Monday, July 19, 2010

Womens Sporting Apparel

This is a sore subject for me.  I am an AVID sports fan!  Come football season I am sitting in front of that TV with a beer in hand, typically screaming louder than the guys.  Butler Basketball is just as bad.  I don't take my sports lightly people!  

You can find me rooting for teams like: The Indianapolis Colts, Butler Basketball, Manchester United Football Club, White Sox, and Notre Dame Football (granted, ND is more of Hubs' team....I also like to root for Purdue, my dad's alma mater)

    Now when rooting on my favorite teams (especially when attending the game) I prefer to wear something that shows my team spirit.  Not a new concept.  Here is where I get frustrated:

    You can find TONS and TONS of clothing/gear for guys but heaven forbid that a girl actually be a fan of a sport!!!  And if you do find fashionable womens apparel it is often in the color pink.  I have also tried youth apparel but most shirts are too short through the torso area. 

    Example #1- Before the World Cup I searched high and low for womens USA apparel.  No dice! All I could find was kids apparel or some ugly t-shirt that no one would be caught dead wearing.  Don't believe me?
    Say hello to "The Dude".  {Hello} Apparently he is some sort of weird mascot that Nike created for the US National Soccer team.  What the eff does this ogre looking thing have to do with the USA?!? Give me a damn Eagle!  At least that would represent this country better.

    Hubs, on the other hand, ordered 5 different shirts that were all pretty bad-ass!  And if I had not limited him to 5 shirts he probably would have ordered more.  Blame my bad attitude since I couldn't find anything!  Finally I found a decent Nike fitted polo that I paid WAY too much money for but at least it was representing the US National Soccer team.  I was desperate!  Oh and I purchased a US National Soccer team scarf.  I rocked my US polo, white shorts and US scarf in 98 degrees!!!  {too bad they lost against Ghana.....meh}.

    Example #2- Apparently sports apparel companies think that all women would prefer their fan gear to be in pink.  Seriously?!?  I am not a pink kind of girl when it comes to sports (no offense to women who like pink apparel, my personal preference).  I prefer to wear my teams' colors no matter how ugly they might be {my high school's team colors were maroon and doesn't get much uglier}.  If I am cheering on Manchester United I will wear red, black and gold.  If I am watching the Colts I will be in blue and white.  You get my drift.  I don't care if the manufacturers make all the pink t-shirts and jerseys but at least offer them in the appropriate team colors too!

    Ummmmm......last time I checked, Manchester United's colors were red, black and gold not pink. 
    Example #3- Come on sporting goods industry! Let's at least try to make things more fashionable! Most women that I know want things that fit properly.  I know I don't want to wear a jersey that hangs down to my knees and looks like I could be hiding popcorn, a friend and my dog underneath it.

    Okay, I will cut some of the industry a slight break because it does appear that they are making an honest effort to create things that allure to women but I still think they could do better.  A baggy t-shirt won't do it for this girl.  I want something cute and fashionable {I know, I hate pink sporting apparel but want something me picky}.   One company that has really catered to women sports fans has been Victoria's Secret.  They now offer select collegiate (sadly Butler is not part of that select group) and MLB apparel that is absolutely adorable! Now if only VS could produce apparel for all sports (NFL, EPL, etc).
     Good job VS on the cute sporting apparel! Pretty sure I need to order this shirt and these sweat pants ASAP!

    The market for women's apparel has made leaps and bounds compared to what it was several years ago but I still think they have a long way to go.  Offering a selection of 3 t-shirts for your team is a travesty!  Has the sporting world not figured out that women are the shoppers?!?  Wave something cute in front of our faces and we just have to have it!  We are the ones who will go out and purchase the same cute shirt in several different colors, we are the ones who will compulsively buy clothing whether we need it or not and we are the ones who are always looking for someway to be cute/fashionable at all functions.

    Okay, my rant is over! Phew! Sorry, just frustrated as I am trying to find apparel for the upcoming seasons.  Anyone else have issues with this?

    Have a wonderful Monday! :-)
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    THE Stephanie said...

    Ok, I'll forgive the fact that you're a Colts fans. At least until God's team, you know, the COWBOYS, and playing them. Then I can't be held responsible for my actions. LOL.

    And I'm totally with you on the pink thing! UGH! I don't want my jersey to be pink! That's just dumb. LOL.

    Tiffany said...

    Agree 100%! I think the pink stuff is silly. Sometimes the NFL teams have cute stuff on their website. The Steelers always have lots of cute stuff. I love the VS stuff, too, I wish they did NFL as well. Maybe they will soon...

    Ams said...

    I totally agree... although I don't have a ton of teams that I cheer for - but still, such a pain to find something that looks good and is STILL THE RIGHT COLOR!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I agree, I like pink but just because we are girls doesn't mean we don't like supporting our teams colors on the shirts we get.