Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puppy Love Photo Party

Today I am linking up with Reinventing the Ordinary's Puppy Photo Party & Cats.  I never need to be asked twice to post a picture or two of my squishy face bulldogs! :-)  Despite how mischievous the two can be they always seem to melt my heart.


Buerly and Rooney cuddling in the sun 
(Buerly is the brown English Bulldog and Rooney is the white and black brindle English Bulldog).

Bribing with food is one of the few ways we are able to get them to sit still for a picture together


Buerly and his big brown eyes......melt

Playing in the yard with his ball, of course

Rooney aka The Cuddler

He's smiling! :-)

Well, I think that I have overloaded you with enough pictures of my two furbabies for one post.  If you have a furbaby, make sure you link up to Reinventing the Ordinary to enter a chance to win a cool canvas print of your furbaby's beautiful face!! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Improvements

I am back and hopefully for the long haul this time! 2012 has been a rather hectic year so far.....some good.....some bad.  But I am hoping that once we hit the month of July things will quiet down a bit.

I spent the first half of June on the couch watching TV.....gotta love medical problems.  After catching up on all most of my guilty pleasures (ie- Real Housewives of any county, Ice Loves Coco, It's a Brad Brad World, and all things Family Channel) I began scouring the TV schedule looking for something else to watch.  My mom stopped by, took one look at the TV and yelled at me for all the "trashy" shows that I was watching and suggested that I watch a good show, like anything on DIY network or HGTV.  After an unsuccessful attempt at convincing my mom that Real Housewives of New Jersey was not a trashy show {who am I kidding}, I obliged and turned on HGTV.  Some show called Property Brothers was on.  After two episodes I was hooked.  Soon after Hubs came home and started watching the Property Brothers marathon with me.  Now he is hooked.

Long story short, Hubs and I are now addicted to several shows on HGTV and DIY Network. 

The only problem.........we now have TONS of different ideas on ways to improve our home.  Sadly, I don't think any of these TV personalities are going to stop by my house and do these renovations for free {oh how I wish}.  DARN YOU MOM FOR GETTING US HOOKED ON SHOWS THAT WILL ULTIMATELY COST US MONEY!!!

Of course we came up with five million different projects that we want to do so Hubs suggested that we sit down, create our project list and then rank the projects by priority.  He's a smart one!  After completing our "Wish List of DIY Projects" we came up with the top 3 projects that we would like to begin working on now. 
  1. Redo our Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet
  2. New counter tops, stove and back splash for the kitchen
  3. Redesign our outdoor patio/deck
As much as I would LOVE to tackle all three projects right now, money is not growing on the massive trees that we have in our backyard.  So, we decided that the first two projects would be the most affordable.  The kitchen will require hiring someone for the counter tops and we are still tossing around the idea of doing the back splash ourselves.  We will do the master closet redo ourselves (with the help of Hubs' very handy/knowledgeable father).  And based on what we really, really want for our outdoor patio/deck project we will be hiring someone to complete that project (think outdoor kitchen and gas fireplace).  Needless to say, the outdoor project has been put on hold until we can save up the money needed for what we envision.

With all of that said, our master closet redo will begin today.  And for once, I remembered to take some before pictures! :-)  Wish me luck!!!

Anyone else have some home improvement projects going on this summer?

Have a great weekend!

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