Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Da Roonsters!

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend! I know Hubs and I were able to spend time with family and have fun at different parties.

Monday was our day of recovery from the crazy, hectic weekend.  That is until little Mr. Rooney decided that he was going to become an omnivore and taste test several of my plants in my flower beds.  Stupid dog! I spent most of Monday afternoon/evening cleaning up after him.  It was hard to get mad at him because he was so pitiful and pathetic.
I knew Rooney was feeling terrible when he jumped up on the couch to cuddle with Hubs.  Usually he only jumps up onto the couch to attack Hubs.....not cuddle with him! Poor, pitiful baby!

We tried feeding him some rice to calm his stomach.  I think 99% of the rice ended up on my kitchen floor.  Oh and the other 1% that he actually ate came back up about 5 minutes later.  Later on we tried giving him some cottage cheese.  The results: one sick puppy and one VERY happy puppy.  Rooney ate a nibble or two and then got sick while Buerly ate Rooney's remaining food.  Ahhh....Brotherly love!

I decided to bring Rooney's bed down to see if he would lay down.  Poor little Roonsters climbed right in and immediately burrowed under the covers.  He was snuggled under the blankets for the rest of the night.

Oh and while I was busy cleaning up after Rooney all night, poor Hubs sat on the couch gagging at the thought of puppy vomit.  This isn't the first time that we have seen Hubs inability to deal with puke either.  Poor Hubs and his sensitive gag reflex!  Lesson Learned- when we have kids it looks like I will be the one changing diapers and cleaning up after baby vomit.  Lovely! 

Thankfully Rooney was back to normal on Tuesday.  So, one would think that after his TERRIBLE experience that he would learn a lesson. Ummmmm.....that would be a big fat NO! He was back outside yesterday attempting to eat my plants/flowers.  Thank God he is so stinking cute!

Happy Hump Day!!!!

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Candicelyn said...

Poor dog, both the dogs and the hubs should feel lucky to have you :)

Marian said...

Aw, the poor puppy!! Glad he is feeling better though.