Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Major Awkwardness

The other night after dinner Hubs and I went for a walk through our neighborhood.  While on our walk we saw a BMW convertible in front of a house that had just been framed out.  The couple inside of the convertible looked to be in their early 30's.  I looked at Hubs and said, "Awe! I wonder if that is their house being built and they are stopping by to see the progress on it? If so, that's exciting!"  Hubs just laughed and kept walking.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, on the main street of our neighborhood, towards the back section where our house is we saw the BMW convertible again.  The convertible was heading towards us (or rather towards the front of the neighborhood).  As it got closer to us it slowed down......way, way down.  I thought for a minute that the couple was going to ask us a question because of how slow they were going.  Hell, they practically stopped right in front of us!

As the convertible drove by the woman was STARRING at us. When I say starring I mean full out gawking, turning her head as she goes by, completely obvious starring.  The guy was no better!  He pulled his sunglasses down to the tip of his nose and looked over the top of his sunglasses smiling in that very creeper/stalkerish way.  I am pretty sure he would have pulled a 'head spinning completely around' like the Exorcist if he could have.

I was completely weirded out.  But I wasn't sure if it was just all in my head so I kept walking in silence with Hubs.  Hubs turned and asked me if I noticed the 'weird' couple.  I was so relieved it wasn't all in my head!  I am still claiming that they were swingers and were scoping out their next swinging couple! HAHA! But seriously, if you had seen how they acted you would wonder the same thing too.  Now I just pray that they don't purchase a house in our neighborhood!

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THE Stephanie said...

Ha ha. Nothing better than CRAZY neighbors! UGH!

Chocolate Lover said...

That is creepy!