Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"5 More Minutes Mom!"

That is exactly what I was thinking when the alarm went off this morning.  This morning was a MAJOR struggle to get out of bed!  Why is it that your bed feels the warmest/coziest when it is time to get up?!?

Hubs: I don't want to get up! 
Me: {sound asleep, trying to make the most out of those last few minutes}
Hubs: I'm going to slowly work on getting up.  I can put my contacts in while laying in bed.

{Hubs looks over at me......somewhat in and out of sleep.........snuggling with Buerly, who is snoring away}

Hubs: Well, I see your version of getting up slowly is getting your heart rate up from sleeping state.
Me: MmmHmmmmm......5 more minutes please.....{words turn to jibberish as I try to go back to sleep}

Pretty sure Buerly would have preferred that I stayed in bed and snuggled with him all day.  I think I would have preferred that too! Oh and Rooney could be found buried underneath our comforter at the foot of the bed snoozing away.  At least it is Wednesday.  Have a great day!

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Chocolate Lover said...

Hahaha so cute! I am so not a morning person so can relate!

Marian said...

I know what you mean. Getting my work out in this morning was super hard. I almost skipped...wanted that extra hour of sleep so bad

Ams said...

I wish Wilson would snuggle in bed with me... he is having NONE of that!!
I hate getting out bed in the morning... worst ever!

Jamie said...

I had the same issue the last two mornings, and on top of that is rainy and stormy outside- my fav time to sleep in!