Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love a good cheeseburger fresh off of the grill during the summer.  My wonderful in-laws always get a whole cow each year and split the meat amongst the family.  So we always have plenty of free range beef {we get our cows from the barn that my father-in-law boards his horses at} that is incredibly lean.  Not only do we save a ton of money on meat but we also know exactly where our meat comes from.

Note: I am somewhat of a purist when it comes to the actual hamburger.  At most I will salt and pepper the meat.  Occasionally I will throw in an egg for binding. 

Here are two somewhat similar ways that I like my cheeseburgers:

Juicy Lucy Style
If you all watch Man vs Food or Food Wars you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  These fine burgers have the cheese inside of the burger patty.  YUM!!!

I like to put pepper jack cheese inside of my Juicy Lucy and then another slice of pepper jack cheese on top {I like cheese......a lot}.  If I really want some heat I will throw some freshly diced jalapenos inside the burger with the cheese {which I always do unless I am out of jalapenos}.  Hubs likes his Juicy Lucy with Velveeta cheese.

To make: Separate your hamburger into the appropriate patty portions.  Take first patty and split the meat into two equal halves.  Flatten out the first half and then flatten out the second half (as you would with a normal hamburger patty).  Take your cheese and cut it into small squares (if it is a square slice you can just fold it in half twice).  Put cheese on one flattened patty and then place other flattened patty on top.  Crimp the edges until they appeared to be sealed otherwise the melted cheese will ooze out.  Hint: mixing an egg in with your meat will act like a binding agent and make crimping the edges a lot easier.  Grill and enjoy!
By putting the cheese inside of the burger it comes out soooooo gooey and yummy!  Seriously, if you have not tried a Juicy Lucy you must go now and try it!

Jalapeno Style
Did I mention that I LOVE spicy food?!? With this burger I dice up jalapenos and mix the jalapenos in with my hamburger meat (to make your burger less spicy de-seed the jalapeno).  Then I make my patties and cook on the grill.  I then top my burger with pepper jack cheese and sliced jalapenos.  A lot like the Juicy Lucy but a lot more jalapenos*. YUM!

And if you are a cheese freak like me- I LOVE putting different types of cheese on top of my burger.  My new favorite cheese to top my burgers with would have to be Munster cheese.  So delish!

So, how do you like your burgers?!? Are you a plain meat kind of person or do you like to jazz up your burger!?

* - My mother is to blame for my MAJOR jalapeno obsession! The main food she craved while preggo with me was jalapenos. 

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Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm probably as plain as they get. I like well done, swiss cheese, and bacon on my burger's.. oh, and it has to be on a keiser roll or wheat bun! :)

Candicelyn said...

yum I love the Juicy Lucy's, Minnesota claims to be home to them. When we lived there the Juicy Lucy was in abundance,

THE Stephanie said...

The hubs just grilled burgers last weekend and they were TO.DIE.FOR.

I like mine with plenty of salt and pepper, cheese, avocado, tomato, and onion.

And now I must have a burger.

Mrs. Ruby said...

I seriously LOVE jalepenos AND burgers. Oh my goodness...mouth = watering!!!