Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 Sorry for the blurriness! I was trying to sneak up on him and take the picture with my Blackberry. you think someone is trying to tell me that I should take him with us?!? lol  If my suit case wiggles, is extremely heavy and stinky I will know that I have a stowaway! 

Oh how I am going to miss my squishy faces while we are gone! 10 whole days without them! I dunno what I am going to do! :-(

Happy Hump Day!!!!
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THE Stephanie said...

Ha ha! Our cat does the same thing. :)

Mrs. Bear said...

Hahahaha soooo cute! Wish I had a pet to beg to come with me when I go on a trip. Oh somedayyyy.

Kassie said...

haha, that is SO sweet!!