Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Perfect Day: Gifts

Hubs was hanging out with his groomsmen when Stephanie and the rest of the entourage (meaning photographer, videographer, cousin, and others) delivered his wedding present. After hubs had opened up his gift he sent Stephanie back up to the suite with my wedding gift.

When the entourage finally came back I had LOTS of questions, like- "Did he like it?!?", "What was his reaction?!?", "Are you sure he liked it?!?", etc. Of course it really killed me because Angela Talley and Bob Ridge of Indy Visual had captured the whole event but refused to show me. I am not a patient person so waiting to get the pictures back to see was VERY hard.

Here is hubs opening his present (which was a watch):

He has no idea what he is about to find underneath that wrapping paper!
I LOVE the groups reaction!!!!! Very animated!

Pretty sure he loved it! I caught him all day checking out his new toy! Haha!

And here is pictures of me opening up my gift from hubs:
Pure excitement! I knew instantly that he had purchased a piece of jewelry because the wrapping paper was the same paper that Hofmeister Personal Jewelers uses whenever someone purchases jewelry from them. Hehe!

I absolutely love this picture! We were on the top floor of the Westin so the views were beautiful!

And I lost it for the second time that day! Instant water works!

Bridesmaids, mom, and MIL's reactions.
It's funny to think about how guys and girls react differently. Angela definitely captured that! The guys had the "NO WAY!!!!" reaction while the girls had the "AWE!!! That is soooo sweet!" reaction.

My momma helping me put my necklace on while I continue with the water works

I had told hubs a while back that I really wanted a cross necklace. When I first saw this necklace I fell in LOVE with it. If you look closely you can see that there are two crosses.....those two crosses can be worn separately or together. Love the flexibility!

Funny Story: The first time I saw this necklace was last year while Christmas shopping with my dad. He almost bought this EXACT necklace for my mom as a Christmas present. I didn't think my mom would really care for a cross necklace so we ended up picking out a different piece for her (don't worry.....her piece is glamorous). Good thing!!! Haha! So now my mom teases me and tells me that I must have known what I was doing all along.

All professional pictures are by Angela Talley Photography. Please give due credit when posting any pictures. Thanks!

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Heather said...

Gorgeous gift. You remind me that I need to capture pictures of me opening my gift this weekend at my wedding.

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Rachel H. said...

Beautiful gift!! What a great guy! :)

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Nicole said...

absolutely gorgeous! love that pic too!

Tina <3 said...

The necklace is beautiful but what was even more beautiful was you as a bride. You looked stunning. I cant wait to see more.
Ps i gave you an award on my blog.

Judy @ JP said...

you look so gorgeous! and what a lovely gift

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How sweet!! What a great gift!