Monday, September 21, 2009


I apologize because there are a TON of pictures from our rehearsal so I am going to let the pictures do the talking!
The ballroom was being set up when we arrived for rehearsal.

Stephanie from Gossip.Style.Wed and the event planner at SRC, Ashley, were amazing! I was carrying boxes in and trying to put things where they went, Stephanie and Ashley grabbed everything from me and told me that I didn't need to be doing that and they would take care of it all. HUGE relief!

The wonderful parents:
My wonderful MIL and FIL

My brother-in-law, Chris, escorting my mom down the aisle.

And now, our FABULOUS Bridal Party:

My cousin, Kathy, and Hub's cousin, Thomas

I am sure you all recognize this beautiful bridesmaid! The lovely Jessica over at Tying the Knot and Scott

Adrienne and Josh (wife and hubby duo)

Kat (roomie from college) sans Diogo (he got stuck in was

Tracey (roomie from college) and Dylan

Hub's awesome sister/bridesmaid, Tara, and her husband/brother-in-law/groomsman, Chris

Debbie and Joey (best man)

Paloma (matron of honor) and John (best man)

Tyler (our nephew/Chris & Tara's son) and pushing Tyler down the aisle is Nick (our cousin)

Our adorable flower girl, Rylie (our niece/Chris & Tara's daughter)

My Daddy and I getting directions from the best DOC out there! And I am sure you all recognize her too- the faboosh Stephanie from Gossip.Style.Wed. (was that appropriate usage of the word Stephanie?!? lol)

Daddy and I

And there is my handsome hubs waiting for me at the altar!

I was starting to actually get a little nervous!

Thinking to myself, "Please don't fall down the steps, please don't fall down the steps!"

Hubs went shopping the night before our rehearsal for a new outfit. He asked me what colors I was wearing before he left. He came home with a red/black/gray tie to match my red shoes and black dress. He is so stylin' and considerate! Love him!

Apparently the teachers in grade school didn't teach us how to line up in a straight line because we were all having issues. Finally Stephanie looks at us girls and says, "You all look like a hot mess up there!" Our niece, Rylie, looks at Stephanie inquisitively and says, "Hot mess?!?" The look on Stephanie's face was priceless! Tara (Ry's mom) and I were dying laughing and poor Stephanie was worried that Rylie was going to go around saying "Hot mess.....I'm a hot mess.....Stephanie says so!" Sorry Stephanie, I had to tell the story! Couldn't resist! :-)

Stephanie came to the rescue on our inability to line up in a straight line. She used blue painters tape and put an 'X' where each person was to stand. Took a lot of worry out of making sure we were all standing in the correct spot. Genius, Stephanie!

Tyler was getting very bored and had had enough of his awesome truck.

Oh and he loves it again!

All of us hanging out

Rehearsal didn't go quite as planned. Due to the exorbitant costs of operating the SRC we were only given a half an hour to get through rehearsal......yeah, that didn't happen! Haha! It was about a 45 minute rehearsal. No biggie!

All photos were taken by my cousin, Susie.

Up next: Rehearsal dinner......where I was able to meet someone special! :-)


Stephanie @ Just Shoe Me said...

Ohmigosh, I seriously was so nervous I had scarred beautiful little Riley forever! Loved Rich's tie coordination (I totally noticed on rehearsal day!)

Rachel H. said...

Great photos!! I love the black dress and red shoes combo. I wore a black dress and coral shoes and jewelry, and it looks so classy!

Newport Nuptials said...

I lvoe the ringbearer's ride! so cute!