Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

I am guessing that this is what the owners of Paco, the dog, are saying right now.  I am sure you have all heard about this story by now.  But just in case you haven't, I will give you a refresher-

A couple found a stray dog while visiting friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  They decided to rescue the poor pup.  They purchased a carrier and leash and had the dog vaccinated.  When the vacation was over the couple paid Delta the $200 fee to fly their pup back home with them.  They had a 5 hour layover in Mexico City before they flew to Detroit.  That would be the last time they saw Paco.  When they landed in Detroit the couple discovered that the dog was not on the flight.  Delta first told the couple that the dog had missed the flight and would be on the very next flight.  Later they were told that Paco busted out of his crate and was missing somewhere in Mexico City.  Delta offered to refund them the $200 fee, give them credits for future flights and reimburse the cost of the dog.  You can find the entire story here
I would be royally PISSED off if an airline lost one of my dogs!  I was absolutely horrified when I saw this story on Foxnews.  Words cannot even describe how angry I would be at an airline!  There would be no consoling me.  My FIL was joking with me and said, "If an airline lost Buerly or Rooney I would drive straight to the airport to try to calm you down."  My response was, "No.....skip going to the airport, you would need to drive straight to jail because I would be in custody for killing a Delta employee."

How the heck does a dog escape from a heavy duty plastic dog crate?!? They don't exactly have imposable thumbs.  And I am guessing that without imposable thumbs it would be quite difficult to open the spring lock.  I am not buying a single thing that Delta is saying. 

And the fact that Delta is giving the couple future travel credits as an apology is a slap in the face.  If I were the owners of that dog I would tell Delta where they could shove those future travel credits.  And from the sounds of it, the guy told Delta just that.  Oh and that he would never ever fly Delta again.  After hearing about this story I don't think I would ever fly Delta again.  First they lose luggage, now they lose dogs.....what!? Okay, maybe not that extreme but seriously! 

Hey Delta, grow a set and admit that you made a HUGE mistake! 

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oh My! I hadn't heard this story!!! I heard of one similar years ago about a cat that got out of it's cage and was found days (and many more flights) later in the fusilage of the plane!

I hope everything turns out ok for these folks and their adopted doggie.

Kat said...

Ahhhh! I'm flying tomorrow with my puppy on Delta. Luckily she just fits the weight requirement to go under our seat. I don't think I could handle having her underneath and not know that everything was okay. Poor doggy...

Lyr said...

Oh I hope everything turns out ok. Never heard the story, but thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Bear said...

Wow this makes me sick. THAT POOR PUPPY! Where is he?!??! It's so good to know that Delta treats their passenger's pets just like they treat their passenger's luggage = CRAPPY!

THE Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! That's horrible!

BUT, I have to tell you, I have a picture of my pup breaking out of her crate. She was freaking Houdini!