Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Facing Off

Anytime a celebrity (or wanna-be celebrity) faces off against another celebrity the media always labels it as Team A versus Team B.  Team Aniston vs Team Brangelina, Team Jake vs Team Vienna (aka the wanna-be's that I was referring to), etc.  So, this post is going to be about which team you side with when it comes to different products, stores, etc.  It is funny how strong brand loyalty can be and why we support the brands that we support (ie- parents always purchased that brand, bad experience with competitor, etc).

So here we go.......

 Team Peter Pan -VS- Team Jif

Team Pepsi -VS- Team Coke

Team Nikon -VS- Team Canon

Team MAC -VS- Team PC

Team Ford -VS- Team GM -VS- Team Chrsyler

Team Target -VS- Team Walmart

Team McDonald's -VS- Team Burger King -VS- Team Wendys

Team OC -VS- Team New York - VS- Team Jersey -VS- Team Atlanta

Team Gretchen -VS- Team Tamra 
(for all you OC fans)

Team Cats -Vs- Team Dogs

Team Fall -VS- Team Winter -VS- Team Spring -VS- Team Summer

Team Football -VS- Team Basketball -VS- Team Baseball 
-VS- Team Soccer

Shall I reveal my personal answers?!
  • Peter Pan - I grew up using Peter Pan peanut butter so I just stick with it.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  • Tie - This is tricky! I prefer Pepsi out of a can and Coke out of a fountain.  So I guess I could say that I side with both!
  • Nikon - Both are great manufacturers when it comes to cameras but my loyalty is with Nikon.  
  • MAC - We own a PC but if the money were there I would switch to a MAC in a heartbeat.  
  • GM - That is all I have ever owned and I don't really have any complaints (plus the supplier's discount my family gets is pretty nice too).
  • Target - I LOVE Target and loathe Walmart with a passion.  I just feel like Walmart is so cluttered and unorganized whenever I go in there.  I get easily frustrated and turn into a hot mess when shopping at Wally World so I tend to stick with Target.
  • Depends - I like McD's fries and hamburgers but prefer Wendy's chicken sandwiches. 
  • Hmmmmm.....this is tough - I LOVE the drama on Jersey! But I also love all the girls on OC.  So I would have to say it is a toss up between OC and Jersey.  Though I cannot wait to see the new DC series!
  • Gretchen - enough said.
  • Dogs - nothing against cats (other than being severely allergic to them) but I am a dog-lover! Hence my two spoiled brats, Buerly and Rooney.
  • Fall - I love football season, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, the turning of the leaves, sweaters, scarves, Ugg boots (any boots for that matter), bonfires, pumpkins, the decor.....basically all things fall!
  • Football - I love watching college and professional football.  Beer, cookouts, football games, and tailgating make for perfect Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  GO COLTS!
So which teams do you side with?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Half way to the weekend!!!! :-D
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THE Stephanie said...

Ok, here goes:

PB - first of all, you shouldn't eat crunchy. LOL. So I'm team creamy. (Oooo. That sounds gross. LOL)

Soda - Team Diet DP, but if I have to choose between the two, it would be Coke.

Camera - no opinion.

Computer - I'm with you. We own a PC but I would switch to a MAC is it wasn't so dang expensive to replace all the software. :(

Car - no opinion. I drive a Jeep, and I love it, so I guess Chrysler.

TARGET all the way. I once wrote a blog post about how much I loathe Wal-mart. But then again, who hasn't? LOL

I'll have to go with Burger King, b/c I think they have the best burgers.

Don't watch any of the RHW shows.

Cat. Unless it's my parents dog. I love him more than life. LOL

Seasons, hmmm... Well, since I love in South Texas, where there is only Hell-fire hot and slightly cooler than that, I'm not sure I qualify to answer. BUT, if I had my choice, I go with Fall (in Boston).


Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

PB- creamy
Soda - Coke
Cameron - Nikon
Computer - PC
Car- no opinion
Target def I hate Walmart!

B said...

Let's see!

PB- why is it that Peter pan tastes SO much better?

Soda- i don't drink either. Oops.

Camera- I use a simple one that I love. ha! (am I boring?)

Comptuer- PC but would LOVE to try a MAC.

Car- Team GM all the way

Target all the way!

Wendy's have the best fries.

OC :)

Team Tamra.


Spring/Summer tie.

Football/basketball tie.

Phew! Fun :)

Don't forget that I changed my blog name. Don't want to lose you!

My Dream Ring said...

None of those Cars I drive a Jeep
Target...Walmart SUX!
Wendy's (hmmm Chili)
Antlanta Housewives

Brittney said...

Team Peter Pan all the way :)

I don't really like either... I'm a DP girl - but Coke over pepsi :)

Team Canon - Canon girl all the way!

LOVE MACS - use them everyday!

I guess GM?

I prefer Target too

For a full meal - Wendy's, for a snack (fries etc.) McDonalds

I have never seen any Real Housewives shows

Team Dogs :) i love our pup... and I'm also allergic to cats

It used to be Summer... vacation, birthday etc. but now it's just so hot! So I guess Team fall :)

Team football... but I like Basketball and Baseball. The World Cup was fun to watch :)

that's all I guess...

Hilary Lane said...

Definitely Peter Pan - I grew up on it, too.
I'm a Dr. Pepper person - so Team Pepsi.
Team Mac all the way.
Team GM.
Team Wal-Mart.
Team Chick-Fil-A (I know, not on the list!) :-)
Definitely Team OC & Team Gretchen.
I have both cats & dogs, but I'd definitely say Team Dogs.
Team Summer.
Team Football. Go Clemson Tigers!

That was fun! Thanks for posting it!