going.  Hell, they practically stopped right in front of us!

As the convertible drove by the woman was STARRING at us. When I say starring I mean full out gawking, turning her head as she goes by, completely obvious starring.  The guy was no better!  He pulled his sunglasses down to the tip of his nose and looked over the top of his sunglasses smiling in that very creeper/stalkerish way.  I am pretty sure he would have pulled a 'head spinning completely around' like the Exorcist if he could have.

I was completely weirded out.  But I wasn't sure if it was just all in my head so I kept walking in silence with Hubs.  Hubs turned and asked me if I noticed the 'weird' couple.  I was so relieved it wasn't all in my head!  I am still claiming that they were swingers and were scoping out their next swinging couple! HAHA! But seriously, if you had seen how they acted you would wonder the same thing too.  Now I just pray that they don't purchase a house in our neighborhood!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Staying on Topic

Well, since I talked about addictions in the last post I will talk about OCD in this post.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I have never been medically diagnosed with OCD but I will guarantee that I have a touch of OCD.  So, I am going to self-diagnose! Thank you WebMD.  HA!
  • As a child I was VERY picky about my socks.  If the stitched part in the toe of the foot didn't line up perfectly with my toes I was an unhappy camper.  It was bad.  The only thing worse was watching someone else just throw on a sock sideways and put on a shoe.  I seriously wanted to fix it for them because it made me so uncomfortable.
  • Garage Door vs Laura......the ultimate battle.  I cannot tell you how many freaking times I have to turn my car around to go back and make sure that the garage door is shut.  Sadly, I watch the garage door go down but then I start questioning whether it stayed down.  
  • Are the doors locked? This is the first thing said between me and Hubs as we are driving away.  Once again we have turned around several times to double check.
  • Is the stove turned off? Funny thing is we may not have even used the stove that day but still have to ask the question.  
  • Using the proper towel.  I have very nice William-Sonoma dish towels that I 'decorate' my kitchen with and use to clean up non-staining messes.  Otherwise I have cheap white towels that I will use.  Hubs doesn't understand my reasoning and it drives him nuts.....almost as crazy as it drives me when he uses my nice, expensive towel to clean up staining messes.  
Sadly, those are just some of my OCD tendencies! I think I am doomed to be an OCD control freak!
    Have a wonderful day!
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    Friday, June 11, 2010


    I am the type person that gets hooked on something and obsess about it until I am sick of it.  It is kind of sad but that is how I am........

    Example #1- Music
    When I find a song that I like I will download it, burn it onto a CD and/or upload it onto my iPod.  I will play that song over and over and over and over {you get the idea}until I can no longer stand to hear it.  It plays in my SUV and when I go for runs.  Prime example- Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz.....loved this song at first but my love is starting to wear a little thin.  This drives Hubs absolutely nuts but when I like something, I like it! HA!

    Example #2- Food
    Lately I have been addicted to ice cream and Oreos dunked in milk {not at the same time, though oreo ice cream is pretty darn good}.  Every night I want one or the other for dessert.  I crave these foods and am sure that I will eat them until they no longer taste good.

    Example #3- Clothing
    If I find a top that I like I will purchase it in multiple colors {okay, maybe every color available}.  I will wear these tops frequently and forget about all other items in my wardrobe.  It's sad......I know.  Just last night I went through one of our other closests and found clothes that I had totally forgotten about.  Judge away!

    Example #4-  Exercise
    Now that I am exercising I find it VERY hard to skip a run or a work out.  I feel guilty if I don't do some form of exercise.  In fact, I will typically go for a run after work but by the time we eat dinner I am ready to go for at least a walk (at the bare minimum).  Sad, I know. But exercising has definitely left me feeling much better and full of energy.

    Example #5- Mexican Food (yes, it gets its own category)
    Ummmm.....I could eat Mexican food every.single.day.of.the.week!  Not even joking.  The saddest part?!?  I would order the exact same thing 90% of the time.  Hey! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Right?!

    So, as you can see I have my fair share of addictions (sadly, I didn't list everything).  At least they aren't dangerous addictions! Well, Hubs may argue that the shopping one could be dangerous so we will say they aren't physically dangerous addictions.  Sound better?!

    What are some of your obsessions?

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    Wednesday, June 9, 2010


     Sorry for the blurriness! I was trying to sneak up on him and take the picture with my Blackberry. 

    Hmmmmm......do you think someone is trying to tell me that I should take him with us?!? lol  If my suit case wiggles, is extremely heavy and stinky I will know that I have a stowaway! 

    Oh how I am going to miss my squishy faces while we are gone! 10 whole days without them! I dunno what I am going to do! :-(

    Happy Hump Day!!!!
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    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Driving vs Flying

    This is often a debate in our household, I prefer to fly whereas Hubs prefers to drive.  Here are the arguments-

    Moi on Flying:
    • Actual travel time is much faster
    • It is a safer mode of transportation
    • Did I mention that I am not a patient person and that you get to your destination faster?!?
    • I get bored easily
    • Ummm....those yummy little biscotti cookies on Airtran are always delish!
    • It can be cheaper to fly if you search out the deals (also depending on where you are going)
    • It may be your only choice of transportation aside from a cruise ship (ie- islands)
    • I can sleep during the trip to aforementioned destination (when on road trips I am too anxious to sleep)
    • Riding in a car for longer than 3 hours leaves me in pain
    • Crazy semi drivers on the roads......need I say more?!
    • Potential to get lost while driving
     Hubs on Driving:
    • Road trips are an adventure
    • You can pack as little or as much without worrying about baggage weight
    • You are able to see more of America
    • Once you factor arriving to the airport 2 hours before your flight, the flight time, getting off the plane, getting your luggage and renting a car the total time is probably about the same as driving.
    • Less hassle 
    • The seat in a car is more spacious and comfortable then an airplane seat
    • No chance of getting stuck next to the fat guy who takes up 2.75 seats but only purchased one seat
    • You don't have to worry about renting a car once you get to your destination because guess what?!? You drove your own car!
    • You can stop along the way to your destination
     So, you can see we both have our arguments for the two different modes of transportation.  For this upcoming vacation we get to experience both modes.  I know this is going to sound crazy but we are renting a car to drive down to Destin, Florida for a wedding.  After the wedding we will drive down to Orlando where we will be spending a week in awesomeness! We will then fly back home from Orlando.

    Destin, Florida is ridiculously expensive to fly into (like $300/ticket/direction expensive).  So once we factored in how much we would spend on a one way ticket for Hubs and myself plus a rental car it ended up being cheaper to just rent a car and drive down.  Oh and we did look into flying to Pensacola or Panama City but there were zero flights that would get us to our location in time for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.

    Now you may be asking why we wouldn't just drive back home from Orlando.  Hello 15+ hour drive! No thank you! I can only handle so much fun time in a car.  15 or more hours of driving is the worst way to end a fabulous vacation! So, I found cheap flights back compliments of Airtran! (Biscotti cookies, here I come)

    So, in the end we should both be happy campers because we are both taking our preferred methods of transportation.  Granted I am still not looking forward to this damn 10.5 hour drive to Destin followed by a 6 hour drive to Orlando but whatever makes Hubs happy once I hit that pool and have a drink in my hand we will be all gravy baby! :-)

    What do you prefer- road tripping it or flying?
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    Dear Allergies,

    I hate you! I refuse to be polite with you any longer or sugar coat it.  GO AWAY! I am sick and tired of being stuffed up at night when I sleep and waking up with a runny nose/itchy eyes.  Each year you seem to make your presence known more and more.  Well, I am sick of you so leave me alone you big bully!


    Sneezy, red, itchy eyed moi

    Dear Anxiety,

    You have kept me awake for hours on end the past several nights.  Messing with my sleep is not a wise thing and could have some serious ramifications! I will get ugly if I can't get my 8 hours of much needed beauty sleep!

    I know that I have a lot to do to get ready for vacation but you are not helping the situation.  Please stop creeping into the back of my mind at night when I should be sleeping.  Also stop reminding me of the MILLION things that I must accomplish! I know that I have a lot to do and I will get it all done.....I promise!


    The Zombie formerly known as Laura

    I am currently functioning on about 5 or less hours of sleep.  Hubs and I will be leaving to go on vacation soon (not looking forward to the 10.5 hour drive.....ugh).  I am so excited but have LOTS to get done before we leave.  Hope you all have a wonderful day! :-)

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    Thursday, June 3, 2010


    Yep! I am going to discuss treadmills today because I hate love running!

    Hubs and I are in the search for a treadmill.  We currently have an elliptical machine but would love to add a treadmill to our collection so that when it is crappy outside I can still run or at the bare minimum walk (plus, Hubs hogs the elliptical machine...lol).  Shhhhhh! Don't tell him I said that! ;-)

    I have been doing a lot of research on treadmills and have learned a lot!  My dad taught me at a VERY young age that if I wanted something I had better do all the research on the topic before I even think about asking for it (you should have seen the report I typed up when I wanted a goldfish).  Smart man that father of mine is, smart man!  Okay, back to the treadmill research.  For instance, one of the most important factors is CHP (continuous duty horsepower).  If you are looking for a treadmill purely for running then you want at least a 3.0 or higher CHP.  Don't I sound soooooo smart?!? lol

    But here is my problem:

    We are not marathon runners, nor are we mini-marathon runners.  I would say we are more of a 3-6 mile runners (6 probably being the max that my poor knees could handle) and I am fine with that.  But here is the problem- there are people who will tell you not to purchase a treadmill under $1,500 because it is junk and will break after a couple of years.  Then there are others who say that those $1,000< treadmills are GREAT!  Crap! Who do I listen to?!?

    I see both sides to the argument.
    A. Don't purchase anything under $1,500
    • There is so much that can go wrong with a treadmill, so many moving parts (ie- the motor).  
    • The warranties on treadmills $1,500 and up are pretty much lifetime warranties
    • It is an investment.  You pay more up front but it will last.
    • You get what you pay for in most situations
    • The cheaper treadmills are geared more towards walking
    • Cheaper treadmills will require more maintenance and upkeep
    B. $1,000 or less treadmills are perfectly fine
    • Of course they tell you that anything under $1,500 is crap.....they want you to spend more
    • You are saving money
    • The big cost difference is brand name
    • You just aren't getting all the bells and whistles
    • The people who get the $1,500 or higher treadmills are marathon/mini-marathon runners
    So, you can see my dilemma.  Another option we have considered is finding a used treadmill (like a used Precor which normally retails at $2,500 or more).  My only issue with used is you never really know what you are getting.  Eeks!

    Have any of you purchased used work out equipment? Was it a success?!? Any tips on treadmills?!

    Have a great Thursday! One more day until the weekend!
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    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    Da Roonsters!

    I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend! I know Hubs and I were able to spend time with family and have fun at different parties.

    Monday was our day of recovery from the crazy, hectic weekend.  That is until little Mr. Rooney decided that he was going to become an omnivore and taste test several of my plants in my flower beds.  Stupid dog! I spent most of Monday afternoon/evening cleaning up after him.  It was hard to get mad at him because he was so pitiful and pathetic.
    I knew Rooney was feeling terrible when he jumped up on the couch to cuddle with Hubs.  Usually he only jumps up onto the couch to attack Hubs.....not cuddle with him! Poor, pitiful baby!

    We tried feeding him some rice to calm his stomach.  I think 99% of the rice ended up on my kitchen floor.  Oh and the other 1% that he actually ate came back up about 5 minutes later.  Later on we tried giving him some cottage cheese.  The results: one sick puppy and one VERY happy puppy.  Rooney ate a nibble or two and then got sick while Buerly ate Rooney's remaining food.  Ahhh....Brotherly love!

    I decided to bring Rooney's bed down to see if he would lay down.  Poor little Roonsters climbed right in and immediately burrowed under the covers.  He was snuggled under the blankets for the rest of the night.

    Oh and while I was busy cleaning up after Rooney all night, poor Hubs sat on the couch gagging at the thought of puppy vomit.  This isn't the first time that we have seen Hubs inability to deal with puke either.  Poor Hubs and his sensitive gag reflex!  Lesson Learned- when we have kids it looks like I will be the one changing diapers and cleaning up after baby vomit.  Lovely! 

    Thankfully Rooney was back to normal on Tuesday.  So, one would think that after his TERRIBLE experience that he would learn a lesson. Ummmmm.....that would be a big fat NO! He was back outside yesterday attempting to eat my plants/flowers.  Thank God he is so stinking cute!

    Happy Hump Day!!!!

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