Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Perfect Day: Rise and Shine!

Needless to say.....our late night out made for an EARLY morning. We were all a little rugged to start off with but my mom aka Super Mom dropped off a basket of morning goodies for us. Definitely an amazing sight since we had to get dressed and ready to head out to the salon.

Haha! Jessica goofing off with the basket of goodies!

I think Jess is doing an impression of Debbie here. I can't remember if this was before or after Jess hid the bottle of Advil from Debbie. Always good times with these girls! Haha!

Kathy, Adrienne and Paloma

Me, Trace and Jess

Kat and I

I was sporting a Juicy track pants/jacket that had 'Mrs. Cain' embroidered on the jacket and a Victoria's Secret tank top that said 'Sexy Little Bride.' My bridesmaids made sure that I was comfy and stylin'!

Once in the hotel lobby we all made a bee line for Starbucks. It was like the espresso machine was screaming our names! Nothing like kicking off your wedding day with a deliciously hot beverage from Starbucks! Yum! Sadly though, they did not have my Pumpkin Spice Latte.

After our much needed Starbucks run it was time to get on the bus to head to the salon where we would be getting our hair done and I would be getting my makeup done. Our photographer, Angela Talley, and videographer, Bob Ridge of Indy Visual, would also be meeting us at the salon to start snapping away and filming.

  1. Eat something when you wake up - we didn't have time for a full breakfast so my mom made sure to have a basket of breakfast bars and goodies. This basket also accompanied us to the salon. Food is very vital because come reception time when everyone else is eating.....you probably will not be doing much of this!
  2. Directions - make sure that you not only send all of your vendors a timeline but also directions/addresses of where they need to be and when. I sent the photographer, videographer, limo and makeup artist the timeline and directions to the hair salon a week prior to the wedding. Your vendors should ask for these but in the event they don't ask don't assume they know where they are going or what time they need to be there.
  3. Bridal Attire - it's your day so why not! I loved wearing my comfy, bride outfit. Key thing- comfort!
Up next: Hair and Makeup (this is where the professional pictures start.....get excited!)

I should probably apologize.....I am REALLY having a terrible time narrowing down my favorite pictures so I am just going to bombard you with tons of pictures from our photographer (she sent me 862 pictures). This is going to be a long set of recaps! Hope you enjoy!

Post Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, September 28, 2009

What will those crazy girls do next?!?

After a wonderful rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaids and I headed back to the hotel. Did we go straight up to our suite and go to sleep like a good little bridal party?!? Answer: Nope (seriously, did you expect anything different from me?....lol)

Instead we ventured here:
The No Name Lounge at the Westin

Look at those lovely ladies!

Debbie (BM), Justine, and Jessica (BM)

Now I know that EVERY bride out there highly recommends lots of sleep the night before the wedding and I was also a HUGE advocate of this and had planned all along that I was going to go to bed early......key word- was. We may have stayed out kind of late having drinks and lots of fun but it was well worth it! We weren't the only crazy kids out late, also out was hubs family and my family.

At some point common sense finally hit me and I made the executive decision that we needed to go back up to the suite to get some much needed sleep (or maybe the fact that it was last call influenced that decision....it's all about the same).

Once back in the suite we decided that it was time for us to continue our photojournalistic documentation of the night:
Bridesmaids Jessica, Debbie and Paloma

"I'm getting married! I'm getting married! I'm getting married!" Pretty sure this is what I was saying when we got back to the room.
Me and Kat

Jessica and the bonsai plant......no clue (I know Jess, you love me! hehe)

My cousin Kathy and Kat

All eight of us climbed into our beds to get some sleep. This little bride hoped for sound sleep and sweet dreams about marrying her dream man the next day.

Definitely did not happen- my mind was RACING all night long. Thanks to excitement and anticipation I was up every hour on the hour just praying that morning would come. It sounds terrible to say but I am almost glad that we stayed out later that night because otherwise I would have been in pre-wedding day hell. I would have had a lot more hours of tossing and turning and staring at the clock.

  1. Take Tylenol PM - when you were little did you wake up several times through out the night on Christmas Eve just begging for morning to hurry up and come so you could run downstairs to see what Santa left you under the Christmas tree?!? If you answered yes to this question then I highly recommend that you pop some Tylenol PM because the night before your wedding is even worse! I was definitely one of those kids! Unfortunately Tylenol PM doesn't always work for me and it was far too late for me to take some so I just had to deal.....not fun!
  2. HYDRATE - if you consume any alcohol the night before be sure to hydrate (definitely thankful I followed this little rule). Heck, even if you don't consume alcohol be sure to hydrate!
  3. Have your bridesmaids, MOH, or mother stay with you the night before - they will definitely help keep you cool and calm. Plus it is a great opportunity to spend time with those who you consider nearest and dearest to you! It was the greatest feeling waking up the morning of my wedding with my best friends surrounding me!
  4. Eat at your rehearsal dinner - this may sound crazy to some but trust me! The day of your wedding is so crazy and you are constantly on the go. It is very easy to forget to eat or not have time to eat. Eating the night before will ensure that you have energy the next day. And of course always make sure you eat breakfast the morning of your wedding!
Up next: The morning of our perfect day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Taking a Weekend Off

I am taking this weekend off from blogging because it just so happens that my birthday is on Sunday. I am sure you all understand! :-) I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend and I will be back on Monday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was at Harry & Izzy's. We had reserved a private room upstairs that had it's own staircase which ensured privacy for our families and wedding party.

This was our view of the bar.

I had some hot bridesmaids!

Somebody was all tuckered out!

My daddy with my uncle and his girlfriend (they flew in from Colorado for our wedding)

Look at those studs!

Are you still wondering about that celebrity I almost married?!?

I seriously doubt that I need to introduce you guys to him! (the woman to the left of him is his wife....she is too cute)

But just in case you don't recognize him without the uniform and helmet......the BEST Quarterback in the NFL.....Mr. Peyton Manning!

Side note: I have seen Peyton Manning out and about many of times but I have never once bothered him because I believe that athletes/celebrities deserve their privacy too. But the night before my wedding is a COMPLETELY different story!!! He is co-owner of Harry and Izzy's and was there with his wife and friends. He was the NICEST person and his wife was so incredibly sweet! He wished us luck in our marriage and congratulated us! Oh how I love me some Peyton Manning! PS- he is even cuter in person! :-)

I tried to buy him and his wife a round of drinks to show my appreciation but the bar tender said they were only drinking water......makes sense considering regular season was just around the corner. Good boy Peyton!!!!

Okay, I am rambling now so I will try to summarize the rest.

The Restaurant: Harry & Izzy's
Grade: A+
The food and the service was AMAZING! The event planners at Harry & Izzy's are wonderful to work with and will cater to your every need. We decided to add root beer floats to the dessert list at the last minute. Since it was a new dessert that had just been added to the menu the restaurant didn't have enough glassware for our event so the chef had the planner order more. Talk about service! Harry & Izzy's also created adorable personalized menu cards for each place setting to inform everyone of their choices. I have pictures of the personalized menu cards that say 'Congratulations Richard and Laura' but I can't seem to find the cord to my camera to download them. :-( Boo!
St. Elmo's and Harry & Izzy's (sister restaurants owned by the same people) is FAMOUS for their shrimp cocktail! If you need to clear your sinus just take a whiff of the shrimp cocktail sauce. I have seen people sweat because of the amount of horseradish in this baby! So of course, we had to offer shrimp cocktails to everyone at our rehearsal dinner. YUM! It was a huge hit!

Bridal Party Gifts:
The boys received poker sets and the girls received personalized totes filled with all sorts of goodies. Based on their reactions I think they approved! Once again, the terrible blogger that I am, I forgot to take pictures! Oops!!!

Once rehearsal dinner was over the girls all headed back to the Westin where we would all be spending the night. But did we go straight up to our rooms like a good little bridal party should?!?

Stay tuned..........

Monday, September 21, 2009


I apologize because there are a TON of pictures from our rehearsal so I am going to let the pictures do the talking!
The ballroom was being set up when we arrived for rehearsal.

Stephanie from Gossip.Style.Wed and the event planner at SRC, Ashley, were amazing! I was carrying boxes in and trying to put things where they went, Stephanie and Ashley grabbed everything from me and told me that I didn't need to be doing that and they would take care of it all. HUGE relief!

The wonderful parents:
My wonderful MIL and FIL

My brother-in-law, Chris, escorting my mom down the aisle.

And now, our FABULOUS Bridal Party:

My cousin, Kathy, and Hub's cousin, Thomas

I am sure you all recognize this beautiful bridesmaid! The lovely Jessica over at Tying the Knot and Scott

Adrienne and Josh (wife and hubby duo)

Kat (roomie from college) sans Diogo (he got stuck in traffic....it was forgivable...lol)

Tracey (roomie from college) and Dylan

Hub's awesome sister/bridesmaid, Tara, and her husband/brother-in-law/groomsman, Chris

Debbie and Joey (best man)

Paloma (matron of honor) and John (best man)

Tyler (our nephew/Chris & Tara's son) and pushing Tyler down the aisle is Nick (our cousin)

Our adorable flower girl, Rylie (our niece/Chris & Tara's daughter)

My Daddy and I getting directions from the best DOC out there! And I am sure you all recognize her too- the faboosh Stephanie from Gossip.Style.Wed. (was that appropriate usage of the word Stephanie?!? lol)

Daddy and I

And there is my handsome hubs waiting for me at the altar!

I was starting to actually get a little nervous!

Thinking to myself, "Please don't fall down the steps, please don't fall down the steps!"

Hubs went shopping the night before our rehearsal for a new outfit. He asked me what colors I was wearing before he left. He came home with a red/black/gray tie to match my red shoes and black dress. He is so stylin' and considerate! Love him!

Apparently the teachers in grade school didn't teach us how to line up in a straight line because we were all having issues. Finally Stephanie looks at us girls and says, "You all look like a hot mess up there!" Our niece, Rylie, looks at Stephanie inquisitively and says, "Hot mess?!?" The look on Stephanie's face was priceless! Tara (Ry's mom) and I were dying laughing and poor Stephanie was worried that Rylie was going to go around saying "Hot mess.....I'm a hot mess.....Stephanie says so!" Sorry Stephanie, I had to tell the story! Couldn't resist! :-)

Stephanie came to the rescue on our inability to line up in a straight line. She used blue painters tape and put an 'X' where each person was to stand. Took a lot of worry out of making sure we were all standing in the correct spot. Genius, Stephanie!

Tyler was getting very bored and had had enough of his awesome truck.

Oh and he loves it again!

All of us hanging out

Rehearsal didn't go quite as planned. Due to the exorbitant costs of operating the SRC we were only given a half an hour to get through rehearsal......yeah, that didn't happen! Haha! It was about a 45 minute rehearsal. No biggie!

All photos were taken by my cousin, Susie.

Up next: Rehearsal dinner......where I was able to meet someone special! :-)