Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve!!!

Anyone have any great plans for New Years Eve?!? Rich and I are hosting a small party at our house this evening so I have been cleaning and preparing the food! I have a bunch of great appetizer recipes for tonight but after the clock strikes midnight I officially begin my wedding diet! So you can bet I am going to enjoy those appetizers tonight!

Have a safe and fun filled New Years Eve!!!! See you in 2009!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sooo lucky!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Over the holidays I had several family members inquiring as to how wedding planning was going. I quickly realized that I still had two big items to take care of- DJ and cake. For us, a DJ is very important because they set the tone of the reception. I had no clue when it came to selecting a DJ so I asked several family/friends who had recently gotten married. There was one DJ (DJ's Direct) that had received several rave reviews. I had even been to one of the weddings that utilized this DJ and remember the dance floor always being packed with people dancing. Rich and I want to be able to dance the night away.

So, today I jumped online to get a quick online quote. We really wanted to book the owner of the company because that was the specific person that was recommended to us. After seeing that he was available I just went with my gut instinct and booked him. I called the company to confirm that they had received my deposit. The secretary informed me that I was very lucky because another girl had asked for a quote today for the same day as my wedding and for the same DJ but she had not put her deposit down. Since I put my deposit down I pretty much snatched this DJ up and forced the secretary to send that email that every bride dreads- 'the person you are looking at has been booked' email. I did feel bad (for about 2.5 seconds). Needless to say I am very relieved and happy to be able to check another thing off of my list!!!!

And of course, some beautiful pictures!

How precious is this picture of the flower girl gazing out of the window?!? (photo via Evoke Photography)

Gorgeous!!!! (photo via Jessica Claire)

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Look

I just want to thank everyone who commented on my post regarding changing the look of my blog! Your helpful comments were great! Special thanks goes to The Cutest Blog on the Block for her great template!!!!

So, what do you think of the new look?!?

Have a great weekend! And of course, here are some more pictures of a wedding that I love drooling over!

All photos via Jennifer Skog

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sorry this is so short but I have Christmas shopping to do and a house to clean!!!

Erin, at Lucky Designs, did a fabulous job designing our monogram for our wedding.

I am so happy with the end results! It is everything that I had visualized (our wedding colors are taupe and champagne). What do you think?

Okay, back to Christmas shopping and cleaning. Hopefully I will be back to blogging more tonight! Have a great day!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Here is my situation- I really want to re-vamp the image of my blog because I am sick of the boring header and background.

Problem- I am blog retarded. I know how to post, upload pictures and do basic things but as far as creating anything asthetically pleasing for my blog I am clueless. I am in awe of so many of the blogs out there that I follow on a daily basis. So I am asking for your help! Please educate me on how to re-vamp my blog background and header (easiest way possible please).

And, it is Friday so I leave you with a gorgeous picture! Love it!!!!!

Photo via Jennifer Skog
All help would be greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Honeymoon, Part I

I am going to apologize now - I have been a very bad blogger this week! Things have been so hectic between work (I am leaving my job in a week) and my computer. I had this huge dream of working on a Blurb book but apparently you have to have enough hard drive space on your computer to support the program. My computer is 5 years old so needless to say it was time for a hard drive upgrade!!!

Back to wedding planning........the honeymoon! Drum roll please..........

We are going to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!! DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

All laughing aside, Rich and I LOVE Disney World. It is a place where no matter how old you are you can act like a child! There is so much to do and some of our greatest memories are at Disney World. When I was a junior in college several of my college friends (including Rich, who I was dating at the time) went down to Disney for spring break. It was the best spring break ever.

We have been on so many beach/island vacations, cruises, etc that we wanted to do something different. We eventually want to go to Europe but would rather not go right after our wedding since we will probably be a little tired. We want full energy for Europe to see everything we possibly can!
And of course, some awesome pictures of Disney-

The Rose and Crown at Epcot is one of Rich and I's favorites! Beer + Disney World = HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!
Animal Kingdom was so awesome.

Who could ever forget the castle?!?

Epcot is Rich's favorite park at Disney World

Last but definitely not least, the entire gang of Disney characters!

Where are you going on your Honeymoon? Or where did you go?

Monday, December 1, 2008

They're Here!!!!

I received a WONDERFUL surprise on engagement pictures had arrived!!!! I was very happy with the outcome and have far too many to decide from! Here is a sneak peak at some of my favorite pictures-

All of our pictures were taken at IMA (Indiana Museum of Art) and Butler University. Rich and I met at Butler so it will always be a place of significance to us!
Hope you enjoyed our pictures! Have a great Monday and if you are located where it is snowing (like Indiana) be safe and stay warm!

All pictures by: Angela Talley. Please link back to The Beginning of Forever when posting any of these pictures.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Engagement Photo Update

I talked to my photographer yesterday and my engagement pictures are done!!!!! YAY!!!!

Issue - the pictures have not been sent to Pictage yet due to a family emergency that occurred earlier and she was out of town at a photo shoot. She told me to give her a call at some point today so that we could discuss the engagement picture situation and set up a meeting to go over guest book ideas.

I am very optimistic and hopefully I will have my grubby little hands all over these pictures in the next day or so! Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully my next post will be a sneak peak at some of my pictures!!!

For now I leave you with two more pictures that I sent to my florist, David, to consider as inspiration (obviously with our color scheme in mind) for our high centerpieces (we want to alternate high-low)! You can also see the first picture I sent to our florist for consideration at Tying the Knot! Enjoy!
Photo via Wedding Channel
Photo via Wedding Channel


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


(Top four images via Hibiscus Floral, bottom image via Perfect Wedding Day)
Okay, believe it or not, the images above are all silk flower bouquets! I am amazed how far the industry has come along since the terrible, tacky 80's looking silk flowers!
The reason for this post is that my best friend and I were talking over a beer or two (or three or four......) and she informed me that she had bought her wedding bouquet. Her wedding is not until May so I was quite confused until she told me that she had found a gorgeous silk bouquet. Her next remark stunned me! She said, "I know, it sounds really tacky!" I was actually thinking that it sounded really economical!
I mean let's think about it -
  • You can save a lot of money using silk flowers
  • You won't have to worry about flowers wilting or dying prior to your wedding (or transportation damages)
  • A lot of people have allergies and this would remedy that issue
  • The bouquet can be created ahead of time
  • You will always have the bouquet and won't have to spend the costly amount to preserve your wedding bouquet (I looked into preservation it it is pretty costly)
  • Silk wedding bouquets travel well for destination weddings
  • You can use any flower you want whether it is in season or not

These are all great reasons for using silk bouquets!

For a bride on a budget who is looking to cut costs somewhere, silk flowers can be a great alternative! The fact that you will always have the bouquet that you walked down the aisle with is awesome. Preservation can only do so much and depending on how rough you were with your bouquet that day it definitely will not look as good as it did when you walked down the aisle.

Side note - My mother had a real bouquet for her wedding but then had a mirror image of her bouquet created with silk flowers. If I can dig the picture up I will definitely post it but my mom has a picture of me when I was little dressed up in her wedding dress carrying her silk bouquet around! Haha!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Weddings

To keep with the spirit of fall and the upcoming holidays here are some awesome fall themed wedding pictures!
Photo via The Knot

Photo via The Knot
How cute are these escort cards (easy DIY project)?

Photo via The Knot
Soooooo gorgeous!

Decadent Designs
You can find these and many more at Etsy!

Photo via Martha Stewart
Another cute, easy DIY project!

Photo via The Knot
We all know how much I love Calla Lilies!!!

Photo via Flickr
I love how the dress shot was tied in with the fall theme.

Photo via Martha Stewart
Very fall-ish and elegant!

Photo via Flickr
How cute are these!?!

Elizabeth Anne Designs
Happy Monday! Thank goodness for a short work week! Enjoy!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wedding Shoes

Okay, I know most of you are thinking, "When is this girl going to shut up?!?" Believe it or not, I have a lot to say today!!!

I have been looking for taupe colored shoes for my wedding (bridesmaids hopefully will have champagne colored shoes) and have had very little luck. Let's face it- colorful bridal shoes are definitely the rage and just add more picture opportunities. Rich has no idea why girls want shoe photographer and I tried to explain the reasoning.....he has a lot to learn.

Photo of Jessica at Tying the Knot, Photo by Nicole Green

Photo via Jessica Strickland
I mean, what is not to love about these shoe shots?!

I am beginning to think that I am going to have to go down the dyeable route. Has anyone ventured into the world of dyeable shoes?!? Please share your experience in case I need to venture away in dyeable shoe land!

For the time being here are some pictures of shoes I found that I like. Let me know what you think!

Kate Spade

Benjamin Adams - Scarlet


And now......the love and lust of my life!

Christian Louboutin

While I can only imagine that it would be heavenly to slip my feet into a GORGEOUS pair of Louboutin's the morning of my wedding I can not for the life of my rationalize spending $860 (*gasp*) on a pair of shoes. But hey, a girl can dream!!!! Well, I am off to dream of Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik shoes, feel free to snap me out of dream land and back to reality!!!

Happy Friday!!!

I have been babbling alot lately so I am going to let these BEAUTIFUL pictures do the talking! Have a great weekend and happy planning.

Photo via Jennifer Skog

Photo of my close friend Jessica at Tying the Knot, Photo by Nicole Green
Isn't she gorgeous?!?

Photo via Bobbi + Mike

Photo via Jennifer Skog
LOVE the center piece!!!!

Photo via Jessica Strickland
My father-in-law would LOVE this picture. He has horses and this picture is right up his alley!

Photo of my close friend Jessica at Tying the Knot, Photo by Nicole Green
Another gorgeous picture of my friend Jessica whose wedding was PHENOMENAL!