Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Hubs and I are going golfing after work today.  Here was our conversation via blackberry messenger earlier today-

Hubs: It's Friday the 13th

Me: OOOOHHHHHH!!!!! SPOOOOOOOKY!!!! Maybe we'll see a ghost on the golf course tonight!

Hubs: That's Halloween
Hubs: LOL

Me: Oh! Friday the 13th.......then maybe we will see Jason or Freddy Krueger......OR BOTH!!!!!

Hubs: LMAO
Hubs: God, I love you!

Ditzy Moment # 5,376,254 for moi! :-)

Have a fabulous Friday, a wonderful weekend and a safe Friday the 13th! Watch out for Jason and his chainsaw! lol

PS- I HATE scary movies! I don't care how hokey they are they still scare me! lol
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Jessica said...

Not a fan of scary movies... yeek! And definately not a fan of Friday the 13th!! Hahaha

My Dream Ring said...

LOL!! no more scary movies for me....Paranormal Activity ruined it for me, that movie creeped me out to another level so I vowed not to ever watch another scary movie.

Mrs. Bear said...

Hahahaha cute story =) Hope you had fun golfing! Mr. Bear went on Saturday and I was verrry jealous.