Friday, June 25, 2010

Jumping Ship

Please say hello to the newest fan of.........

Yep! I am jumping ship and proud of it!* And it is all because of this boy-

My boy, Gordon Hayward, from Butler was drafted to the Utah Jazz in the 9th pick of the 2010 NBA draft.  I can totally pull off purples and light blues! 

And would you all like to hear something shocking?!? When asked what he was going to do with his signing bonus he paused and said, "I am going to put it away and save it."  Good answer Gordon, good answer!  I doubt you will hear many other draft picks conjure up that answer. 

Congrats Gordon Hayward! I hope that you have a long, successful career in the NBA! The Butler University family is definitely proud of you!!!!!!

* - Like it was hard to jump ship from the Pacers?!? Please! Those idiots shot themselves in the foot when they drafted a bunch of thugs who shot up the city, did drugs, and were constantly starting trouble.  Great job Larry Bird on drafting some stellar role models.  Pathetic!  It all went downhill after Reggie Miller retired {loved him}.  But in all seriousness, I truly hope they can turn the organization around.

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