Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Perfect Day: Rise and Shine!

Needless to say.....our late night out made for an EARLY morning. We were all a little rugged to start off with but my mom aka Super Mom dropped off a basket of morning goodies for us. Definitely an amazing sight since we had to get dressed and ready to head out to the salon.

Haha! Jessica goofing off with the basket of goodies!

I think Jess is doing an impression of Debbie here. I can't remember if this was before or after Jess hid the bottle of Advil from Debbie. Always good times with these girls! Haha!

Kathy, Adrienne and Paloma

Me, Trace and Jess

Kat and I

I was sporting a Juicy track pants/jacket that had 'Mrs. Cain' embroidered on the jacket and a Victoria's Secret tank top that said 'Sexy Little Bride.' My bridesmaids made sure that I was comfy and stylin'!

Once in the hotel lobby we all made a bee line for Starbucks. It was like the espresso machine was screaming our names! Nothing like kicking off your wedding day with a deliciously hot beverage from Starbucks! Yum! Sadly though, they did not have my Pumpkin Spice Latte.

After our much needed Starbucks run it was time to get on the bus to head to the salon where we would be getting our hair done and I would be getting my makeup done. Our photographer, Angela Talley, and videographer, Bob Ridge of Indy Visual, would also be meeting us at the salon to start snapping away and filming.

  1. Eat something when you wake up - we didn't have time for a full breakfast so my mom made sure to have a basket of breakfast bars and goodies. This basket also accompanied us to the salon. Food is very vital because come reception time when everyone else is eating.....you probably will not be doing much of this!
  2. Directions - make sure that you not only send all of your vendors a timeline but also directions/addresses of where they need to be and when. I sent the photographer, videographer, limo and makeup artist the timeline and directions to the hair salon a week prior to the wedding. Your vendors should ask for these but in the event they don't ask don't assume they know where they are going or what time they need to be there.
  3. Bridal Attire - it's your day so why not! I loved wearing my comfy, bride outfit. Key thing- comfort!
Up next: Hair and Makeup (this is where the professional pictures start.....get excited!)

I should probably apologize.....I am REALLY having a terrible time narrowing down my favorite pictures so I am just going to bombard you with tons of pictures from our photographer (she sent me 862 pictures). This is going to be a long set of recaps! Hope you enjoy!

Post Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner


Brittney said...

looks like all you girls had fun :) can't wait for pictures!

Mrs. Ruby said...

HOW MUCH FUN! There is nothing like amazing girl time on your wedding day....well, and of course amazing hubs/wifey time too! :)

Jen said...

Sounds like a fun morning so far!

Jenny.Lee said...

Sounds like you were off to a great start!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey for recaps! Cute pics.

Amy Jo said...

Thank you so much for your recommendations. This "bride to be" needs all the help she can get!

And I'm so excited for the upcoming pics. Post 'em all...we never get tired of looking at a beautiful bride on her special day.

Amanda Katherine said...

Yummy, the only reason I look forward to the chilly weather is pumpkin spice lattes! Too bad they wont be out for my July wedding! I will have to settle for sipping a skinny vanilla latte in my sexy bridal jump suit instead.