Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Whole New Type of Motivation

Growing up I never really 'worked out' per say.  I just played tons of sports.  I know, sports and working out are the same thing in most peoples books but not to this girl.  Working out is a chore.  It is boring and hard and just not fun.  Sports, on the other hand, are fun and competitive!  From grade school through high school I always played multiple sports- volleyball, softball, basketball, and cheerleading.  In high school my main sports were volleyball and softball.  Between those two sports I stayed in excellent shape.  Yes, there were days that we had to do weight training and running {and never actually saw a volleyball or a softball}, I hated those days.  I enjoyed hustling my butt off on the court/field.  Running the bases or practicing jump sets or spiking until I couldn't jump any more.  I was also that kid that could eat anything and everything and not gain a pound.  It was AWESOME! Lucky me, right?! But I was always reminded by my mom that it wouldn't last forever.
So when I went off to college I experienced my first moments of not having practices or organized team sports.  It was definitely a shocking transition to no longer play at such a competitive level.  Even though I didn't really work out I still lost weight {thanks to a terrible viral infection I ended up going the opposite direction of the dreaded freshman 15}.  Yep, I lost 20 lbs (20 lbs that I really didn't need to lose) thanks to that little sickness that landed me in the hospital.  After that I pretty much maintained my high school weight through the rest of college with very little physical activity.

Fast forward to the present.       

I haven't exactly been confident with my weight lately.  I had slimmed down to pre-college weight right before our wedding {thanks to my wisdom teeth extraction which equaled a pudding diet} but after the wedding I enjoyed marital bliss to its fullest.  And I mean FULLEST!  Parts that used to be muscle and toned became a little soft and mushy.  But you know what?!? I didn't really care because I was enjoying marriage, our house, our family and eating whatever I wanted.  Well, that carefree attitude quickly diminished.  I started to feel guilty about the pounds that I had put on and the parts that had lost that toned look.  Finally I caved and admitted to myself that I needed to exercise and eat better.

Finding motivation to work out is almost impossible for me! Seriously, I jump on the bandwagon but fall off almost as fast as I jumped on.  But I was given a new form of motivation not too long ago.  Call it a blessing in disguise if you will.

I was having a conversation with a person when they implied that I was a MUCH larger size than I actually wore.*  I was CRUSHED!!!! I don't even think crushed fully defines how I felt after that conversation.  That conversation made me feel low about myself, fat and frustrated {oh and angry too but I got over that}. Truth be told I do not wear anything close to that size but the damage had already been done.  I was convinced that I was going to prove this person wrong and feel better about my self.

The fire has been started!!!!

I have been running every single day for a while now.  I try to switch things up by going on bike rides, taking walks, golfing on the weekends and running on a elliptical (especially if it is raining) on top of my daily runs.  After my cardio I will work on a specific area- gluts, abs, arms, etc. Anytime I don't feel like working out after work I just remember that conversation and I am out the door instantly to start my run.  

It is weird how something negative can be such a motivating factor (ie- blessing in disguise).  That conversation has really given me a drive to work out.  I have already started to see the effects which drives me even more.  I crave working out and when I don't get a good work out in I don't necessarily feel guilty but I am not thrilled about it.  Okay, maybe I do feel a little guilty.

Since the weather is supposed to be crappy for the second half of the week I figure I will also mix Hubs' P90X tapes and 30 Day Shred tapes into my workout mix. I am also hoping to incorporate a short workout before work in the mornings to get that metabolism moving!  Hopefully between working out and eating much healthier I can get back down to my pre-college weight again.

This is one bandwagon that I refuse to fall off of!  Oh and just in case I need extra motivation- I will be on vacation in June and wearing a swim suit. *GASP*

* - I don't think this person meant for it to come across that way (at least I hope they didn't)

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Mrs. Hesson said...

I think you look great! But, I totally know that feeling. Especially when you get down to one weight and are finally feeling great and then something like MARRIAGE (gasp!) happens. Being in love and being happy is the best. I had a friend that got married after me that used to say "atleast i'm fat and HAPPY!" haha it would crack me up. I am with you on the whole "toning" thing. I hate feeling "loose" or "mushy." ick. Good luck with your workout :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I definitely need the extra push sometimes too! I don't think your friend meant it that way at all... but that's great you are sticking to a regular workout schedule and eating better!

Ams said...

I agree with Mrs. Hesson - you look SPECTACULAR. People kill me because personally, I could NEVER imagine talking about someone's weight in any context at all. It boggles my mind in fact.
Anyway - that being said... there is NOTHING wrong with getting back into the swing of things and exercising. I have a free membership to a local good gym and pool for one year and I have been terrible and NOT taken advantage. What is wrong with me?!
Anyway - now that I have totally whined about myself... you need to do what makes YOU happy. I have to say that after having three kids I just can't find the motivation to get back in shape. But i must. So I am going to start working hard at it... perhaps you could help me get motivated!!

Hilary Lane said...

Ugh, I miss those high school days, too! After a softball game, I could eat 2 junior bacon cheeseburgers, fries and a frosty & it wouldn't phase me at all! Those were also the good ole days when my boobs were cute. I went to college & they got big & obnoxious. If I even think about taking a walk nowadays, my back starts to ache. Oh to be young & athletic again, haha...

Jenny.Lee said...

Go you!!!