Tuesday, March 31, 2009

La la la la la la.......

Don't worry, I will spare you from my singing (it is pretty darn bad)!

Thanks everyone for your help with the music dilemma! I think we may have found a winner for our First Dance as Husband and Wife!!!!

Task #1
- When I got home from work yesterday I sat down at the computer and started downloading songs that I had found while at work. Once I downloaded all the songs, we sat down and started listening to each song. Several of the songs that I had selected just happened to be songs that Future Hubby liked a lot. I went onto the next song, Future Hubby stopped dead in his tracks, turned around, and smiled at me. As the song went on he started tearing up (he would kill me if he read this right now but I think it is adorable). So, last night we slow-danced to this song in the office (blinds were open so our neighbors probably think we are crazy). Everything about this song felt right. We both LOVE the song and it brought tears to our eyes so I think we have a winner. BUUUUUT, I can't disclose the song that we selected just yet. That will come later! Sorry!!!!
Photo via Turtle Pond Picture was taken in the same ballroom where our reception will take place. Hopefully we will have a picture just as beautiful as this!

Task #2 - Future Hubby and I both love Celtic music (some traditional, some rock-ish). He is of Irish decent and I am of Welsh decent (close enough to Ireland). One of our best memories was when my parents, Future Hubby, and I flew out to Vegas (for the millionth time). We went to Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York one night for dinner. We had the best time ever! I can't even describe how much fun we had. That being said, with his ancestry and our great memories we have decided to have a variety of Celtic music ranging from Enya (Orinoco Flow) to Bill Whelan (composer of River Dance songs) to Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna (The Blood of Cuchulainn - if you have seen Boondock Saints you know exactly what song I am talking about) as background music during dinner at the reception. Many may think that we are crazy but I get chills when I listen to some of these songs. These songs are so happy and celebratory sounding which is what I will be on my wedding day! If you haven't heard these songs click on the links to Orinoco Flow and The Blood of Cuchulainn above to listen to them (sorry I didn't know how to embed the videos in the post).
Photo via Turtle Pond This is what our guests will see when entering the reception! Soooo excited!

Do you have any special pieces of music that you are playing/played at your wedding?!? What are you doing/did during dinner at your reception?!?

Oh, and of course we will have to take a trip down memory lane (college memory lane that is) so we will definitely be playing some great 80's music when it is time to dance. Think......Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey (a must since my Future Hubby is a White Sox fan), Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, etc! Our Lambda Chi (Future Hubby's frat) and Delta Gamma's (my friends) will definitely appreciate those songs! Gotta love the 80's!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ways to Say Thank You

I love the idea of incorporating a card or a parasol into wedding pictures to send out in 'Thank you'! The question is- which one do I do?! They are both so cute and perfect! I have created a poll on the left hand side so help me out by voting and/or leaving me a comment!

Option 1: Parasol
'Thank You' Parasols can be found on Etsy at Fox and Prince

Option 2: Cards

Photo via Jessica Lynn at Tying the Knot

Are you including a picture from your wedding in 'Thank You' cards to your guests?! What ideas are you using?

Input Requested!

The FH and I went up north this weekend to visit his family. We had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone! The only part that I hate about going up north.......the drive home.

You see, FH's family is an hour behind us. So our 2.5 hour drive turns into a 3.5 hour drive (going up there is great because it is a 1.5 hour drive with the time change). And as if that drive home wasn't long enough last night, we sat in construction forever!!!!!

But there was a positive side to this- we were able to discuss a lot of wedding details that we haven't gotten to yet. One detail, for instance, is whether we are going to use traditional vows or write our own vows. After seeing Jessica's post on Penned & Pretty today I think we need to write our own vows. :-)

Another topic of discussion was our first dance. We are definitely stumped! We don't really go to concerts or have songs that bring back a certain memory of us together (well, we do, but they aren't songs you can slow dance to or wedding appropriate......think of 'The Killers'). So, we have decided that we will each create a CD of songs that we like. We will listen to the songs together and attempt to narrow it down to a favorite. I have started researching songs but would love to hear some input! What song are you using?!? How did you decide on your first dance?!? Any songs that you would suggest?!?
This will be us in 145 days!!!! Hopefully we will find our song before then! :-)

And of course because it is Monday and we could all use a pick-me-up, I had to share some more pictures that I love!

How romantic is this picture?!? LOVE IT!!!

Hmmmm......I wonder if there is a play ground close by to recreate this beauty?!?

I could definitely see FH and the Groom's Men partaking in this activity prior to the wedding. Only difference - our boys will be playing on Butler corn hole boards made by his dad!

All photos via Megan W Photography

Hope you have a great Monday! Oh and thanks for the any input!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Am All Steamed Out

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS I work for my parents! I have been on the phone all day today attempting to resolve the absolute mess that the Marriott has created for me. My dad was so angry with the Marriott. He told me to take as long as I needed to get everything resolved. I love my parents! The good news is - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I talked to the representative from the Westin this morning and was informed that the GENCON convention is actually the weekend before our wedding. My blood pressure went through the roof (my second Red Bull in one hour probably didn't help the situation much)! I called the Marriott and talked to our representative (or should I say EX-representative) and asked her what was going on. She then goes on to inform me that there is a parts convention (not GENCON) going on the weekend of our wedding. I was so fed up at this point! I told her that I was done dealing with the Marriott and to cancel my room block. Only after I threatened to do this did she offer to put me through to the sales manager to attempt to get more rooms. But I was done, I told her no and that I was going with another hotel.

The Good News - We now have a room block at the Westin! The Westin is going to be MUCH better than the Marriott. I was able to get locked in at $119/room (savings of $20 per room). They are giving me a block of 20 rooms for Saturday night and a block of 10 rooms for Friday night with no liability to me if we don't fill them. They are also putting a couple suites on block for some of the family members who prefer to book a suite. AND (yes, there is an 'and') my bridesmaids and I will be staying in the Chairman's suite the night before and then Rich and I will be in the suite the night of our wedding. We were originally told we could get the Presidential suite but they contacted me to let me know they had goofed on the dates and that the room was already booked. So, to make up for it they are giving use the biggest suite (Chairman's) in the hotel for a VERY discounted rate.......YAY! (Sidenote- Anyone see the Peyton Manning/credit card commercial where he is in a hotel and they hand him a fruit basket......the room he is sitting in is our room!!!!!)

On top of everything we are now having a brunch the Sunday after our wedding for all of our close friends and family. It sounds crazy but I am kind of glad that the Marriott screwed me over now because I am getting so much more at the Westin!!! All things happen for a reason and boy was it worth dealing with the headache now! :-)

Thank you EVERYONE who commented on my last post. I was definitely frustrated and upset all last night and this morning. Obviously, things are GREAT now! I appreciate all the encouragement you offered and I really do feel like you are all my friends! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Say hello to our new hotel -

Releasing Some Steam.......Or a Lot of Steam!

I always try to stay positive and look on the brighter side of things but I am struggling right now. I have tried my hardest not to let things get to me in regards to our wedding......until now!

I am so frustrated, angry and stressed all at once! I called the Marriott way back in September to set up our room blocks for our wedding. The person that I talked to recommended that I block off the allotted amount and as people book add more rooms to our block. At this time I told her that our wedding guest list was going to be over 350 people with the grooms side mostly consisting of out of town guests. She told me that it would be no problem at all and still suggested doing the standard room block because if they did not fill up we would be liable for the rooms. I also told her that I wanted the bridal suite for Friday and Saturday night and she stated that it would be no problem at all. FAMOUS LAST WORDS!

I called this week to check on our room blocks. I was informed that no one had booked a room yet (which is a complete LIE because my FH's family friends had booked a room a couple weeks ago through our wedding party code). She went on to tell me that I had the bridal suite for Saturday night and how many rooms I had for Friday and Saturday night blocked off. Alarms started going off in my head!!!! I specifically told the girl way back in September to book the bridal suite for both nights. I informed her of this and she stated, 'I will see what I can do.' I stayed calm about the entire situation and looked on the brighter side of things even though the girl was quite rude.

I received an email late last night from the representative dealing with our wedding block informing me that they are booked up and that they would be unable to extend any more rooms to me. I PANICKED!!!!! I immediately called the Marriott (this is at 11:00pm) and talk to a girl in reservations to see if this were true. Sure enough, they are booked solid. I told her my situation and voiced my anger that no one had called to tell me this when I had specifically asked them to keep me updated on room availability. I asked her what was going on to have them completely booked (when selecting our wedding date I searched Indy events to make sure that nothing was going on downtown for this exact reason). Well, the GenCon Convention is going on. Many of you may be asking yourselves, 'what is the GenCon Convention?' Visualize mass amounts of people decked out in Star Wars and Star Trek costumes.....that is what the GenCon Convention is. LOVELY!!!

I am so angry because events like those book a year or so in advance if not further out! They KNEW that it would be there but nobody had the courtesy to inform me even when I asked if they had any major events going on that weekend!!!!! So, now I am attempting to find another hotel that can accommodate our wedding guests. And to make it even worse- I sent my save the dates out last week which has all the other hotel information. ARGH!!!! I am pissed!!!!! The other hotel that I talked to last night has THREE other wedding blocks so I am guessing it may be difficult to book that hotel, I will hopefully find out today. Even after I clean this mess up I am going to have to somehow inform all of my out of town guests that our room block has changed. How do I even go about doing this?!? Suggestions?!?

Sorry to rant and rave about this because it really is stupid for me to get upset over this! I should be fortunate for everything else and not dwelling over something so small (though at the moment it doesn't appear small to me). I will get over it but right now I think I am entitled to be angry. In the mean time.....pray for my sanity as I attempt to find another downtown hotel to accommodate everyone!

Marriott and GenCon.......watch out! You are on my list right now and it is not the good list!

I can't end this post in complete anger so I will post a picture that melts my heart and puts a smile on my face.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Save the Dates, Part Deux

My mom dropped my save the dates off at the post office last Thursday afternoon. I assumed that people in the area would begin to receive the cards on Saturday since she didn't drop the cards off until the afternoon. I was wrong! I received several calls on Friday from people letting me know that they had received the save the dates. I was pretty darn impressed with the postal service (for once)!

So, since a lot of people have already received them I think it is safe for me to post pictures of our save the dates.

The Front-

The Back-
The colors appear a little distorted on the computer versus real life but I promise, the colors on the STD's are taupe and a champagne color. April Foster did an amazing job on our save the dates! I absolutely love them! I can't WAIT to see what she comes up with for our invitations.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Oh, and as of yesterday we are down to 5 months until we are standing at the alter saying 'I do'!!!! So excited!!!! :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Save the Dates

They're here!!!! I received my save-the-dates in the mail from April Foster late last week. The neighbors probably all think that I am crazy because I definitely did a little dance on the porch when I saw the box waiting for me. I ran in the house and grabbed the first sharp object I could find. I couldn't get that box open fast enough!

I quickly opened the package and was so happy with the outcome of our STD's! They look fabulous (at least I think so)!

My soon to be sister-in-law, Tara, is the sweetest person alive! I had mentioned that the one thing that I dreaded the most about this wedding was addressing all 160+ save the dates (yes, I said + because our guest list just passed the 325 mark and is still growing a little bit.....oy). Without even pausing to think about it she offered to make address labels and return address labels for our save the dates. When I received the labels on Tuesday I was in awe of how great they turned out. She did a fantastic job!!!!
Sorry, I blurred out the address so it is kind of hard to see the address label! I cannot wait until the new wedding stamps come out this summer!

She made two different styles of return addresses for me to pick from- one with our monogram and the other with one of our engagement pictures. I couldn't choose so I alternated between the two!

(Pardon the poor picture quality, I had to take the picture with my Blackberry- the lettering is actually in taupe but it is hard to see thanks to the lack of picture quality that my crackberry produces)

Didn't Tara do a great job?!? Thanks to Tara, what could have been a project that lasted days ended up taking me about an hour or so. I am happy to say- My Save the Dates are in the mail as of yesterday afternoon!!!!
Oh, and I don't think I have shown you my new monogram- compliments of April Foster! When we sat down for our initial meeting she looked at my original monogram and said that it would be hard to use because it was so detailed and would look blurry on the invites. So she created a new monogram for me and I love it!

Up next- My Save the Dates (sorry, I have to at least wait a day or so since some of my readers are invited to the wedding).

Have a GREAT weekend! Oh, wish me luck! I am hosting my best friends bridal shower this weekend at my house. I received a call from her mom last night and we are having margaritas on top of the traditional Mexican food dishes......should be fun!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm back!!!! Sorry about not posting anything at all so far this week. Oh my gosh I just realized it is Thursday and I haven't posted since last week......bad me!

Well, I am back! Things have been VERY VERY VERY hectic as of late. Here are just a few of the major things that have been/are going on-
  • I am hosting a bridal shower for my best friend (she is my maid of honor and I am her maid of honor) on Saturday. So you know what that means......spring cleaning 2009 has commenced at our household! It is unbelievable how much our darn dogs shed!!!!
  • We bought a car on Tuesday! Future hubby's car (the Cougar) was starting to go on strike. The transmission has about had it so we decided to find a new car due to the age of his car. Granted, I originally thought that we were just going to look on Tuesday but no, he drove home in a new car. I have to say, I am a tad jealous of what he got. She is BEAUTIFUL. We named her Leila (I dunno if the spelling is correct but pronounced lay-la)....yes, we are those weird people that name beautiful cars. :-)
  • I purchased future hubby's wedding gift! My dad helped me pick it out! I would tell but chances are he would see it and then the surprise would be ruined! But I am giddy with excitement and can't wait to see the look on his face (note to self: be sure someone has a camera ready when he opens).
  • I received my save-the-dates in the mail from April Foster and my WONDERFUL soon to be sister-in-law, Tara, made the most beautiful address labels and return address labels for me (she is always sweet like that). So I have been busy getting the save-the-dates ready.
Whew! I think that is about it. Working everyday and then hitting the ground running as soon as I get off of work. Gotta love sugar-free Red Bull!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

Tomorrow: Save-the-Dates

And of course, beautiful picture since it is so pretty outside!
Photo via Megan W. Photography

Where do I even start?!? The sun, the trees, the staggering of the groomsmen......LOVE IT!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedding Memories!

I am sure that many of you follow Adrienne's blog, For the Love of Weddings. If you don't, you need to head over there and check her blog out!

She recently hosted a contest where the winner would receive a free 16 x 20 poster print or canvas print of any picture the winner chose from Online Poster Printing. I received an email from Adrienne today that I had won the contest. I can't tell you how excited I am!

Online Poster Printing - Wedding Canvas Print

As soon as I received word about winning the contest I immediately jumped online to check the company out. The prices for poster prints and canvas prints are amazing! I was shocked when I saw how good of a deal they were especially compared to ordering canvas/poster prints through a photographer.

I know my original comment on Adrienne's blog said that I wanted to use a wedding picture to hang in the house. Well, as usual, I have changed my mind. I am going to have Online Poster Printing print one of our engagement pictures on canvas so that I can put the picture on an easel outside of the reception hall by the escort card table or by the guest book (haven't decided which) and then after the wedding I can hang that picture in the house. Once we get our proofs back from our photographer I will go ahead and order a poster of my favorite picture from our wedding to go in the house.

I definitely recommend checking out Online Poster Printing if you want pictures from your wedding or engagement session printed on canvas/poster! Let me know- are you thinking of using a company like Online Poster Printing for wedding or engagement pictures?!? Have you used Online Poster Printing before?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purses and Rings

Hello Beautiful!
J. Crew - $88 (but if you spend $100 you get free shipping, so I basically got a free polo for my little nephew since it was less than the cost of shipping.....Rich loves my reasoning)

I have to thank Andrea at Old, New, Borrowed, Bleu for her post about this J. Crew clutch! I went online and bought this right up since I was still in need of a clutch to go with my dress. I love the look and since my dress is ivory I figured it would go great! The box arrived within a couple days of ordering and I must say, this clutch does not disappoint! Thanks Andrea, you made this an easy item to check off the list!

On a side note, I think I have found Rich's wedding band! I am sooooo excited! We went to the jewelry store last night and were able to find a wedding band that is beautiful (I mean manly) and unique. His requirements for the band were:
  • Comfortable (comfort band)
  • Nothing too flashy (nothing with a ton of diamonds on top)
  • Palladium
  • Thick band
I will post a picture of the wedding band once we make our final decision. I told him that I was going to have "Put it back on" engraved on the inside......I was joking of course (well, kinda)! :-)

What did your husband or future husband look for in a wedding band?

Oh, and the best part of ring shopping- my lovely future husband tried on a ring and said that it would be great for popping the caps off of beer bottles......to my horror, the manager of the jewelry store started laughing and showed us the dings on his wedding band from doing that. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? We had a serious talk (more or less I threatened him within an inch of his life) about how I wasn't about to spend that much on a "bottle opener."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bridesmaid Shoes

I can finally check a major item off of my wedding to do list! I have found and purchased all the shoes for the bridesmaids!!!! I am sooooo happy to have this accomplished! The shoes weren't exactly what I had envisioned but non-the-less they are very cute!

I had found a pair of shoes that I loved on Steve Madden's website. I ordered one pair since they were clearance and have a 'all sales final' policy. I watched the sizes like a hawk to make sure that all the girl's shoe sizes were still available. On Friday the shoes arrived and much to my disappointment, they were a gray-ish color. I was very bummed out. My Mom knew how excited I had gotten over these shoes because they were perfect!

So I went on to my hair appointment that afternoon to sulk over my shoes that were a lost cause. My Mom showed up in the middle of my hair appointment with a Macy's shopping bag. She had run to the mall and hunted for shoes that would work. I love my Mom!!!! It shouldn't surprise me because that is how my Mom is! These shoes were beautiful and matched the color swatch perfectly. The best part was that these babies were on sale and they had all the girl's sizes ($28/pair......Amazed?!? So was I)!!! So after the hair appointment we ran to the mall and purchased all the shoes!

Here are the shoes that my bridesmaids will be wearing at my wedding! Thanks Mom!!!!

What do you think? Has/was there something that you struggled to find while planning your wedding?!?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Table Numbers

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to do something different for my table numbers but I wasn't sure what. Last time I met with my florist I asked him if he had seen anything unusual that caught his eye while doing weddings. He said that he couldn't think of anything but that it sounded like a fun research project! My mom and I have been thinking about these table numbers in the back of our minds but not really making it a top priority. She had mentioned using frames to put the table numbers in. I know that isn't very original but she wasn't talking about just any old frame. She suggested doing something with the floating glass frames. So that got me thinking.

I started browsing Etsy after all the great things I have heard from other brides. Low and behold, what do I come across?!? THE PERFECT TABLE NUMBERS!!!! I quickly contacted the vendor and have officially ordered my table numbers! YAY!!!!

So, without further ado........
Photo via Papercutdiecut

Not to be biased but these bad boys in a floating glass frame are going to look AWESOME (at least I think)! Word of warning, they aren't the cheapest at $3/number (we will have between 25-30 tables) but they are stunning.

Maybe in frames like these-
The owner said that I should be getting the die cut numbers in approximately 10 days. I cannot wait to see what they look like in a floating frame. I know that I am not really getting away from tradition but I am putting a twist on it. What do you think?

What are you doing for table numbers?

Update: Thanks to Chrissy at 3 Menschen. 2 Sakramente. 1 Liebe! She informed me about another great bride on Wedding Bee who is using these die cut numbers for her wedding. After reading her post I am going to have to possibly follow suit and add one more element to these gems- votive candles behind the frames to illuminate! You can also see additional work that Papercutdiecut does on this bride's post! ( I know, it is embarrassing to admit that I rarely followed Wedding Bee but that will all change).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mission Complete

I can officially check two items off of my list! My mom and I went to Classic Cakes of Carmel and the cake was AMAZING!!!! Seriously, it is the best tasting wedding cake I have ever had! The icing looked like fondant but was actually this amazing butter cream icing! And to top it all off, they are making my Bulldog cake for Rich (for a GREAT price)!!!!!!

Originally I wanted the Bulldog cake to be 3-dimensional of their heads but the owner made a very valid point- "it is going to look like heads on a platter." So we scrapped that idea. We are now doing a 2-dimensional cake of the boys entire body. It will be made out of a 14 x 14 sheet cake and then built up from there. After seeing other cakes they have done I am extremely excited to see the outcome of the bully cake!

Remember when I said that I wanted to kill two birds with one stone?!? Well, I did exactly that! My wedding cake has been ordered!!!!! We designed a 5-tier round cake that is classy and elegant but still simplistic (fudge, raspberry, and white are the flavors). I cannot wait to see what the finished product looks like!
This is pretty much what my cake will look like. The pearled parts will be left as is but the flowery parts will be scrolled instead of flowers. And I won't have the bunch of flowers on top, instead I will have calla lilies on top.
Photo via
Classic Cakes of Carmel

If you are an Indy bride I HIGHLY recommend Classic Cakes of Carmel. They were great to work with and very reasonably priced!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Day Ahead!

Today is going to be a pretty busy day! My mom and I are meeting with the people at Classic Cakes of Carmel for a tasting. Hopefully they will be able to determine whether my Bulldog cake is possible (see here, here, and here for details about my groom's cake) and affordable. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

From there we are heading to Crate & Barrel to add some items to the registry because my mom felt as if I had not put enough on that registry. :-)

Afterwards I am heading home to work on cleaning the house and a couple of wedding DIY projects before dinner. I will be sharing some of those projects later this week if everything is delivered on time.

Lastly, we are taking my parents out to dinner. Almost every Tuesday my parents take Rich and I out to dinner so we decided that it was our turn to pay (not that we haven't ever offered). My dad never lets us pay but somehow I convinced him that just this once we could pay.

So, that is my day in a nutshell! Have a great Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow with lots more to share (hint- registery and makeup). And of course, a pretty picture!
I love how adoringly he is looking at his future wife as she walks towards him down the aisle! Photo via Jennifer Skog