Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ghost from the Past

A ghost from my past reappeared last night {spooky}.  Don't worry, it was a joyful time despite some pain but I was able to get past that.  It had been FOREVER since I had last seen this ghost from my past......probably high school days.  Now that this ghost has reappeared I am determined to not let them go.

You all are probably wondering about this ghost.

My ghostly visitor was............

MY ABS!!!! Holy muscles I had forgotten about!  My abs are definitely letting me know that they are back {hopefully to stay}.

I bought a new exercise toy the other day and tried it out for the first time last night.  It definitely made me feel the burn!!!
Bosu Ball meet Abs, Abs meet your worst nightmare

The ball came with a DVD that has four different workouts on it (Absolutely Abs, Calorie Combustion, Long and Lean, and Total Body).  I did the ab work out last night and realized a couple things- a.) I still have abs, b.) the abs that I have are pathetic and c.) abs make a HUGE difference when it comes to balance.  I am pretty sure that had Hubs walked in while I was doing this he would have gotten a really good laugh along with free entertainment.  As if the shrieks and loud crashes from me falling weren't laughable enough! So, hopefully if I do this frequently enough I will remedy b.) and c.). 

I can't really give a full review yet since I have only done one of the workouts but as soon as I do the other three workouts I will do a full review.  I wanted something different and fun to incorporate into my workouts and this seemed like the perfect thing.  So far I really like it despite how clumsy I look on the ball.

Oh and as if balancing on that thing isn't hard enough, I have my wonderful helpers, Buerly and Rooney, hindering aiding me along the way.  Buerly thought it was a fun, giant ball that he could attack and Rooney was obsessed with the air pump.  Needless to say, I had to hide the Bosu Ball when I was done with it otherwise Buerly and Rooney would destroy it. 

Have a wonderful Thursday! One more day!!!! :-D

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Mrs. Bear said...

Oh that contraption is AWESOME. Back when I could afford a gym membership I used to do lunges, squats, and push ups on it... then I'd go home and cry from being so sore.

P.S. Tell your abs I said hey and ask if they have seen mine hiding somewhere? Or if they know where the fat on my thighs came from because i need to send it back to its home.

THE Stephanie said...

Oh yeah. These will totally work muscles you never knew you had! I may have to hop on the one at my gym today. :)

Lindsey said...

I need to get that because I miss my abs being sore from a good workout!

Lyr said...

Never used one! Got to check that out!