Friday, July 30, 2010

Latest Obsessions

I figured I would do a post on the things that I have been obsessed with lately.  Anyone who knows me knows that this list changes frequently (some may even say

 I have been obsessed with sparkling water ever since I cut pop out of my diet.  I still sometimes crave the taste of a carbonated beverage and this allows me to have that with zero calories!

I love to bake and have been on a huge baking kick lately!  I blame my mother for this obsession.  Luckily I have a company FULL of people who just love sweet treats!  I know if I left them at home Hubs and I would devour everything (no bueno).  Baking kicks aren't always good for the diet!

This website has been a go to source for trying out new recipes when baking.  LOVE this blog!!! I also have been utilizing my Penzys Spices catalogs for new recipes to try out. 

Hubs and I have been trying to get out on a course at least once a week.  It is so much fun having a hobby that both Hubs and I enjoy!

Hubs has agreed that we can start a fund for new counter tops and backsplash for our kitchen.  Oh how this girl dreams of beautiful counter tops and a perfect backsplash to boot! Now if only that fund would fill itself up! :-)

I don't know how Hubs did it but somehow he turned me into a big fan.  Craziest part?! I didn't even like soccer!!!! lol

Shhhhhhh!!!! A lot of people would smack me for wishing away summer but I LOVE the fall! I love wearing light sweaters, my Uggs and cute scarves all while not requiring a coat.  I love the smell of a good bonfire, how beautiful the trees look, pumpkins, warm apple cider, candied apples, etc.  Other than my Christmas decor, I love my fall decor the best! And my FAVORITE sport ever kicks off the fall..........FOOTBALL!!!! :-)

Snickers Bars (and not the mini ones, the regular or king-size bars only)
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I may or may not eat two one of these delicious bars every day.  I am addicted!!!  I think I need to go get a Snickers now after blogging about it.;-)

 Oh this obsession is pretty bad too! I like watching all the Real Housewives, Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Bethenny Getting Married, The Hills, The City, Teen Mom, Sixteen and Pregnant, etc.  If it is trashy, full of drama or good for a laugh I will watch it!  I think Hubs hates this obsession because he hates all reality TV.  Sorry baby! lol 

My list could probably go on and on but I will stop there so I don't bore you to death!  What are a few things you are currently obsessed with?!

Have a fabulous day!
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THE Stephanie said...

I LOVE Our Best Bites! Such a good site, huh?

And football? Can't wait!!

megankl said...

I'm so ready for fall too! It can't come soon enough! I also have to agree with you on the reality tv's the best.

jessica lynn said...

fall + football....ready!