Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Very Own Little Sea Lion

Rooney tends to sleep in some of the craziest, most uncomfortable looking positions.  Hubs and I constantly look at him while he sleeps and wonder how that could ever be comfortable.  One position, in particular, makes him look like a sea lion or a seal. 

If you look very closely you can see that he sleeps with both of his arms tucked backwards underneath him.  How the heck is that comfortable?!
If you look at him from straight on or even above him he looks like a.) he has no front legs and b.) a sea lion (especially when he has his hind legs stretched straight out which he normally does)!
From the side you can see how he tucks his front leg.  I think it looks very painful but apparently he seems to think it is quite comfortable because he sleeps like this a lot!

So whenever Rooney is sleeping in this crazy position Hubs will bark like a sea lion and clap his arms in front of him.  Rooney just gives him the stink eye and goes back to sleep.  lol

Speaking of Rooney and sleeping.  The little booger loves being buried underneath any blanket he can find.  There are nights where we will jump into bed only to discover Rooney curled up asleep underneath our comforter.  He LOVES to be warm! This morning was no different.  Hubs got up around 4am to go to the bathroom.  The second he got up Rooney was burrowing underneath the comforter and Buerly was snuggling up with his head on Hubs' pillow.  Obviously Buerly was told to move when Hubs came back to bed but Rooney had managed to go unnoticed at the foot of the bed.  When the alarm went off this morning I got up to start getting ready for work.  All of a sudden we saw this little bump under the covers attempting to root his way out.  Rooney was really struggling to get out from underneath the covers.  After a few minutes he just gave up and you saw his body sigh.  So Hubs went to help the poor guy out.  Rooney had managed to somehow work his way inside the duvet coverlet.  Not only was he inside the duvet coverlet but he was completely stuck at the opposite end of where he had worked his way in.  Poor little booger was stuck!  I seriously wish I had had my camera to take a picture.  After a good laugh Hubs helped him find his way out and was deemed the hero of the morning!

Sadly, this isn't the first time that he has managed to get stuck in our duvet coverlet.  Last time he managed to get his head through an opening between the buttons at the end of the duvet.  His large, broad shoulders couldn't squeeze through so all you saw was this little head peeking out {once again I laughed for a good minute or two before I freed him}.  I am seriously thinking about sewing a zipper at the end so that he can't get into the coverlet.  Stupid buttons!

Have a wonderful Thursday! One more day!

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THE Stephanie said...

Hilarious!! Such a cute little dog!

Chocolate Lover said...

Hahahaha gotta love em!

Mrs. Bear said...

Ughhh your dog is so cute it hurts.

Jamie said...

Once again a Rooney story to make my day! Love it! Totally laughed out loud at work and everyone looked over to my cube.