Friday, June 25, 2010

Almost Peed My Pants Laughing

Hubs and I decided to grab dinner from Subway last night { their meatball sub and Italian BMT}.  On our way home we saw a car heading the opposite direction come to a stop in the middle of the road.  The driver turned on her flashers and stepped out of her vehicle into the middle of the road. 

Me: What the heck is this woman doing?!?
Hubs: I dunno but she is stopping traffic both ways.....
{Cars start backing up both directions}

This woman had stopped traffic because there was a small breed dog {or as Hubs calls it- a purse dog} out by the side of the road.  She ran over to try to get the dog away from the road. 

The dog ATTACKED this woman!  Teeth baring, growling, hair raised, full-fledged attack mode!  She leaned down to try to a.) pick it up or b.) shoo it towards the house.  No matter, the dog lunged at this woman! She jumped so badly that she lost her high heel. Every time she leaned down to grab her shoe the dog would attack her hand.  I really did feel bad for this woman but at the same time it was pretty damn hysterical!  I was dying laughing because this damn dog was so close to getting run over and when some nice lady attempted to help.....the dog attacked her.  Talk about gratitude!  I bet that woman will think twice before trying to help a small dog out.  

Pretty sure this is exactly what the dog looked like! LOL

Have a great weekend! 

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Mrs. Lopez said...

That is sadly hillarious!!!!!!

Mrs. Bear said...

Hahjahahahah that pooch said, "DONT TOUCH ME LADY!"

Mike said...

When I laugh so hard I start crying.