Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just My Luck!

Major Fail:
Genius over here dropped her phone on the tile kitchen floor while on vacation {I may or may not have had a few beverages that night}.  Now I have this pesky crack across the middle of my screen.  Normally not a big deal unless your phone is a touch screen.

I have insurance on my phone but refuse to waste the $50 to get a new one.  My contract is up in August and I hate my Blackberry Storm with a passion would like to get something different.

So, any cell phone suggestions?  Unfortunately I do not have the option to get an iPhone since we are with Verizon.  :-(

Have a happy hump day!

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Corinne said...

hmm...I don't have any suggestions because I have the Blackjack II. I don't mind it, but I'm def. looking to upgrade in august/september.
I was actually thinking of getting the storm because someone I know has one and I fell in love with it. Bad idea? Is it that bad? :/

Jenny.Lee said...


jessica lynn said...

hey! i think that you and hubs should both be eligible for an "early upgrade". its usually abt 3-6 mo before your contract is up. you can both get new phones with the "disount" price as long as you sign a new 2 year agreement. if you wait til your contract is up you do get $100 for 1 person towards a new phone...but that is it.

Marian said...

You could always try the Droid. It doesn't match up to the Iphone, but I have a few friends who have them and love 'em. It may take a week or two to learn how to use it, but doesn't every phone.

ashleigh said...

i agree;; the droid is awesome; and so is the blackberry curve...if its the blackberry software you dont like then well obviously no blackberry =]
but i love the droids =] they are so awesome and the apps are amazing just like the iphone; they have almost as many apps as the iphone =]

Nicole said...

i have THE SAME piece of crap phone! my husband keeps upgrading the software...doesn't work...and we have it restarting every evening & that doesn't work... ugh..i still have till next feb..

Corinne-when did your friend get the storm? Maybe they fixed the problems? but i will not get that phone again!

Corinne said...

Nicole - ironically, I talked to my friend about it yesterday and she said she liked it at first, then it turned to crap, and then she got the blackberry curve. Soo...I guess the storm is out.