Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Boys

While Hubs and I were away on vacation my cousin, S, watched the house and the dogs.  S does photography as a hobby and took pictures of the boys while we were gone.  I was so happy with the pictures she was able to get because getting my two idiots to sit still isn't an easy task!

So without further adieu.....I give you......my wonderful, slobbery boys!
Buerly and his football.  He takes that darn thing EVERY WHERE with him! We have always said that Buerly has a little raccoon face. I think it is more evident in black and white photos.

Rooney (aka Stinkys) looks so sweet in this picture, even with his awesome under-bite!  As you can see, half of Rooney's face is white and the other half has a black patch.  He is like ying and yang.  When the white half is showing he is sweet and innocent.  When the black patch is showing he is evil and mischievous!  lol

Like I said, never lets that ball out of his sight! Buerly just wanted to make sure S took a good picture of his football! He loves the fall and football season!  Our other nickname for him is 'walrus face' because of his mouth/nose area.....oh and the crazy whiskers! My cute little walrus face!

Someone was obviously running around like a crazy lunatic! Surprise, surprise! Pretty sure Gene Simmons is jealous of that tongue!

Now he has a different ball.  Do we notice a trend in all of his pictures?!? He seems to only be happy when he has a ball. 
Probably did laps around the yard, through my flower beds, under the deck, over the deck and then attacked his brother.  That is his typical maniac run!

"It's a rough life being a model! I am showing my diversity in this picture.....my 'woe as me' look."

I am guessing that this picture was taken before he started running around the yard like a crazy.

I really commend S for being brave enough to attempt to take pictures with these two wild bulldogs.  I doubt it was an easy feat! S did say that she had a terrible time getting pictures of Rooney because he was running around and trying to attack the camera.  That's my dog! Such a proud momma! lol

S - thank you so much for getting pictures of Buerly and Rooney! You did such a great job capturing their personalities! I love them and can't thank you enough for taking such good care of them and spoiling them rotten! Love you!

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Mrs. Smith said...

oh my, how CUTE!!! I love it.

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Awe, gosh they are SO cute!!!!

Marian said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! They look so cute!! What great pictures.

My Dream Ring said...

stinkin' cute!! My husband keeps trying to talk me into getting a bulldog but I have in my head that they drool and pass gas all the time, maybe you can educate me a little because these pics have now made me secong guess because they are ADORABLE!

A Real Housewife said...

i have to show my dad this post. he is obsessed with bulldogs!! your two babies are so SO stinking cute!!

Ams said...

Seriously, they are my favorite (well aside from Wilson)
I was saying to my mom how I will NEVER get a different breed of dog - Bulldogs are it for me :)

I just showed my son and he was freaking out over how cute they are to!! lol That's from the four year old!