Monday, June 14, 2010

Staying on Topic

Well, since I talked about addictions in the last post I will talk about OCD in this post.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I have never been medically diagnosed with OCD but I will guarantee that I have a touch of OCD.  So, I am going to self-diagnose! Thank you WebMD.  HA!
  • As a child I was VERY picky about my socks.  If the stitched part in the toe of the foot didn't line up perfectly with my toes I was an unhappy camper.  It was bad.  The only thing worse was watching someone else just throw on a sock sideways and put on a shoe.  I seriously wanted to fix it for them because it made me so uncomfortable.
  • Garage Door vs Laura......the ultimate battle.  I cannot tell you how many freaking times I have to turn my car around to go back and make sure that the garage door is shut.  Sadly, I watch the garage door go down but then I start questioning whether it stayed down.  
  • Are the doors locked? This is the first thing said between me and Hubs as we are driving away.  Once again we have turned around several times to double check.
  • Is the stove turned off? Funny thing is we may not have even used the stove that day but still have to ask the question.  
  • Using the proper towel.  I have very nice William-Sonoma dish towels that I 'decorate' my kitchen with and use to clean up non-staining messes.  Otherwise I have cheap white towels that I will use.  Hubs doesn't understand my reasoning and it drives him nuts.....almost as crazy as it drives me when he uses my nice, expensive towel to clean up staining messes.  
Sadly, those are just some of my OCD tendencies! I think I am doomed to be an OCD control freak!
    Have a wonderful day!
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    Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

    Sounds like you are cautious and organized which is a good thing. I once had a friend that vacuumed her whole house every time she left it even to go to the grocery store. Once I volunteered to speed things up and she got upset because she thought I would not get the vacuum tracks right. They had to be in a certain pattern. After vacuuming no one was allowed to walk on the carpet. She swore she did not have OCD lol.

    Mrs. Smith said...

    You are so not alone!! I won't even begin to try to explain all my nonsense "issues."

    Ams said...

    I have a few crazy OCD things also..
    And I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with that!! Better to be OCD than not as far as I am concerned ;)

    PDX Bride said...

    I totally have that thing with my socks too . . . when I was little and still today as well!