Friday, August 6, 2010

My Little Visitor

When I got home last night I noticed that my beautiful flowering pot in front of the house was starting to wilt from all the heat.  I was catching up with my room-mate from college on the phone so I grabbed my watering can while I continued to talk blab on and on.  Multi-tasking at its finest!

As I tilted the watering can into the pot, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move.  My initial reaction was to let out a scream (jumpy much?!).  My room-mate, who was startled by my mid-conversation scream, asked if I had gotten into a car accident or something.  I reassured her that I was fine and that I wasn't in my car any more.

Of course curiosity got the best of me so I started peaking around the pot to see what mystery thing had just scared the living crap out of me.  Meet my little visitor:
Isn't he cute?!  He is a Plestiodon (a skink).  This little booger was fast and seemed to love hiding in my potted planter!  I am guessing that he was once someone's pet because he looks awfully brightly colored to be an Indiana native (most of our animals are brown to blend in).  I decided to name my little visitor, Skank the Skink.  Haha!


Welcome to our planter!  We hope you find your arrangements to be comfortable.  Hopefully the crickets you find will suit your taste.  But please do not tease my doggies and give them a false hope of catching you because they are loud, clumsy and have no chance of ever catching anything unless it is already dead.  They may even destroy your new home in the attempt to catch you.  Do watch out for the birds and hawks......they can catch you and would probably love you for dinner.  Lastly, please don't startle me when I am watering your new home.  Hope to see you again!

The Homeowner/Owner of the Planter

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

lol oh wow! Neat tail :)

Tiffany said...

So funny! He is pretty cute.

My Dream Ring said...

LOL!!! That little thing is cute! I have seen those around our house before. They scare me but I can call them cute from afar!