Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Driving vs Flying

This is often a debate in our household, I prefer to fly whereas Hubs prefers to drive.  Here are the arguments-

Moi on Flying:
  • Actual travel time is much faster
  • It is a safer mode of transportation
  • Did I mention that I am not a patient person and that you get to your destination faster?!?
  • I get bored easily
  • Ummm....those yummy little biscotti cookies on Airtran are always delish!
  • It can be cheaper to fly if you search out the deals (also depending on where you are going)
  • It may be your only choice of transportation aside from a cruise ship (ie- islands)
  • I can sleep during the trip to aforementioned destination (when on road trips I am too anxious to sleep)
  • Riding in a car for longer than 3 hours leaves me in pain
  • Crazy semi drivers on the roads......need I say more?!
  • Potential to get lost while driving
 Hubs on Driving:
  • Road trips are an adventure
  • You can pack as little or as much without worrying about baggage weight
  • You are able to see more of America
  • Once you factor arriving to the airport 2 hours before your flight, the flight time, getting off the plane, getting your luggage and renting a car the total time is probably about the same as driving.
  • Less hassle 
  • The seat in a car is more spacious and comfortable then an airplane seat
  • No chance of getting stuck next to the fat guy who takes up 2.75 seats but only purchased one seat
  • You don't have to worry about renting a car once you get to your destination because guess what?!? You drove your own car!
  • You can stop along the way to your destination
 So, you can see we both have our arguments for the two different modes of transportation.  For this upcoming vacation we get to experience both modes.  I know this is going to sound crazy but we are renting a car to drive down to Destin, Florida for a wedding.  After the wedding we will drive down to Orlando where we will be spending a week in awesomeness! We will then fly back home from Orlando.

Destin, Florida is ridiculously expensive to fly into (like $300/ticket/direction expensive).  So once we factored in how much we would spend on a one way ticket for Hubs and myself plus a rental car it ended up being cheaper to just rent a car and drive down.  Oh and we did look into flying to Pensacola or Panama City but there were zero flights that would get us to our location in time for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.

Now you may be asking why we wouldn't just drive back home from Orlando.  Hello 15+ hour drive! No thank you! I can only handle so much fun time in a car.  15 or more hours of driving is the worst way to end a fabulous vacation! So, I found cheap flights back compliments of Airtran! (Biscotti cookies, here I come)

So, in the end we should both be happy campers because we are both taking our preferred methods of transportation.  Granted I am still not looking forward to this damn 10.5 hour drive to Destin followed by a 6 hour drive to Orlando but whatever makes Hubs happy once I hit that pool and have a drink in my hand we will be all gravy baby! :-)

What do you prefer- road tripping it or flying?
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Mrs. Bear said...

I hate both. Some day I shall learn how to magically transport myself.

Mrs. Lopez said...

Me nor my husband like to drive just around town. So we would prefer to fly for sure! Hope you have fun! I have another blogger friend that will be in Destin FL!

Mrs. Smith said...

We have similar debates.

1. I love to fly. It's faster and easier. I don't have to map the route or stop for directions. I had bad "pack-the-cooler-cause-there-will-be-no-stopping-for snacks" and "only-stop-when-you-are-about-to-pee-your-pants" road trip experiences as a child.

2. Husband loves to drive. He too thinks it's an adventure. And (shhh) he's scared of flying. And on occasion it's more expensive.

Usually, though, unless the cost is outlandish, I win.