Friday, May 21, 2010


AHHHHHHH!!!!! It's Friday!!!! :-)

And you know what the best part is?!? It is supposed to actually be extremely nice weather this weekend! It seems like it has been crappy weather every weekend and then really nice out during the work week......not cool Mother Nature, not cool.

I am hoping to do this over the weekend:
A little golf action

Weeding and planting flowers/plants in my flower beds

Mowing the yard (desperately needs to be done after all the rain we have gotten)

Grill out

Go running

And after all of that I think I will need......
A nap
(Rooney as a puppy)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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THE Stephanie said...

Ahhhh... the weekend could not have come at a better time! Well, maybe if it came back on Wednesday, but hey, it's FRIDAY!!

Chocolate Lover said...

Have a great weekend!