Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tales in Shopping Land

My momma and I went to the outlet the other day to do some shopping.  Of course we stopped by the fabulous Coach outlet. :-)  Here is the conversation between me and a male Coach employee {we shall refer to him as CE- Coach Employee}.

CE: OOOOOOH!!!!! {he squeals as he claps his hands} You obviously have fabulous taste in fashion {referring to the purses that I had grabbed}.  Those purses are made with our high end leather.
Me: {flattered} Oh, why thank you!
CE: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those stiletto peep-toe pumps are GORG!
Me: {starting to get an ego boost} THANKS! They are the most comfortable things.
CE: I have to ask, how tall are those pumps? Since your skinny jeans cover part of the heel it can be deceiving.
Me: Ummm....these are 4 inch heels.
CE: WHAT?!? Sweetie, you are crazy! I love it! Shopping in 4 inch heels?! Really?!
Me: Haha.....they are super comfy.
CE: Honey, you could totally be my BFF.  We should go shopping together sometime.  You just let me know if you need anymore help with any purses.
Me: Oh, I will!!! Thank you!

So you have it, the eccentric Coach employee thinks that I have fabulous taste and wants to be my BFF shopping buddy.  I LOVE it!!!  Hubs just laughed when I told him the story and agreed that I need a gay friend to go shopping with because the gay men we know have wonderful style and are absolutely hilarious!  Plus the Coach employee gave quite the ego boost and what girl doesn't love that?!?  I need a Will in my life! :-)

And if he was just complimenting me to get the worked!  I caved and purchased two new beautiful purses.  Love them!  Also, Coach had some great sales going on! So, economy......consider yourself stimulated. {that sounds kind of}
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Jenn said...

haha too funny!

Gotta love the gay guys boosting your ego!

Rachel and John said...

I love coach purses! Which ones did you get? I have been lusting over a coach wallet lately.

Mrs. Lopez said...

Thats fab! I so need a gay guy BFF too!!!!!! I've been missing that! We have a coach outlet in Houston area that I have yet to go to yet. Which bag did u end up getting?

THE Stephanie said...

LOL! That's great! I think every girl should have a Will. :)

Mrs. Hesson said...

Haha that is great! Love it.

Chocolate Lover said...

Hahaha you go girl!