Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Technology Kiss of Death

RIP Sony Vaio Desktop PC
2002 - 2010

Seriously, I think I am cursed when it comes to technology.  Don't believe me?!

Exhibit A: First it was my cell phone
Which you can read about here

Exhibit B: Then my camera
Which you can read about here

Exhibit C: And now our computer


I would be lying if I said I was devastated over the loss of our beloved Sony Vaio.  The computer has served us well but after 8 years I think it is time for an upgrade.  Hubs and I have already had a computer repair company fix the darn thing twice so we decided we were not going to put any more money into it.  So, on to bigger better things!!!!

Say hello to the newest member of our family!

Saying that I love her is a complete understatement!  This computer is freaking AH-MAZING!!!! The screen is HUGE and crystal clear.  The computer itself is so incredibly fast! I don't think I have EVER owned a computer that ran so fast.  And the best part?! Even though it is a desktop it is still very mobile since the hard drive is in the screen.  The computer itself connects to our internet through Wi-Fi so we don't even have to worry about internet cables.  So Hubs loves it because he can set it up in family room, plug in the power cord, and watch games on the computer while watching a different game on the TV. Though this may be VERY VERY VERY bad come football season.  I may lose Hubs!  Hmmmm.....if he is lost in his football games then he won't notice if I leave, go shopping and come in with lots of bags.  I could sneak upstairs, put everything away, throw away the bags and he will never know! This could be a good thing for me. lol

No matter, I am so happy that we took the plunge and went with the iMac over the PC.  Unfortunately (Hubs may say fortunately) one of our home DIY projects is now getting put on the back burner after this little purchase.  But I am okay with that because we needed a computer and our home project can wait a bit. 

Oh, and those Mac people aren't lying when they say "once you go Mac, you never go back."  I don't think I will ever go back to a PC, or rather, be able to convince Hubs to go back to a PC.

All I have to say is.......this technology kiss of death is starting to get expensive.  Next on my list of replacements......my cell phone!  My plan is officially up so now all I have to do is pick out my next phone.  My plan is through Verizon so I am thinking I might get one of the Droid phones.  If any of you own a Droid please let me know the good, the bad and the ugly on these phones.  :-)

Have a wonderful day!
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Candicelyn said...

Laura we have the iMac All-In-One Desktop and it's amazing. I have a design background and I used macs at work so for me it was an easy transition but the hubs hated it at first. Apple offers free classes to teach you baisics and tricks. It's not a bad class for you or the hubs to look into becuase you learn a lot of cool things your Mac can do that you cannot teach yourself.

Corinne said...

I'm considering taking the plunge and purchasing a new laptop - the macbook. i'm pretty excited just terrified to spend that much AND because it's a mac-but my boyfriend has one and I love it over my PC-craptastic-laptop!

I'll keep my eye out on your comments, I'm in the market (still) for a new phone!

Tiffany said...

SO exciting! Not the Kiss of Death part, but the new Apple part! :)

Marian said...

Totally agree...once you go Mac, you never go back!! We have ab Macbook and I LOVE IT

Melanie said...

I bought a Mac laptop a few years ago and can't imagine going back to a PC! But they are definitely expensive suckers! I guess they assume once you buy one you'll never switch back anyway! Haha!

Oh and my boyfriend works for Verizon and after many years of using Blackberry's he just got a Droid and is in love with it!

Hilary Lane said...

Aren't Macs great!?! I have a brand spanking new PC at work, and my 3 year old Macbook is faster than my PC. They are hella expensive, compared to PCs, but they're soooo much better!

Melissa said...

The new computer sounds great. I have been thinking about switching to apple. I have heard they are better computers.

Ams said...

The computer is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
I love love love love love my Mac with all my heart. I swear, if I didn't love S I would probably marry my mac ;) lol