Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Love a Good Pedicure

but my skin crawls when I see one of these:
The Callus Shaver aka The Foot Butcher
These tools make me SOOOOOO incredibly nervous when a pedicurist pulls it out and starts going to town on my feet.  I have heard absolute HORROR stories of people getting their heels cut by this evil contraption.  And the worst part, half the time when a pedicurist would use one of these on me they would be talking to someone else and not really paying attention.  Excuse me! Please watch what you are doing when using a razor on my feet!!!! 

So, I quit letting people use these callus shavers on my feet because my anxiety would go through the roof.  I would rather have rough, cut-free feet then a bloody, infected mess! And isn't the point of a pedicure to not only make your tootsies pretty but to also relax?!

Fast forward:
I now get my pedicures from the same salon that does my hair.  The first time I went in for a pedicure I was so relieved when the pedicurist pulled out a scrubbing stone instead of that dreaded torture device.  I let out the biggest sigh of relief.  Of course she looked at me kind of weird so I quickly explained to her how much I hated the callus shavers.  What she said to me next left me in shock.

Callus shavers are ILLEGAL in MANY jurisdictions but since there really isn't much of a regulatory body to enforce these laws a lot of cheap salons continue to use them.  The reason they are banned is because they can spread diseases and cause nasty infections if not sterilized properly.  

My pedicurist also informed me about other issues/red flags to look for when checking out a nail salon.  Let's just say that I will continue to stick with her and never ever set foot in another one of those cheap nail places again.  This website gives a lot of good tips when checking out a new nail salon.

NOTE: My pedicurist went to my high school and would not just feed me a load of garbage to gain my business.

One more day til the weekend! Have a fabulous day!
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A Real Housewife said...

i was going to say....i've never seen one of these torture devices. i only get the stone when they go to town on the scrubbing. thanks for the tips!

Erica said...

My Mom got an infection from a pedicure. Her podiatrist told her that infections from nail salons is what keeps him in business. He said a huge source of yuk is the filter in the drain of the foot basin. Even if they clean out the basin, the filter catches other people's dead skin (gross!), which can float back up when the tub is filled.
Since my Mom's infection, I've had a total of 2 pedicures. One for my wedding and one for my best friend's--and I was super vigilant about their cleanliness standards before I went in. Good for you for posting about this--it is a huge issue!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

thats so funny- I was going to say theyre illegal in texas!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Wow! Good to know! Thanks for the tip... I hate those things too, and I think they just make your feet worse from scraping all that skin! Glad you found a found a good, clean salon!

Jessica said...

I have never ever let one of those things come near my foot...basically because I'm scared of them!