Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Perfect Day: Reception, Part I

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!!!

Okay, I lied. This was supposed to be the last wedding post but I will have one more post before I finish my wedding recaps. So here goes nothing-

Tyler sitting in his "Ring-Bearer Mobile" with his Notre Dame hat on and juice cans tied onto the back of the car. My father-in-law and uncle wired LED lights so that the head lights and tail lights lit up! He was definitely a stud!

My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew being announced.

Funny story- we had two 'Best Men' at our wedding, John and Joey. They decided right before they were announced that they wanted to do something crazy so they convinced my MOH, Paloma, and Bridesmaid, Debbie, to help them compete in a wheel barrel race. You heard me correctly, a wheel barrel race! As you can see, John has Paloma's bouquet in his mouth as he races across the dance floor to beat out Joey. I am pretty sure that John may have crashed into the head table in order to claim victory. Goofy boys!

The first picture is of me letting my husband know that I could be mean and shove the cake in his face since he had already fed me my slice of cake nicely. The second picture shows me being nice but what the picture doesn't show you is that I did get some icing on his nose before I 'nicely' fed him the slice of cake.

Here is my daddy giving his 'welcome' speech. Isn't he handsome in his tux (the same man who has it stated in his will that if anyone buries him in a tie they will be cut out of the!? Just a little background on my daddy- he is a very 'to the point' kind of person. I figured that his speech would be all of 20 seconds long. He surprised me and gave a wonderful speech! And he ended the speech with- "have fun and party on!" Loved it!

The flower girl and ring bearer dancing. Aren't they precious?!?

Framer alert! I LOVE this picture. Do we agree?!? This was taken during our first dance to Bryan Adams- When You Love Someone and yes, it was the song from Braveheart.
here to listen to the song.

Father-Daughter dance. We danced to Heartland- I Loved Her First. It was the perfect Father-Daughter dance! My mom bawled her eyes out when she read the lyrics to this song. I will definitely be framing this picture for my dad as a Christmas present this year!
You can go
here to listen to the song.

We had a minor incident after the Father-Daughter dance. My dad accidently stepped on the back of my dress and ripped out one of my bustles. Thankfully I had like 10,000 bustles so it wasn't too bad! As you can see, I had an entire entourage of people diving underneath to fix it! lol

Mother-Son dance. Hubs and his momma danced to Lee Ann Womack- I Hope You Dance. Such a beautiful song!
You can go here to listen to the song.


Lynsey and Brian said...

I haved loved all your recaps! My dad and I danced to I Loved Her First also! And naturally, my mom and grandmother cried their eyes out. Beautiful pictures!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the Bryan Adams song! Beautiful pictures!

Adrienne said...

LOVE the wheelbarrel race! Silly boys! And you MUST frame that first dance pic! You look like a princess with her prince. :)