Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Attempt..... making our driveway/garage/front of the house look a bit more fabulous:

Note: I am TERRIBLE at visualizing and putting plants together in planters.  I suck at decorating and at landscaping so I was pretty happy with how this turned out.
I was so worried about finding the perfect planter. It had to be pretty and go with the house.  I ended up going to 5 or 6 different places during my search.  As you can see, I could have bought a plastic, crappy pot and no one would have noticed. The ceramic pot I purchased is sooooo pretty and was only $23!

I planted purple sweet potato plants, pink hibiscus, and fountain grass 

Pardon the crooked picture and all the water, I had just watered the planter before I took this picture.  Now when I pull into the driveway I just smile because it looks so pretty!

Even though I am very happy with how my planter turned out I still have major doubts about my ability to landscape.  I desperately need to find a landscaper to help me do the rest of my flower beds, especially the one in front of our house.  I HATE the plants/bushes that the builder planted and would love to just tie a rope around all of them and yank them out with my SUV.  Trust me, there are days that I have been very tempted to do this.  I have used several different landscaping software/plant encyclopedia's to come up with ideas but am still at a loss.  Seriously, it is so hard to visualize how everything will come together and how it will look once it grows and matures!

If only a landscaper could just show up and offer to help me out for next to nothing out of the kindness of his heart/sympathy at my pathetic attempts at landscaping.  Hmmmmmmm........where is Yard Crashers when I need them?! Too bad they don't come to the Midwest!  Would anyone like to nominate me for Desperate Landscapes?!? lol

Have a great day! One more day until the weekend!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Sorry I have been MIA from your bloggy blog. I think that plant is purdy. =)