Friday, May 28, 2010

Coolest People at the Party

Living in the state that holds the "largest sporting spectacle in the world" means lots of cookouts and parties if you aren't going to the race.  Hubs and I are going to my BIL's house for a cookout on Sunday.  During the day it is a family pool party/cook-out but at night it turns into an adults-only party.  Sounds like fun, right?!

I asked my SIL what I could bring to the cookout.  She responded that I could bring a side dish or a dessert.  I decided that I was going to make this yummy fruit trifle and 7-layer taco dip.  Tends to always be a big hit.

Well, Hubs had his own plans of what I should make.  He insisted we would be the hit of the party if we made his suggestion.  I was almost scared to ask him for his idea but I asked away.  His response:


WHAT?!? Dirt?!? Based on my reaction he followed with, "Yeah, dirt! You know, like the awesome kid's dessert with chocolate pudding, Oreos and gummy worms! Every kid will LOVE us and think that we are the coolest if we bring dirt to the cookout."

There you have it bloggerland friends, Hubs' goal for this party is to be the coolest adult there in the eyes of all the kids!  Oh Hubs, you are such a kid at heart and I love it! I am pretty sure he also wants me to make dirt pudding so that he can get a little piece too.  ;-)

Of course, I have to take it one step farther......I bought a plastic sand pail to serve the dirt pudding in and will have them scope the pudding out with the plastic sand shovel.  I have also been looking for gummi bugs to scatter on top with the gummi worms.  No luck on the gummi bugs yet.

And to appease the adults (though I think I will catch some adults stealing a scoop or two of the dirt pudding) I will still make my fruit trifle and 7-layer taco dip.  

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!

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Ams said...

That's AWESOME!! I did that for my sons second birthday. I got a big dump truck and filled up the back with dirt!! It was a huge hit. I can't wait to see pictures of the big cookout :)

Erica said...

Dirt dessert was one of my favorite treats as a little kid...shoot I think I'd probably still like it now!

Props to hubby for such a fun idea!

ashleigh said...

not even gonna lie. i love those =]
even now =]
so he is right about being the coolest people to the kids [the pail thing...sooooo cute :) ] great idea! im having a memorial day bbq...just might copy your idea =]

and 7 layer taco dip! yum!

Mrs. Ruby said...

No lie...those were the EXACT three things I was going to bring to our Memorial Day party at a friend's. I changed my mind last minute - but I was going to bring dirt, trifle, and 7 layer mexi dip.
HAHA - Our brains are totally in tune! ;)
Have a GREAT weekend!!!!